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» Iain's Training (Go to post)31-05-2007 @ 11:34 
My IM*2.5 arrived today!

Out of the package managed to close it to approx 10mm and then an hour later to approx 5mm. Not quite as hard as I imagined but it I reckon it'll take me the rest of the year to close.

I do like shiny new grippers!!
» The Things Training (Go to post)31-05-2007 @ 11:31 
Keep on posting the cool vid pals!
» The Thing Arrives (Go to post)31-05-2007 @ 11:29 
Dam you've gone and knocked me out of top 10!

Strong chap!!
» Iain's Training (Go to post)30-05-2007 @ 11:11 

Concept rower- 100m x 6 (90s rest), average split approx 18.5s

Gripper work- IM*1 x5, IM*2 x1x3 (RH 1-3mm; LH 5-10mm of closing)

That was that. Just couldn't be bothered doing my normal light lower body stuff so thought I'd have a blast on the rower, quite enjoyable.

Am feeling beat in he shoulders and arms at the moment. Squat/dl thurs then 3 days off before my last weeks training prior to a de-load week.
» Iain's Training (Go to post)28-05-2007 @ 21:57 
Cheers. Yes Ice I have thought about lifting equipped and may well do so in a year or so, but forsee that I would always want to do unequipped lifting too. Only in my 1st year of full comps so just enjoying the ride and we'll see where it goes!

I do actually own a Titan Centurian and knee wraps Tongue
» Iain's Training (Go to post)28-05-2007 @ 16:28 
Bench Training

Bench press (comp grip; max legal)- 120x1, 125x1, 130x1, 135x1, 140x1, 145x1, 150x1(new pb!)

Floor press (pinky grip)- 100x5, 110x5, 120x4 (1 forced rep)

Machine row- 10x4
Pulldowns- 10x2
Seated dumbell cleans- 10x15x2

Great session today. 150 finally fell after over a year of effort! Was planning to do ME floor press but on a whim decided to see how my comp grip bench was like, after a couple of months of pinky grip work. Wasn't expecting much but once 140 flew up I felt in the groove and new I could pb. Just need to do that at the British in sept and job done for my bench this year.

It also looks like the max legal width for my hands is the one for me. Pinky grip was obviously a good training tool (and close in pure strength), but feel so much more control around the chest with the wider grip.
» Iain's Training (Go to post)26-05-2007 @ 13:27 
Bench Assistance

Have been feeling achy and run down last couple of days so just did some complexes and rear delt work instead of any real bench assistance work

Complex 10-20 reps x 3 circuits with 10kg dumbells:
Bent over raises
Upright rows
Lat raises
Shoulder press
Hammer curls

Then some band pullaparts and band traction. Felt better after the session than at the start so job done!

Deadlift/squat training

Deadlift- 220x1, 240x1, 250x0, 240x1, 220x2 (missed 3rd)

DE Squats- bands + chains (30-40kg at top) 100x2x2, 110x2x2, 120x2x2, 130x2x2
Squats (same band + chains)- 140x2, 160x2, 160x2

Weighted crunches 10x3

Man this was a tough session and not helped by poor weight selection! Wasn't feeling 100% this week, and despite feeling good today, should have just done some moderate intensity work or maybe some speed pulls. But no had to try and have a heavy session which resulted in grinding out pulls all afternoon and missing 2 lifts. Trying the 250 was not a good idea neither was going for 220 for reps. From my own experince if I am not feeling like 'eating bullets' then I shouldn't max out on deads of the floor.

Anyway got some work in and the DE squats felt good, finished of with a couple of tough doubles.

Crunches? I was fooked and couldn't be bothered to do anything else after my squating lol!!

» Goals of 2007 Thread (Go to post)23-05-2007 @ 11:37 
Post Edited: 23.05.2007 @ 11:38 AM
Iain Kendrick

  • Squat 220

  • Bench 150

  • Deadlift 272.5

  • Total 640

  • Close IM*2.5

  • Rolling Thunder 70

All unequipped. Thats about it really.
» Tokar's Training Log (Go to post)22-05-2007 @ 18:06 
Good log Tokar. Tough work though! There's bits of me aching reading all that full sq/bp/dl work Tongue

As for idiot spotters lest not forget the fools that let your struggle for several minutes ranting on about how 'you've got it'. Despite the fact that on leg is of the ground, your arse is in the air and your shoudlers are rolling of one side of the bench!!
» Nobody steals our chicks... and lives! (Go to post)22-05-2007 @ 17:23 
You're also essentially doing a small platform deadlift because an oly bar would be higher up your shins at the start - can't be far off 200 on a proper setup.

Great lift! 1st pulling milestone under your belt! I reckon you should get 190-200 if you used a proper olly bar and plates. Several years ago I was training using standard guage bar and pulled 205. Next session I used an oly bar (1st time in a year)and pulled 220.
» Avatar (Go to post)22-05-2007 @ 17:18 
Cheers! Not quite sure how I missed that!
» Avatar (Go to post)22-05-2007 @ 15:09 
This probably due to my techno-spackness, but how do I get a pic up as my avatar? Loads of peeps have such loverly (no doubt airbrushed) pics!
» Iain's Training (Go to post)22-05-2007 @ 14:54 
I am 5'9" with longish arms. At least in comparison to my width (naturally narrow across shoulders). The narrower grip does feel like I have more raw strength of the chest but I actually feel less stable paused on the chest. It may just be a matter of getting used to it. The verdict is still out for me, but having justy equalled my gym pb with the narrow grip it looks like a dead heat at the moment!

Sq/Dl assistance work
Leg extensions
Roman sit ups (plate behind head)

Grip Work
Grippers- RH; RB*180x1x3, HG*250x5, IM*1x10 - LH; RB*180x1x3 (5-10mm of closing), HG*250x3 (5mm of closing), IM*1x3

Rolling thunder- 30x5, 40x5, 50x5

Apart from the grip work not a particluary interesting session. Just moving the blood about.
» Iain's Training (Go to post)21-05-2007 @ 16:51 
Cheers guys!

21/5/07 Bench training
Bench press (pinky grip)- 120x1, 125x1, 130x1, 135x1, 140x1, 145x1 (=pb), 147.5x0 (max legal grip)

DE Bench press (3-2-1sec pauses; Doubled mini bands)- 70x3x2, 80x3x2, 90x3x2

Pin press (5" off chest)- 120x3, 140x3x2, 145x3

Dumbell rows- 52.5x15, x11, x9
Seated dumbell cleans- 10x10, 12.5x10, 15x10

Good session back after a de-load week (ie bugger all training). Have been trying out a diff grip on my bench press which seems to be going well. Pinky finger on the power ring as opposed to max legal width. Was happy with equaling my bench pb using this grip. Moved my grip out to see how it felt and attempted a pb but just missed it. In fact my spotter put his hands on it, lightly, but any hands on means a no lift in my book. It wasn't a good rep anyway as it felt wierd moving my hands out for the 1st time in a while. Lowerd the bar much too high and slow!

The DE work was a bit spure of the moment as was planning to do it on thurs. However some replacment mini bands arrived today so I thought I'd use them! Ran out of gas though by the time I got to 90kg sets though. Finished the session of with some decent pin presses and rep work for upper back.
» Sugden Barbell PB Chart (Go to post)21-05-2007 @ 13:51 
Its probably the average no. of 'jerks' in a week. Personally I can manage far more than that if my grilfriend is away Tongue

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