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» Tokar's Training Log (Go to post)24-07-2007 @ 11:09 
Great benching, particulary to do a pb 2 twice and then get a new pb (ish)!

Three cheers to people that think benching is a team sport!

Hip Hip, f**k off!!!
» BWLA Manchester and Districts, July 22nd (Go to post)23-07-2007 @ 17:23 
Post some results when anyone can?
» Iain's Training (Go to post)23-07-2007 @ 16:47 

2 Board press- 140x1, 150x1, 155x1, 160x1, 165x1 (new pb)
Bench press (comp and pinky grip), +doubled mini bands- 80x3x4, 90x3x1, 100x2, 110x1
Chin ups- 4x10
Cable rows- drop set, 10,8,6

Solid session and a nice new 2 borad pb. Still reckon I can get 170 with the wind blowing in right direction. Good block of speed work with the bands followed by a solid double and tough single. Then plenty of chins for upper back. Wish there was a proper chin bar at uni though. I'm hanging of the smith machine and me legs carn't hang straight.
» Whey Prices (Go to post)23-07-2007 @ 14:16 
In line with diary prices going up, so has whey. You can still get 10lbs or 5kg from myprotein or wheyconsortium for approx 40.
» Ben and Jerry's (Go to post)22-07-2007 @ 14:32 
One easy! But misses may get anoyed!
» Ben and Jerry's (Go to post)22-07-2007 @ 14:31 
Phish Food!
» any comps for me? (Go to post)22-07-2007 @ 14:30 
Sorry just read you post properly and you don't sound to close to Kent or London lol!
» any comps for me? (Go to post)22-07-2007 @ 14:29 
Post Edited: 22.07.2007 @ 14:29 PM
Try and post on following site and PLUK, plus comp section of muscletalk

Depends on your local but there are some comps in the south around sept time, around Kent and north of london in Colchester (Anglian Bench Open; unequipped qualifyer).
» Iain's Training (Go to post)22-07-2007 @ 14:20 
Nice one. Always envious of those with home gyms. I always thought the barn in your vids looked good but figured you were in some rural part of the uk.
» Iain's Training (Go to post)22-07-2007 @ 11:18 
Didn't realise you lived in France. Is that work related, personal, or non of my business Tongue !

And Jonny why didn't you just ask for a hug!! Carn't believe I missed out on rubbing up to a cute bear like youself!
» est midlands novice juniors and masters 21/07/07 (Go to post)21-07-2007 @ 18:34 
Nice one pal. You made mistakes but managed to still get good lifts in. Plus you've learnt loads! Are you lifting at the Brits in sept?
» Iain's Training (Go to post)21-07-2007 @ 18:29 
Post Edited: 21.07.2007 @ 18:30 PM
Not quite writing up yet. Got another couple of studies to do. The work in Nam was prior to me registering as a phd. Meant I have had a head start which is lucky as I have spent the last 18 months in the lab analizing the muscle biopsies taken out there. At the moemnt writing my 1st would be journal articles before I start my next study in the new semester.

Have you got a time limit to finish writing up? What field are you in?
» DMPM's Journal (Go to post)21-07-2007 @ 11:09 
Cool stuff!
» Iain's Training (Go to post)21-07-2007 @ 11:08 
LOL! Well done for reading through my waffle. Was thinking out load really.

I was in Vietnam conducting sport science research at Uninversity of PE and Sport Science II in Ho Chi Minh City and in caloboration with Korean National Sports Uninversity. My doctorate is essentialy on beta-alanine supplemenation.
» Iain's Training (Go to post)20-07-2007 @ 21:20 
Post Edited: 20.07.2007 @ 21:21 PM
How long have I been training, hummmh, strokes beard. cue fLash backs

!!!!!!!!!!WARNING LONG RAMBLE AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 30 and I 1st picked up a weight when I was 16. York plastic set in my bedroom.

At college I trained for the 1st time regulary but wanted to be an officer in the Royal Marines so did huge sessions along with loads of running. At 19 I stayed on at college and started free weight training, before was just machines. This was the reall start of my passion for weights. Despite being a bit of a boozer I could pull 200 by the time I was 20 at 12.5stone after a couple of months of pulling.

I finally applied to be an officer in the Royal Marines when I was 21. So the weights took a back seat for a while. Fooked it up and become a gym instructor. Cue back to the gym, pearcings and tats!

Started uni at 22 and was benching around 120 by then at 80kg (touch and go). In my 2nd year decided to really squat instead of 1/2 squats (220 pb 1/2 squat) and to eadlift without straps. Weights took a dive but it was a start.

Unfortunatly in my summer hols when I was 24 I pulled my back warming up for the squat. I then really pulled it several days later. I couldn't deadlift again for 2 years and squating was problomatic 50% of the time. Was around 82kg then.

Around 25 I started a home gym with my mate. Got back into free weights propeer using standard gauge. Deadlifted again, my back just healed itself pretty much! Got back up to 200 quick and by xmass pulled 220 for 1st time at 26 using oly bar. I was back lol!

That brings me up to '04. the uni gym re-opened free weights room and I starte dto think about powerlifting and dabbled with westside training. By end of 04 decided I wanted to powerlift.

2005 I spent 6 months in Nam in 2 x 3 month tours. Great training, finished year with 250 dead and 145 bench. 2006 I started lifting doing 3 bench comps. 1st half of the year was s**te training, but get slogging on! It started to come good by the end of the year although and for my 1st comp in jan this year and pbs for the 1st time in over 12 months! Nice

So thats my training history for those that didn't want it Tongue

QUICK ANSWER: Been doing some kind of weights of training for 14 years. Free weight trainin seriously for about 10 years with about 2 years out of that for injuries and other stuff. I have been training soley to increase my 3 powerlifts for 3 years.

For those that read the whole thing applogies for any typos!!

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