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» Bullshitty thread about chemical energy (Go to post)18-12-2018 @ 17:09 
JackRevans said:Yeah I think it's weird that energy = mass

Gets weirder the more you look into it tbh
» What's been the happiest moment of your life so far? (Go to post)19-11-2018 @ 17:43 
Kids being born

ACDC and Maiden the first times
Probably GnR too.
» Box jump progression (Go to post)16-11-2018 @ 22:10 
little_a said:
2 of my heroes straight after each other.

» Box jump progression (Go to post)16-11-2018 @ 13:51 
little_a said:
Awesome work Kenders lad. I watched that and the next autoloading youtube vid was '10 things you never knew about Bruce Lee'.

What an educational YT session you had!
» Box jump progression (Go to post)15-11-2018 @ 18:36

f**ktards box jumping?

Hold my pint and get to the end of the vid above Happy
» Box jump progression (Go to post)14-11-2018 @ 17:38 
Height, but there is no need to go crazy.

If I did box jumps now I'd probably do them 'straight legged' and focus on pure vertical height as opposed to hip mobility!
» Oh No Ed - Say It Ain't So (Go to post)13-11-2018 @ 11:18 
little_a said:Poor Clarky. Apart from being a fat spaz he's done f**k all to anyone and now is getting internet bummed around the world. Sugden isn't dead.Happy

It lives
» Oh No Ed - Say It Ain't So (Go to post)12-11-2018 @ 16:35 
Ed Synthol Clarke!
» First Man Film, Did The USA Go To The Moon ? (Go to post)23-10-2018 @ 13:11 
Rick said:Once? Six times, in fact.

Quite apart from the mountain of scientific evidence, there are two compelling human proofs.

One, as Peter mentions, is that the Russians would never have accepted a faked defeat.

The second is simple human nature, and is the problem with essentially all conspiracy theories. We see every day in the news compelling evidence that large groups of people can't keep secrets. For thousands to have kept one of this scale for over fifty years is simply a ridiculous proposition.

This... Fecking this... There is no doubt only the howls of the delusional
» Belt. (squats) (Go to post)18-10-2018 @ 17:30 
As long as I can pay twice as much for a smaller belt I'll be fine.
» Getting old.... (Go to post)07-10-2018 @ 21:08 
42 next month. Its more the kids family and work that hold training back. Which is compounded by then getting older and not having the same durability to it all. Ohh and niggling injuries et al.

Still f**k it what you going to do? Give in?
» Interesting Encounters As A Bodyguard or Minder or Close Protection ? (Go to post)25-09-2018 @ 17:32 
Post Edited: 25.09.2018 @ 17:38 PM by IainKendrick
cowie said:Club I used to work in, was giving a tidy blond a good seeing to one Saturday night (was going to make her my regular squeeze).
Anyhoo some little cnut called Dalton burst in on us, I said "I was on my break" and he said "stay on it" and I never worked there again.

I thought it would be fun to fight him....

It wasn't.
» Clean living (Go to post)24-09-2018 @ 17:37 
Fakeinjury17 said:
Re the train station brawl, sounds brilliant. I canít fight but will just claim I won easy on Facebook.

Now that is train station fighting champion material right there! A purest.
» Belly Buster (Go to post)16-09-2018 @ 10:54 
Good luck pal
» Your favourite Netflix series? (Go to post)06-09-2018 @ 20:53 
Rick and Morty


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