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» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)11-04-2019 @ 15:43 
I played golf yesterday and was wrecked by the end - physically and mentally. Still not getting my blood sugar levels right, I think the answer may be to take plenty sugar on board before I start and take a bottle of coke with me to top up. I took two bananas at the half way mark, and they just weren't enough. So I woke up this morning wondering if I'd be able to train. I gave it an extra hour before venturing to the garage. Supposedly band work today, but I've had to abort the last two band sessions because of forearm pain, so I had a plan B ready.

Bar for 10
40 for 8
60 for 6
Black band on (adds 55 to 80 kilos resistance)
Bar for 2 - forearm too sore, about to abort, decided to try a few singles
60 for 1
70 for 1
80 for 1
90 for 1
100 for 1 - delighted, been wanting that for a long time
60 for 5 x 3 sets

Reverse Curls
20 for 10 x 3 sets

Dumbbell Arm Curls
22.5s for 10 x 3 sets


How can I do sets of 5 with 60 when I can't with 20? Your guess is as good as mine, must be something to do with warming up.

On the whole. delighted with today's session. To go from 'will I be able to train?' to hitting a pb is great.

I increased the dumbbell weight by 2.5 per dumbbell. It's amazing how much difference such a small increase makes. But that's where I am now - no backward steps. And plan B wasn't needed.
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)08-04-2019 @ 15:51 
A disappointing session. Bench 3s, supposedly.

Usual warm up to 100 foe 2
120 for 1
130 for 1
137.5 for 2
140 for 1 (tried a double, couldn't quite get it)
135 for 2
132.5 for 2
130 for 1
Finish, energy and strength ebbing away

Reverse Curls
20 for 10 x 5 sets

Dumbbell Arm Curls
20s for 15 x 2 sets


Ran out of time, energy, strength and desire at round about the same time.

Disappointing. After missing the first triple, but getting the double comfortably, I thought I'd go the other way but didn't make the second 140. Reckon I might have got a lower three if I hadn't tried the 140, I'll console myself with that. But by the time I got down to 130, I was gone!

That's me hit a ceiling on 8s, 5s and 3s the last three sessions. Just need to keep pushing it... And remembering that 120 was a distant dream a few short months ago.
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)05-04-2019 @ 23:44 
Post Edited: 05.04.2019 @ 23:45 PM by Martin1956
A bit late posting. I walked the dogs for a couple of hours and then sat down and watched Countdown (recorded) before training. Not a lot to report, but I missed last Friday's session because of my hospital procedure, so it was important I did something. So, tired or not, I dropped the weights by 5 kilos and did something.

Seated Rows - 75 for 10 x 5 sets
Lat Pulldowns - 50 for 10 x 5 sets
Face Pulls - 30 for 10 x 5 sets
Side Lateral Db raises - 7.5s for 15 x 3 sets.

No time for any more, went to the golf club and hit some practice balls in the last of the daylight. Tomorrow I play my first game of the season. Goodbye single figures! Hello weight loss!

No time for YTWLs tonight, I'll aim to fit them in on Sunday. Should only take half an hour.
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)04-04-2019 @ 16:06 
5s day on bench

Normal warm up to 100 for 2
120 for 1 - felt so light I had to check I'd added the 10s
142.5 for 1
127.5 for 4
127.5 for 3 - I think there was a 4th, but I gave up knowing there wouldn't be a 5th
125 for 4
122.5 for 4
120 for 5 - finally, a 5, but a grind

Dumbbell Arm Curls
20s for 15, 15, 20



Didn't quite hit the 5s today, but I battled on beyond the three planned sets. No one can accuse me of quitting.

The great news today was that I did the 142.5 without strapping. I'm less than six weeks out from competition and I need to start managing the pain. The 142.5 is significant in a number of ways. It's my planned second lift in the competition (the first will be 130 to qualify me for both British Benches next year, and, by virtue of that, this year's Commonwealths) and will be a new Scottish M3 105 record, hopefully with a bit more in the tank for the third attempt. The plan is to do a single with 142.5 every session from now on. until the comp.

Delighted with curls too, not that long ago I couldn't handle the 20s and now I'm doing sets of 15 and 20. So, a mixed bag of some good and some nearly good.
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)01-04-2019 @ 16:17 
I didn't feel up for it at all today. Shoulder hurt and strangely lethargic, maybe because of the time change. Not that that was ever going to stop me.

Usual warm up to 100 for 2
120 for 1
140 for 1 (foot slipped, but still got it)
117.5 for 8 - pb
115 for 8 - amazing how much easier it with with 2.5 less!
112.5 for 9 - wanted 10 but 9 was still my comeback pb with 112.5

Tried inclines with 60, but the right shoulder hurt immediately, so left them. Not risking injury for an ancillary exercise. I'll keep trying them on a Monday, and keeping abandoning them if necessary.

Dumbbell Arm Curls
20s for 12 x 5 sets - I normally do 10s, so another wee step forwards.

Just shows you don't have to feel like it to get the numbers you want. No more lifting till Thursday now, but hopefully plenty of other exercise. Theatre tonight - entertainment, not operating.
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)31-03-2019 @ 18:41 
I felt the need to do something today after missing Friday's session due to a hospital procedure. But I just couldn't get going. Not sure if it was just Sunday sluggishness or if I'm going down with something, I've had a couple of sneezes.

Managed 20 for 3 on all 5 YTWL band exercises, then did 20 for 3 Side lateral raises with 7.5 and that, I'm afraid, was that. Keeps my shoulders in balance I guess, but hoping for much, much better tomorrow.
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)28-03-2019 @ 16:50 
I was going to describe today's session as a disappointing one, but perhaps confusing might be a better description. Supposedly banded bench and some block work.

Usual warm up to 100 for 2, forearm hurt more than usual
120 for 1
140 for 1, never been easier
150 to bench blocks - tried it twice, couldn't do it, felt too heavy
145 for 1, to a touch, relatively easy
Then tried the strongest band with 10 a side, forearm hurt too much, ended bench.

OH Press
Sets of 10 with 20, 22.5, 25. 27.5 and 30

Dumbbell Arm Curls
20s for 10 x 4 sets
20s for 15


As I say, a confusing one. How can 145 be easyish to the chest, but 150 is too heavy for board work? I probably need to start board work with something like 130, and build it up. Really disappointed that my arm hurt so much on the band work. One day, the nerve won't be trapped any more. I can only live in that hope. No training tomorrow, I'll fit a back workout in over the weekend sometime.
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)25-03-2019 @ 15:09 
Bench 3s day today. My comeback triple pb is 130, but my performance in 8s and 5s suggests 135. What to do...? See how the warm up goes

Usual warm up to 100 for 2
110 for 1
120 for 1
140 for 1 - tougher than I expected but I didn't breathe out. Hmmm, we can but try...
135 for 3 - 5 Kg pb on 3s, whoopee. Had to battle, unsurprisingly.
132.5 for 3
130 for 3 - easy, but a fourth wasn't there

Incline Press
60 for 10 x 3 sets - weight easy, right forearm hates it though.

Dumbbell Arm Curls
20s for 10 x 5 sets


Delighted. Pbs are a rare enough beast, so a 5 kilo one is huge. No more training now until Thursday, when I'll hopefully be fresh enough to smash my fortnightly band/lockout session.
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)22-03-2019 @ 22:23 
My new training schedule is going to be as follows. Bench Monday and Thursday, Back workout Friday. Bench - down to three 'top sets', not five.

Training five days a week has been good for the last six months, but as the weights get heavier it's not realistic to expect to train five days in a row and be able to recover.

It also gives me time to indulge in summer activities and maintain a progressive lifting programme. I'll potentially be playing golf Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, plus walking the dogs more, and I can do this without any 'missed sessions guilt'.

So what's been dropped? A second back session, but I've reached a level now where one good session a week should do the trick. And there's always the option to nip to the garage for half an hour now and again to do some prehab band work if the mood takes me.

And inclines/overheads. This hasn't really worked for me, and I'm always still sore on Friday from the Wednesday session. The plan is to finish my Monday session with three lightish incline sets, and the Thursday session with some overhead work. As always, open to adaptation, but it seems reasonable on paper. But I don't plan to take a single backward step on bench, and if I do things will get tweaked again.

And next winter? Who knows? But a raw 160 before the clocks go back again would be very, very nice...

Deadlifts, you ask...? I just don't know. Knees are too sore right now, especially the 'bad' one. Maybe warmer weather will allow me to do them again, but you won't catch me crying if I don't/can't. But hey, there will be four spare days to fit them in...
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)22-03-2019 @ 21:30 
Fatpete said:
Will you remember if ever asked again ?

Of course. Happy And no doubt it will get asked again, somewhere along the way.
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)22-03-2019 @ 15:55 
Post Edited: 22.03.2019 @ 16:07 PM by Martin1956
A good session today. That's two great ones and two awful ones this week, and probably confirmation that training routine changes I was going to make anyway are needed.

Usual warm up to 100 for 2
120 for 1
140 for 1
125 for 5
122.5 for 5 - harder than the 125
120 for 6

Dumbbell Arm Curls
20s for 10 x 5 sets


Very happy with that. The 125 for 5 was a 5s pb. I couldn't do 122.5 for 5 last time i did 5s. 6 reps is also my best with 120 on the comeback trail.

Training will change next week but I'll still be benching on Monday. It is international bench day after all. D
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)21-03-2019 @ 22:46 
Fatpete said:
I watched very little of the recent series, so I would doubt that.
Can you remember the value of the question ? That would be of interest as an indicator of how well known they thought it was

Quite high, if I remember. I didn't know the answer.
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)21-03-2019 @ 17:48 
Another poor session

Death by Lat Pulldown with 50 Kg up to 15.

Did it's job, nothing left when I tried seated rows, same old same old when I walk the dogs first, but they didn't get out yesterday...
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)21-03-2019 @ 15:35 
Fatpete said:
I assume "ampersand" would come under the same heading and that is rarely used but it appears in the dictionary. "Octothorpe" isn't in there, at least not yet. I wonder how I even knew it then ? Normally these things are remnants from my quizzing days but I don't think it was in common use back then.

It was a recent question in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Perhaps that's where you got it from?
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)20-03-2019 @ 20:11 
Trained really late (for me), didn't start until 6.30. I remember the days when I never started much before 7. Changed days. I was writing all day. Note to self - train earlier, write later.

Incline Press
bar for 10
40 for 8
55 for 8
70 for 8 x 2 sets
80 for 5 x 2 sets
90 for 1 - arm and shoulder too sore
90 for 3
90 for ziltch - too sore

OH Press
Tried, too stiff and sore, left it there.

Poor session. I'm not sure if I would have had more fight in me if I'd trained earlier. As usual, left side on cruise control, could have done 20 Kg more, right in constant pain. Oh well, tomorrow will be a better day...

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