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» Report on UKSC Englands strongest man (Go to post)10-07-2009 @ 18:50 
robocop said:
martin they shoes got you pelters for about a year on SDF so i dont want any thing to do with them
and dont give us "your up to 15 stone" i have saw you in pictures besides dale and your dwarfing him your about 23 stone these days glen will prob have to get you a special timber frame for you to fit in !!!!

and big fruit loop gary you would not get banned from comps if you did not beat the promoters up ya mad bas***d !!!!

» Report on UKSC Englands strongest man (Go to post)09-07-2009 @ 22:38 
shawn said:
Lol, You two still not kissed and made up ?

Na he still in a huff about our little scuffle lol
Hopefully he will talk to me soon so i can compete again and finally kick Dave's ass Roll-Eyes

Might try and get in shape for end of Aug/beginning of Sep and come back over to England and do Bobbys Teesides Strongest Man comp again Happy
» Report on UKSC Englands strongest man (Go to post)08-07-2009 @ 21:52 
robocop said:
dale and martin are two top blokes hope they can make it
and loz your right glen will have his work cut out but i think the big man likes it that way

here is my prediction for the draw i am good with these things so here goes
this is a total guess but i think the groups will look like this

group A
dave meer


dave warner
james finnley

and dale

group B
mark west
mark lawson


3rd at irelands

martin jones

i have been told that the whole comp is part of the tall ships fest and the crowds are going to be massive and we all know how much coverage it got on bravo the whole year so it should be s**t hot
but either way loz your getting your arse kicked Tongue Tongue
that was ken that said that not me Wink

good luck lads at the Uk's hope u all kick ass!

Id be there too but unfortunately im still BANNED lol :-p
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