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» container comp (Go to post)02-11-2009 @ 19:37 
Cheers for the vote of confidence mate. I just don't have much experience, only done 3 comps in total and some of my axle technique is f**king appauling. I'm one of those who is really quite strong in the gym and when you get me in the strongman arena I'm nowhere near as strong.
» container comp (Go to post)02-11-2009 @ 17:21 
Post Edited: 02.11.2009 @ 17:46 PM by luke00
Looking forward to it boys, hope cold is gone by weekend and weather is good. Good luck to everyone in all classes.

Next year for the opens I think JT, especially with your weights.Grin

Just a quick question for anyone - Do you take a week off before comp or is it just me being overly gay ?
» container comp (Go to post)31-10-2009 @ 21:40 
Will axle be clean and press each rep ?

Is medium Hodge the one who trains with Mark Hill ?
» strongman saturday sessions@the container (Go to post)18-10-2009 @ 17:17 
I think the misses would like me to be 105, but I can't keep weight down and stay strong - don't know how to do that. So hopefully get a little bit more experience under my belt, get technical on a few lifts and do opens mid to the end of next year. My goal is to do the Brits in the next 2/3 years but will have to see.
» strongman saturday sessions@the container (Go to post)18-10-2009 @ 08:15 
jt said:7 training today

luke(kiss goodbye u/105) looking good allround a bit of work on the dumbell and will be tough to beat

i did the novice events today pretty tough i think!!!!

Cheers for that Mr T, means alot coming from someone who can lift and hold just short of 200k ob farmers.
Would love to train with you lot at least once a week, but live too far away. Might move the clan to Harby. All top lads and no egos, cheers.
» container comp (Go to post)16-10-2009 @ 09:26 
Hi JT. Would like to come up tommorrow and train. What time you kicking off and can I have the post code again.
» container comp (Go to post)16-10-2009 @ 07:49 
jt said:
get her to wear a waterproof bikini and she will have all angles covered

You wouldn't want to see that Tongue Tongue
» container comp (Go to post)15-10-2009 @ 19:01 
You know what these f**king women are like mate - 'Don't want to be too cold or too warm if I've got to sit there all afternoon'
» container comp (Go to post)15-10-2009 @ 15:07 
Are we inside or outside JT, so my fan (aka the mrs) knows what to wear.
» strongman training locations (Go to post)06-10-2009 @ 15:05 
Any in Staffordshire boys ? If not might set one up. Anybody up for joining.
» 180 raw bench challenge (Go to post)05-10-2009 @ 18:55 
Nothing like a bit of Tom Petty to get the blood flowing Grin Grin .

I've done 200 for a single and only managed 3 on 180 - awesome JT.
» container comp (Go to post)03-10-2009 @ 12:48 
Good afternoon JT
Have got AIDS so unable to train today, hopefully it will be gone by next week. Family (aka spectators) want to know whether the comp will be inside or outside so they know what attire to wear.

» container comp (Go to post)01-10-2009 @ 19:32 
we wish 3+ m8
jt is a killer ..Wink

Sounds f**king awesome - pain is just weakness leaving the body - more pain the stronger we become.

Grin Grin Grin
» container comp (Go to post)01-10-2009 @ 15:22 
Good afternoon JT

Thinking of coming up this weekend and training with Paul. However, it is a good 1 and a half away and wondered if the 11 - 12 is very strict, as it's a long way to come for an hour of fun.
» container comp (Go to post)26-09-2009 @ 14:39 
Done the deadlift medley and medley with tyre in today.

Deadlift medley, completed easy. However, the running medley was very hard and took me 70 seconds. What you reckon JT, any good ?

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