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» MIRRORS ARE FOR QUEERS (Go to post)22-12-2009 @ 10:40 
I have decided to start a training journal to chart my progress through 2010 and beyond. I am at the end of my first 12 months strongman training and just fancied it after watching Tony, Marc Clegg, Willsan and others.

I will list the last week or so training, I am training for explosive power at the moment so not many 1 RMs. I will also try and post up videos once I have got my head around how to do it, if someone would like to PM me and tell me how it would be appreciated.

Wednesday 16th December 2009


70kg x 8 (NAKED)
100kg x 8 (Wrapped from here on)
120kg x 5
140kg x 5
160kg x 5
5 x 3 @ 140kg


70kg x 8 - Fast
100kg x 8 - Fast
130kg x 5 - Fast
160kg x 5 - Fast
190kg x 3 - Fast
220kg x 1 - Quick
240kg x 5 - Last 2 were hitched
3 x 3 @ 180kg

Leg Press:

1 x 15 @ 120kg
3 x 15 @ 140kg


5 x 10 @ 100kgs

Seated Calf Raises:

3 x 20 @ 60kgs

Side Bends:

1 x 10 @ 40kg
1 x 10 @ 45kg
1 x 10 @ 50kg

Sit Ups:

BW + 15kg 3 x 10
» A Bit of Recent Training. (Go to post)21-12-2009 @ 15:33 
That is just f**king ridiculous. I eat like a c**t and train like a t**t, notice how many fanny references I made, and am kgs behind you. Very very impresive mate. Keep it coming it makes me want it more. Again well done that f**king log is immense.
» Todays epic session (Go to post)20-12-2009 @ 23:43 
Well done mate. That place, the people and its atmosphere seem to bring the best out in everyone.
» PURE NORTHERN WINTER GIANTS (Go to post)20-12-2009 @ 12:19 
Nice pants boys. How many extra kgs do they give you on your deadlift ? Grin
» Sunday Training @ Olympic Strongman (Go to post)20-12-2009 @ 09:51 
I can't make it today, was really looking forward to finally training with Mark and Jack and all the rest of you today. Have a good one and be safe on them f**king roads man they are bad.
» Englands strongest man (Go to post)18-12-2009 @ 16:26 
Cheers for that lads, could have been a major f**k up there. I cannot do northern will have to do Midlands so good luck to you Northerners and hopefully will see you in the final.
» Englands strongest man (Go to post)18-12-2009 @ 14:42 
Cheers boys I will ring him and find out for definate, let you know results.
» Rage against the machine for christmas number 1 (Go to post)18-12-2009 @ 11:47 
JC said:
Surely X Factor being No.1 is "power to the people". Most bought/downlaoded single get Numero Uno. That is how the charts work!

But normally hardcore music like this doesn't get a look in because the only 'people' who are buying singles are kids with their pocket money or people who are getting nan and mom a cheap stocking filler for Christmas. I agree the concept of the charts is 'Power to the People' but it's the type of people who buy singles. I mean the fact the song is getting radio air time is amazing. You can hear it in Scott Mills voice when he has to play it.
» Rage against the machine for christmas number 1 (Go to post)18-12-2009 @ 11:02 
Who gives a f**k what that snob says. Anarchy in the UK baby, power to the people. I brought it ten times now might do it another ten just to make sure Mr Cowell gets his Christmas gift early Grin Grin
» Englands strongest man (Go to post)18-12-2009 @ 09:54 
where are you from luke? I thought you were a midlander?

I am from Staffordshire mate, near the north. This qualifier doesn't have farmers in so any comp. without farmers is a must for me. Hopefully I won't make a complete ass of myself and get some much needed experience.
» Englands strongest man (Go to post)18-12-2009 @ 09:46 
oh fook I've done it and entered. Down to the hardcore training now.
» Englands strongest man (Go to post)17-12-2009 @ 22:50 
bignige1986 said:
im up for it mate we can bounce down to olympics n also northwich so we can use frames n deadlift sum cars etc.... big year next year fella

Anymore - Mr Clegg; Big Jon; bignigel - what about BigJack. I will if you lot will.
» Englands strongest man (Go to post)17-12-2009 @ 22:28 
Looks interesting. Is DL a van easier because it's from the side ?

Would like to enter but not sure, wouldn't want to be cannon fodder. Would there be any chance of a group training camp at Olympics once a week to see how we are all progressing or would it all have to be done in secret ?

Top four would be hard for the best of us against the pros but I'm sure a couple could sneak into the top six........erm........Confused
» Britain's Got Talent Wants Strongmen (Go to post)17-12-2009 @ 18:45 
I'd sooner fist f**k Amanda Holden. Now that's talent, needs bigger tits though
» How has your year been training wise? (Go to post)17-12-2009 @ 18:21 
Came 6th in my first comp; 5th in my 2nd Comp, 4th in my 3rd comp and 3rd in my 4th comp - so that's okay.

Deadlift up from 240kg to 300kg (hitched though so not real) but it still went up.

Push Press from 100kg to 140kg
Strict Press 85kg to 125kg
Axle C & P From 90kg to 130kg (Got my head around the clean)

Squat 200kg to 260kg (But the 260kg wasn't really low enough and by low I mean ass to calves) so really that is only at 230kg

Log from 100kg to 137.5kg

Stones from 120kg to 165kg

Body weight from 16 and half stone to 17 and a half stone

Farmers from 100kg to 130kg - Still f**king s**te at them

Yoke from 340kg to 280kg - Don't even ask

Most of this I owe to fellow Sugdenites who offer help and guidance to questions on technique etc and also to a few other individuals:
JT who is just f**king mental and pushes you and tells you exactly how it is;
Tony and his garden productions fire me up and show me that it is possible;
Mark Clegg - because if somebody at 100kg can deadlift 322.5kg then I know I must be able to do it at some point otherwise I'm just wasting my time eating;
WILLSAN - because he is extremely helpful on all things strongman related.

Cheers boys I hope you all have a good Christmas and a f**king HEAVY New Year.

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