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» sugden gym meet (Go to post)27-09-2006 @ 13:23 
18th and 19th November???
» The Legend of Toothpick (Go to post)26-09-2006 @ 22:39 
another zillion pb's in one session then? nice job GrinGrin

good luck for maxing out Grin
» Tonight (Go to post)26-09-2006 @ 22:37 
Originally posted by jonnywildboar...
get a room !!!!!

to rest in? that's a damn fine idea. definately worth serious consideration for marathon squat sessions Tongue
» The overtraining bible: a complete guide (Go to post)26-09-2006 @ 22:36 
Still in agony from shrugging. Ouch.

Monday - long site day (it was a killer - 5:55 am til 9 pm)

Tuesday - Thai boxing 5:00 pm
Really enjoyed it, did alot of pad work. Found the punching easy, but anything to do with kicking was hard work. Im hoping i'll start to appreciate the kicking bit eventually. The warm up bit was surprisingly hard CV wise - lots of high rep stuff like press-ups etc.

Benching - I had a plan, and didn't stick to it. Pretty pleased that Thai Boxing didnt seem to really affect my benching adversly though.

Warm-up with 20kg bar - 8, 8
30 kg - 2
40 kg - 1
42.5 kg - 1 - felt easy
43.5 kg (with 0.5 kg plates) - F, F, 1 (PB!Grin) F
42.5 kg - 1, F
35 kg - 5x5

Lots of failing as you can see - but im not too bothered, its not like i do it every week - and the fails (with the exception of the last by which time i was knackard) were as much a form thing as a strength thing.

Pretty pleased to finally get a PB, even if it isn't a standard weight. If I can keep my form together im still hopeful of a 45 kg PB sometime soon Happy

40 kg - 6
45 kg - 3 (felt good)

Seated shoulder press - these were hard, guess training for 3 hours takes it out of you eventually!

10kg: 10
12.5 kg: 4, 4, 4

Abs stuff
» Suppliments/Good foods (Go to post)26-09-2006 @ 15:52 
The key supplement for me above everything else is ground flaxseed (tbsp ground fresh everyday)

I also use
* multivit (varying types regularly)
* B complex (just started these - to help keep homocysteine levels down)
* Vit C (just upped to 3 g a day)
* kelp (for iodine if im not eating alot of seaweed)
* Algal source of DHA irregularly

Tried glucosamine but I dont think I have taken it consistently enough to see a difference.

Also isolate - im back on soy at the moment because im not taking alot of shakes right now. If im using alot of protien I try and use a mix of sources (rice, pea and hemp as well as soya)

Caffeine of course
» Sugden Barbell Dubious PBs Committee (Go to post)26-09-2006 @ 15:43 
Post Edited: 26.09.2006 @ 15:44 PM
5 x 5 are good to record PB's on I think Happy

(the thread made me crease up)
» Tonight (Go to post)26-09-2006 @ 15:42 
Cool jonathon is coming! GrinGrin

I'll be there at 6, but don't know what sort of state i'll be in to lift after rest periods may be even longer than usual!
» The Legend of Toothpick (Go to post)24-09-2006 @ 18:56 
how many pb's: Eek Eek

excellent session then?? Grin Grin
» The overtraining bible: a complete guide (Go to post)24-09-2006 @ 18:54 
Thursday 21st Sept
6:15 am - run. Hurt my foot so had to walk the last bit. Crap run really.

Gym warm-up x-train (148 cal - 10 mins)

20 kg and 30 kg warm-up
45 kg: 5 x 3 - hit depth on most of the reps, felt easy enough. Squats are feeling much better recently. I'm going to invest in a pair of squat shoes sometime soon. Grin
Push press 25 kg: 5 x 5
Close grip bench 30 kg: 5 x 5
Formwork on bench with 30 kg trying to get wider grip. Felt pretty good, it certainly reduces the ROM.
Abs: 28 kg: 8 35 kg: 4 28 kg + half block: 8, 8

Friday - impromptu rest day. f**king traffic Angry Although walking round for 5 hours on site is a killer anyway.

Saturday - another rest day, didnt get myself organised to run.

Sunday - deadlift day Grin (ok, so friday is supposed to be back day and monday deadlift day, but as i missed fridays session and will undoubtably be really late back from coventry on monday, so they had to be combined today)

x-train warm up: 1.34 km, 10 min, 145 cal
40kg: 6
60kg: 2, 3
70kg: 2
95kg: 5 singles
75kg: 5, 5 (these felt easy. i was surprised - must be all that resting)

Widegrip pulls - warm up felt funny on my shoulder so did chins instead

Leg press: 70kg warmup: 5
97kg + 1/2: 8
106 kg: 5, 5, 5, 5

60kg: 12
100kg: 9 (lots of stress on lower back, guess it was tired from deadlifting)
70kg: 20

Rows on machine

X-train: 20 mins/2.75km/285 cal
» is it an art or science? (Go to post)21-09-2006 @ 13:29 
Powerlifting is science, structure your program, structure your diet, structure your recovery, structure your supplementation, periodize your training, and reap the rewards. There is some room for how you feel on the day, but it shouldn't play a huge part.

But you are missing out a major variable - you can structure your recovery, supplements, training etc etc - BUT you have to be in the right mental state to make use of it. All of the above - all the training, all the eating, all the recovery - its useless unless your head is in it in the first place. Now, the 'bulgarian' model may not be 'the best' way to train if you were to compare it against a perfectly structured and scientifically based plan on a person who was in a perfect mindset and feeling 100% mentally (and physically) with regards to the plan and their goals.

However, we are all human, and although I strongly agree you can apply scientific principle to powerlifting (actually, I agree that it can apply to pretty much anything and when the principles or hypothesis fail or breakdown it is because we haven't got enough knowledge to fully understand the processes occuring) there may be times when the 'bulgarian' model is the correct way to train.

Lets take an example. Me. I'm one of those weakwilled sorts who occasionally goes to the gym and can't even face following last weeks reps and sets, nevermind this weeks. Now, with the perfect training program I would continue anyway, get on with it and "reap the rewards". But the fact is - that aint going to happen. You could easily say here "well thats why you have such a s**tty bench then" which is true in some ways. However (and here is the crux of the matter) if i had to follow a scientific plan like that I wouldnt even be benching 42.5kg now. I wouldn't be benching at all - my mind would have given up a long time ago! However, applying the 'bulgarian method' of training has stood me in good stead this far and will have a role for me in the future when, again, training feels like too much (i.e. most sessions lol). There is, of course, a scientific basis behind my mindset, be it environmental or genetic or both - but only the use of the bulgarian method can allow for me to reach my full potential until some bright spark finds the key to the human mind and can give me a training program for that too. Additionally - scientific detailed structured programs give little room for intuition. Im not talking six sense and spiritual stuff here, but logical thought such as not feeling quite up to par. The 'bulgarian method' gives you flexibility to work around 'not feeling quite right' 'having a twinge in the back' 'feeling like the world is just about to cave in on you'

All that waffle is basically to say this - dont knock something until you have truely analysed it in a practical application sense. The world isnt a perfect scientific experiement - too many variables changing too often. What works one week on a perfect training plan may well not work the following week.
» The overtraining bible: a complete guide (Go to post)21-09-2006 @ 13:01 
Copied from previous.......

Ok, here is the plan for the next six weeks. Please feel free to comment, make suggestions and generally point out all the weak points (which, of course, i will blame on adam)Wink

Week overview:
Monday AM
* Deadlifting starting at 90 kg for 5 singles and upping 5kg each week plus some volume/formwork sets after
* Leg Press
* Shrugs
* Abs
* CV at gym (30 mins max)

Tuesday AM
* Run dogs 30-40 mins

Tuesday PM
* Thai boxing (the chances of me making this session each week are pretty slim because its at 5 pm, so i'm not too worried about it affecting my benching too much)
* Bench 5 singles then 5 x 5 (starting at 32.5kg)
* Boards
* Seated dumbell press

Wednesday REST

Thursday AM
* Squat 5 x 3 starting at 45 kg
* Push press 5 x 5 starting at 25 kg
* Close grip
* CV (30 mins)

Friday AM
* Run dogs

Friday PM
* Thai boxing
* Pull ups
* Rows
* Upright rows

* Run dogs midday - 1 hour

Sunday REST

As always things never quite go according to plan! Mondays morning session was shifted to the evening yesterday, which ment i got time to run in the morning, and after 4 days of doing aboslutely bugger all i was totally grateful for it!

Monday 18th September:
AM 35 min run with dogs

PM Warm up with 5kg bar then
Deads w/u 45 kg : 3, 3, 3
60 kg: 3, 3 (felt like i needed extra warm up it took a while to get going!)
80 kg: 1
90 kg: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
70 kg: 5, 5

First two reps of 90 kg were hard, but once i stopped worrying about form and just pulled they were easy, no effort needed. 70 kg for reps felt good, form seemed better this week although still not perfect. Am increasing my abs work to try and stop them folding half way up.

Leg press
52 kg: 5
97 kg: 8, 8, 8 (eight reps of anything is hard work !!)

50 kg: 10
70 kg: 10, 10, 10 (good ROM on these)


Tuesday AM - 40 min run easy

Whilst this debate continues I will post what I came to post originally...Wink

Tuesday evening

warm ups (10 mins CV, 20 kg bar)
35 kg: 1
40 kg: 5 singles - first felt heavy, they got real easy after that
32.5 5 x 5

45 kg Failed!! LOL 45 kg is obviously my nemesis (considering I have done 45 kg and 47.5 kg on boards easily in the past) talk about needing to get it together 42.5 kg: 5, 6, 6

Dumbell Shoulder Press (seated) - these were surprising harder than expected - havent done them in a while, i think i lost my technique a bit. It may equally have been the endless amusement caused by a guy asking me to spot his left arm for bicep curls. And then seeing rob doing it instead Tongue Tongue (yes it was the same guy who had expected me to upright row his 50 kg bench before he finally decided he had had enough of stopping 6 inches above his chest)
10 kg: 6 (easy)
12.5 kg: 4, 4, 4

I really hate this cycling thing - starting with a low weight and working up. I always come away feeling like the session wasn't really worth bothering with.

Wednesday - REST Feeling damn fine this morning Grin
» The overtraining bible: a complete guide (Go to post)21-09-2006 @ 12:56 
Post Edited: 10.06.2007 @ 18:22 PM
Always wanted to know how to overtrain sucessfully? Here is an all inclusive guide with everything you need to ensure chronic injury, soreness and fatigue are never far away Tongue
» forum improvements (Go to post)21-09-2006 @ 12:48 
Cant split threads yet but Jo if you read this I suggest starting another thread for your log and just pasting your work outs in - then I'll edit the existing one to a leg press dicussion thread.

Okydokily Happy
» Leg Press in Powerlifting Discussion (Go to post)20-09-2006 @ 16:34 
I think having exercises that work the quads without taxing the lower back are essential to get enough volume. The lower back, IMO, is easily overworked, and having the option to work some of the movers in both the squat and deadlift without overtaxing the lower back is an option worth having. I'd never suggest using a leg press instead of a squat or a deadlift, but as an accessory to them, I think they can have value.

Not everybody wants to hit their lower back hard twice a week, quite often it leads to injuries, (coincidentally LGB is just coming back from a lower back injury). You can argue that the back needs to be stronger, but you also need to be aware of overtraining. If you want an exercise that targets both the quads and hams, leg press is a good option.

Yeah, I agree with both the above.
» Leg Press in Powerlifting Discussion (Go to post)20-09-2006 @ 12:41 
I believe that a person should work on their weaknesses in assistance exercises. SO, if your core is the limiting factor here, why are you going to leg presses which takes your weak point out of the equation. That is ignoring your weak point and not strengthening it. So when you go back to your squat, your weaknesses have not been strenghthened and you are even more likely to get injured.

If your core is weak therefore you need to be doing heavy lower back exercises, ab and oblique work, not leg presses. They aren't the answer.

But I am working on my core as well - I would never ignore my weak point in preference to training what I am best at. That would clearly be stupid. However, unless someone can give me a good reason, I see no problem with continuing to strengthen my legs to the best of their capabilities as well.

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