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» The overtraining bible: a complete guide (Go to post)26-10-2006 @ 21:21 
Feeling rough again today - missed Thai Boxing to sleep - but managed a deadlifting session yesterday

10 mins cv warm-up

60kg 5
80 kg 2
100 kg 1
115 kg 1, 1 (slightly hitched) 1 - think i could have got 5 easy on a good day (i.e. not hungry, tired and recovering from a virus)- still 3 with former PB aint bad.

Had cooled down too much too so did another 20 mins cv

then leg press

52 kg warm up
97 kg 3
106 kg 3
115 kg 3
124 kg 1
106 kg 10

Damn i'm getting good at leg press. Must be all the leg pressing.

Back extensions - 3 x 12 rehab work. holy s**t my back was on fire after these - talk about blood rush. But hell it has helped my recovery LOADS. My back was really sore before i started the workout yesterday - tight from four days of no training and spasming lats. But today?? Nothing, not a smigin. Grin
» T Shirts Arriveth (Go to post)24-10-2006 @ 22:18 
well the small size is still pretty big - i take it thats men's small Confused Unhappy

guess olly might be right and i'll have to go for boys size if they do one (usually about age 12 though!!!!)???? If they don't then don't worry Happy
» T Shirts Arriveth (Go to post)24-10-2006 @ 18:36 
any chance of a mini one??? Grin
» Jonathan's Log (Go to post)24-10-2006 @ 18:34 
I missed Friday's training session due to my gran passing away on Thursday. I really just didn't want to train.

Unhappy sorry to hear that
» sugden plague - folks falling like tenpin pins! (Go to post)24-10-2006 @ 18:32 
evil illness. not only have most of sugden barbell gone down with it, but also my thai boxing instructor and the girl i work with.

i was feeling crap over the whole weekend, but really perked up by yesterday evening. thanks to painkillers everything was numb Grin

will have another rest day today and then be training tommorow
» The overtraining bible: a complete guide (Go to post)19-10-2006 @ 20:08 

Thai boxing tuition - 1 hour. Great session. Grin

Another hour pad work with billy in evening (the class we were going to got cancelled)
» The overtraining bible: a complete guide (Go to post)18-10-2006 @ 21:31 
Deadlift day:

10 mins CV warm up
60 kg: 5
80 kg: 1
100 kg: 1
110 kg: 5 singles Grin
80 kg formwork - all complete crap. Just can't get them glutes to fire Roll-Eyes

Leg press - just a couple of sets with 106 and 97 kg - legs felt tired, didn't want to over do it after deads.

CV 20 mins L14 random. This random program is pretty cool - it is far more intresting than manual setting and i burnt way more calories (291 in 20 mins)
» The overtraining bible: a complete guide (Go to post)18-10-2006 @ 09:47 

Thai Boxing

20 kg and 30 kg warm-up
40 kg: 1
42.5 kg: 4 singles then another rep which had to be partially assisted because i lost my form. Strength was there for another though Roll-Eyes
40 kg: 2, 2, 2, 2, 3 These felt really easy. Grin

Military press: Some messing about then 5 x 3 - strict pressing is bloody hard after push pressing for a few weeks.

Ab pull downs 35 kg: 8, 8, 8, 8
» Fu-Fu's Log (Go to post)16-10-2006 @ 20:16 
Twice please oliver Grin

Was thinking about having the main bench session after squats on sunday.....
» Fu-Fu's Log (Go to post)16-10-2006 @ 18:01 
And where is my bench routine??? Wink Grin
» Adam's Relentless Log: Its all about heart... (Go to post)16-10-2006 @ 15:44 
Yeah, must feel good to know you have the strength for sure....just a little bit of heavy practice work needed Happy
» Sugden vs Edinburgh (Go to post)16-10-2006 @ 15:41 
You mean it will have everything to do with grip and nothing to do with squatting?? Wink
» The overtraining bible: a complete guide (Go to post)16-10-2006 @ 15:40 
Saturday - resting, eating, generally having a champion time with the Edinburgh Strength Crew Grin

Sunday - Some yoke walk stuff with 100 kg. Working at getting 120 kg stable, but didnt walk with it. Didnt do my back any good whatsoever. I may be leaving strongman to the edinburgh experts Kathryn, Jonothon and Buzz

Was going to squat but for several reasons ended up sat on my backside stuffing my face all day instead. Well rested for next week now!

Monday - 45 mins run with another 30 mins walking. Felt hard as hell. Taking an unplanned day off work today. Nice to have leave and be caught up enough to do that kind of thing!
» north west equipped open 29th of Oct (Go to post)16-10-2006 @ 15:34 
I'd like to go, but its another sunday squat session missed Confused
» overtraining symptoms (Go to post)16-10-2006 @ 15:33 
Sounds likely.

Good time to back-off - i.e. before you get injured because you have been ignoring the fact you are sore as f**k for weeks!Roll-Eyes

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