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» atlas stone tech advice (Go to post)05-02-2011 @ 23:32 
Pompy said:looks okay mate but im no expert... the clothing situation is disturbing though

Been down before mate, it must be a naked Wednesday or something!!! Disturbing!!!
» atlas stone tech advice (Go to post)05-02-2011 @ 23:16 
I wanted to get some stone practice done in the next couple of weeks at caged. But looking at the pics seems something seems a bit.... naked!!!!!! Sorry Lee best bring me best briefs lol.
» Swans... (Go to post)16-12-2010 @ 13:41 
Horrible swines. Caught a small one on my carp gear once. Strong little bugger. Seen em nearly killing their young if they stay around too long. They are quite a nuisance to anglers (even though we are in their environment!!).
» stones (Go to post)14-12-2010 @ 22:43 
Post Edited: 14.12.2010 @ 22:43 PM by richardduce
Looking forward to having stones at caged to have a go on. Heard about that sticky tacky crap, cant get rid of the stuff problems though lol!! Seriously though the gear at Dewsbury is great now and when the stones come it will be seriously good.
» Commonwealth weightlifting (Go to post)09-10-2010 @ 22:43 
Post Edited: 10.10.2010 @ 08:28 AM by richardduce
Kirkbrides cleans absolutely looked effortless.
» Overhead squats ? (Go to post)08-08-2010 @ 09:14 
Post Edited: 08.08.2010 @ 09:17 AM by richardduce
bignige1986 said:
Finally a sensible very correct response Happy
You an oly lifter mate ?

Wouldnt call myself an oly lifter fella. Train with an oly crew though and do bits of this and that at the moment. With regards to the overhead squats even just using a bar alone is great for flexibility and is a good warm up exercise for the whole body imo. But i must admit the lads i know dont do much in the way of heavy overhead squats. Still a beneficial and fun exercise though.
» Overhead squats ? (Go to post)07-08-2010 @ 23:10 
Post Edited: 07.08.2010 @ 23:14 PM by richardduce
I agree with the above in that overhead squats help with getting depth in the other squat variants. I always feel more flexible in the hips, shoulders and ankles when doing them too.
» Macca's Tuesday Night Squat Videos (Go to post)19-05-2010 @ 19:09 
Very strong squats. Technique good too i think. Strong stuff to be squatting what you do at your bodyweight unequipped.
» CLaim to fame (Go to post)14-04-2010 @ 20:34 
Gave Eric Pollard directions.
» Squats From Last Night (Go to post)14-04-2010 @ 16:29 
Post Edited: 14.04.2010 @ 16:30 PM by richardduce
BigMacca said:
Hello Mate,
It's actually a 12 week routine - what people post on the Internet is normally just the first 3 weeks.
Basically week 4 will be a rest week (nothing heavy, just a bit of speed and technique) and week 5 will be a repeat of week 3 building up to another rest week on week 7 etc.
I knocked a spreadsheet together to work everything out for a given target weight.
On the last couple of weeks where the heavy doubles end up being singles, I stop adding weight to the lighter sets to keep myself a little fresher for the big lifts.
e.g. week 9 would look like
4 Sets of 197.5kg x 4
1 Set of 222.5kg x 2
1 Set of 250 x 2
1 Set of 197.5 x 8
and week 10 would look like
4 Sets of 197.5kg x 4
1 Set of 222.5kg x 2
1 Set of 255 x 2
1 Set of 197.5 x 8
Both my training buddy and I have been using this now for a couple of cycles and have both had good results.
Good luck.

Thanks for that macca.
» Squats From Last Night (Go to post)14-04-2010 @ 15:32 
BigMacca said:
That's the fella - I've just dropped from 4 initial sets to 3 as I'm also doing other assistance work.
Been using it for deadlifts as well with good results, just a mother to get through!

Iam going to give it a go with squats and deads starting saturday. I have been doing 3x3 and cluster singles training lately so i can see this routine giving me major soreness next week. What do you do after week 3? I was thinking about having a steady week then adding 2.5 - 5 kgs to the maxes and starting again. What about you?
» Squats From Last Night (Go to post)14-04-2010 @ 14:53 
Very strong squatting. Is that the Magnusson/Ortmayer routine you are doing? Looks very similar to that.
» To The Fathers Out There ! (Go to post)11-04-2010 @ 11:22 
My 4 year old clean and jerks my foam roller.
» Deadlifting in weightlifting shoes? (Go to post)15-03-2010 @ 18:50 
TobyCutler said:Misha koklyaev deadlifts in weightlifting shoes
Probably only because he is from a weightlifting background.
Ive tried it and it feels comfortable on lighter weights but then slightly weird the heavier the weights get. Try it and see how it feels mate!!

Iam sure i have seen misha lift in sock feet lately but could be wrong. Personally i dont like doing deadlifts in WL shoes because i think the heel increases the ROM and the heel could possibly push you forward. For lifters who use a lot of back when doing deads this surely would not be good. But if it suits you go for it.
» Weightlifting shoes (Go to post)11-03-2010 @ 08:13 
Plain colours with a heel the size of the Polish shoes/ironworks and i would be interested in a pair in 9/9.5 in the next few months.

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