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» Yorkshires Strongest Novice (Go to post)21-05-2012 @ 10:28 
Cheers Neil.
» Yorkshires Strongest Novice (Go to post)20-05-2012 @ 22:56 
samevans said:i also have no email... What time is weigh in? when does the comp start?

Would also like to know the same info if poss.
» Richards Training (Go to post)20-05-2012 @ 12:36 
20.05.12 Work Training

60kg 2x5
100kg x5
130kg x2
150kg x2
170kg x2
190kg 2 singles
Did feel a bit heavy during warm up tbh.

15 inch Axle Deads
Worked up to 182.5 x2

Not long to go now till comp.
» Richards Training (Go to post)17-05-2012 @ 13:42 
Post Edited: 17.05.2012 @ 13:47 PM by richardduce
17.05.12 Junction Training

Bar overhead warmups 2x plenty

Axle ftoh (double overhand)
65kg x3
75kg x2
85kg x1 (warm ups for overhead medley)

Overhead medley
Axle 100kg x2 (1st rep conti cleaned)
SS 53db right hand x1
SS 53db left hand xf (rushed what is usually an easy rep)
Barrell 72kg 1 motion x1

Rest a couple of mins

Axle 100kg x1
SS 53 db left hand x1
Barrell 72 kg 1 motion x1
Everything was snappy (apart from db fail).

Farmers walk (low handles)
70kg each hand x30m
110kg each hand x15m 6.47secs

Yoke warm up
170kg x 30m

80kg barrell to 42" from 5m out
260kg yoke 10m
90kg ish ironmind sandbag to 42" from 5m out
Felt good

Frame pick up
205kg x1

120kg to 48" x2
120kg to 48" x1
Must remember to breath more as i nearly passed out during 1st set. Think i must be holding my breath. Wally.

Good and enjoyable sesh.
» Richards Training (Go to post)15-05-2012 @ 20:50 
15.05.12 Works Training

Log (1st rep cleaned and push jerk)
42kg 2x5
52kg x3
62kg x3
72kg x3
82kg x3
92kg x3
Very easy and more in tank

Speed deads
140kg 3 singles

Feeling good
» March of the Penguin (Go to post)13-05-2012 @ 20:47 
Robbo said:Would just like to say, thanks for all your help at junction mate. The place won't be the same without you. Unhappy

I think everyone who trains there owes a lot to you for your help, advice, setting everything up, good old chit chat and general bulls**t and waffling. End of a little era without you being there and good luck with the new venture. A top fella and a good friend as you are to a lot of people.

Cheers mate

I will second that. You have helped me out no end mate. Good luck in the future.
» 150kg hussafelt stone carry @90kg bw (Go to post)13-05-2012 @ 20:25 
I love how you return it to the floor at the end so neatly and softly. Great run mate
» Richards Training (Go to post)13-05-2012 @ 13:11 
13.05.12 Works Training

Oly Bar 1 clean and push jerks
Bar 2xplenty
60kg x5
70kg x5
80kg x3
90kg x6
Very easy and could have done a couple more presses. No platform at work means i have to be careful and keep reps in tank.

Worked up to 200kg x4
Was not feeling these today.

Pulldown and KB swing superset x3 rounds
» Yorkshires Strongest Novice (Go to post)13-05-2012 @ 10:06 
Post Edited: 13.05.2012 @ 10:07 AM by richardduce
James_94 said:2 weeks out, anyone feeling confident? Grin

Not sure about the confident bit, but definately looking forward to getting stuck in and competing. Especially after watching the vids of the 90s northerns.
» getting stronger (Go to post)13-05-2012 @ 09:45 
Great work and lovely dead pb mate. How did Brett do?
» 2012 u90 northern ESM qualifier (Go to post)13-05-2012 @ 08:59 
Congrats to the Junction boys for qualifying, and Dan W for coming 3rd. You have come a long way.
» Richards Training (Go to post)10-05-2012 @ 10:53 
10.04.12 Junction Gym

Rower warm up

Frame x30m
170kg x15m
210kg x15m
250kg x15m
250kg x15m
Quick enough, but want quicker still.

Farmers (low handles)
100kg x15m
100kg x15m
Lightened off on these this week. Quick.

Smaller Ironmind sandbag pick up and walk and load to low platform
Large Ironmind sandbag pick up and walk
Practising picking the damn things up and moving with them.

120kg x2 to 48"
110kg x4 to 48"

All done in 1 hr 10mins.
» The Walker Power (Go to post)09-05-2012 @ 17:19 
Some good work in here bud. Especially the overhead progression. Did you do the axle deads on the new axles? Because i found doing deads on those new ones harder than on the older axles for some reason.
» Robbos untried and untested training log (Go to post)08-05-2012 @ 15:18 
Been good training with you today mate. You would make a good second rower in league i reckon. Plenty of good level amateur teams around leeds.
» Richards Training (Go to post)08-05-2012 @ 15:06 
08.05.12 Junction Gym

60kg 2x5
100kg x3
140kg x3 (belt on)
165kg x3
195kg x3 Happy
Getting a better set up on these now

Axle Deads (straps)
worked up to a very easy 185kg x2
Looked at a different technique with robbo and this seemed to really help. Felt much better than the weekend.

Log (1st rep cleaned)
45kg xplenty
55kg xplenty
65kg x3
70kg x3
80kg x3
92.5kg x3

Truck db (1st rep cleaned)
55kg x6 (3 reps on the right, imediately followed by 3 on the left)

Keg loading run
80kg to 60" from 5m out into
90kg to middle platform from 5m out into
100kg to 48" from 5m out

Getting better on these and quite quick for me.
Enjoyed this sesh very much and looking forward to competing now.

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