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» Richards Training (Go to post)22-06-2012 @ 20:48 
Post Edited: 22.06.2012 @ 20:49 PM by richardduce
22.06.12 Works training

Rower warm up

60kg 2x5
100kg x3
130kg x3 (belt on)
150kg x2
170kg x1
190kg x3
210kg f+f
Not far away now. When i break the floor with 210 it will get finished because iam strong at lock out and weak off the deck. Maybe if i had done a single at 180 then gone to 210 it would have gone. but i was happy with the graft at 190 too.

Speed pulls
140kg 3 sets of 2

SLDL (straps on, beltless)
145kg 2x5 reps

Pendlay rows
80kg 3x6 reps

Double handed KB swings
24kg 2x20

Happy. Doing more accesory for for the deads in the form of GHR, SLDL, rows and KB stuff which iam sure will bring the pesky deadlift up.
» Richards Training (Go to post)21-06-2012 @ 17:31 
21.06.12 Works Training

Axle Push Jerks (1st rep belly cleaned)
Bar 2x plenty
62.5kg x5
72.5kg x3
82.5kg x3
92.5kg x5
92.5kg x5
Kept it light today. Tons in tank

Strict Press
40kg x8
50kg x5
60kg x3
72.5kg x5 failed 6th rep
Wanting 80kg x5 some time soon.
» From 125kg mong to 100kg machine (Go to post)19-06-2012 @ 18:41 
GATES said:
i am gonna see if they will let me but chances aint good.
i fancy doing a spartan race and a tough guy race too

Good luck with the change of training mate. The tough guy stuff you will do well at no doubt.
» Richards Training (Go to post)19-06-2012 @ 18:35 
19.06.12 Junction Training

X trainer warm up

Back squat
BW 2x10
60kg x7
70kg x5
90kg x5
110kg x5 (belt on)
130kg x9
A couple left in tank. Will start a bit of a squat program next week based on sets of 4. Done the same thing a years ago for deads and i think it will be good for squats.

Log ftoh
50kg x5
60kg x3
70kg x1
80kg x1
90kg 5 singles done with a minutes rest between reps.
Easy enough. Will be doing these cluster singles for log adding 5kg per week. Started light so i can develop momentum up to 100kg through the weeks.

Log clean
100kg x1

170kg x30m
250kg x30m
Fast and solid

Mini Medley
90kg ironmind sandbag to low platform from 5m out into
105kg barrell to low platform from 5m out
Loading is getting better

» Richards Training (Go to post)18-06-2012 @ 22:47 
18.06.12 Works Training

20 mins of Fluff

Pulldowns 5x12

Face Pulls 3x12

Rower 500m 1min 49 secs
Wanted to do 1000m but went out too fast and settled with 500m. Will be doing more rowing in the future.
» getting stronger (Go to post)18-06-2012 @ 09:09 
Well done mate.
» Richards Training (Go to post)16-06-2012 @ 11:48 
Post Edited: 16.06.2012 @ 11:51 AM by richardduce
16.06.12 Wakefield WL Club

Plenty of mobility work for a warm up

Oly Bar Push Jerks (1st rep cleaned)
40kg 2xplenty
50kg x3
60kg x3
70kg x3
80kg x3
90kg x3
100kg failed clean
100kg x3
Was not missing the clean on the second 100kg set, but nearly decapitated myself in the process! Jerks were ok.

Push jerks from rack

110kg xF
Should not have done this as was feeling fatigued from previous work. Head not in it. Hit my head with the bar on the way down for some reason too as i failed it. What a nob.

Strict Press from racks

40kg x5
50kg x5
60kg x2
65kg x9

Decent days work. The sesh on Thurs left me quiet tight in the back and shoulders though, which did take the edge off this session.
» Richards Training (Go to post)14-06-2012 @ 16:52 
14.06.12 Junction Gym

4" Deficit Deads
70kg 2x5
100kg 2x3
140kg x2
160kg x2
185kg x2

SLDL (doh with straps)
140kg 2x5
Bringing these back in to strengthen the hams

Frame Carry
Worked up to 205kg 2 runs of 15m

Barrell loading (no run in)
80kg to 60 inch platform x4+1f at the lip of the platform
90kg to 60 inch platform x2
» 220x5 unequipped squat (Go to post)14-06-2012 @ 09:38 
Heavy weights lifted with great technique. That is how you squat. Well done.
» getting stronger (Go to post)12-06-2012 @ 19:10 
Good luck fella.
» Richards Training (Go to post)12-06-2012 @ 15:43 
Rodger said:Nice work mate

Cheers Rodge. Looking to break some log pbs soon.
» running/cardio and strongman (Go to post)12-06-2012 @ 12:21 
Didnt James Cracknell do the marathon des sables? Think it was on telly. It looked incredibly hard. The prep for something like this must be very hard on the body so i would imagine some strength will be lost and it would be difficult to combine both. But i might be wrong. Balls of steel for taking on something like this. Good luck.
» Richards Training (Go to post)12-06-2012 @ 12:13 
Post Edited: 12.06.2012 @ 12:14 PM by richardduce
12.06.12 Junction Gym Training

Rower warm up

Back Squat
BW 2x10
60kg 2x5
80kg x5
100kg x5
120kg x5
140kg x5

Log Push Jerks (1st rep cleaned)
Oly bar warm ups
45kg x5
55kg x5
65kg x5
75kg x3
85kg x5
More in the tank

53kg SS DB

1st set all ftoh x4
1L 1R 1L 1R

2nd set 1st rep cleaned
2R 2L

GHR 3 sets working on getting the position correct

Not feeling mega strong but got something done
» Richards Training (Go to post)09-06-2012 @ 10:47 
Gra_Bul said:eh up Rich!! Very early session is that lol ive only just out of bed lol

i'll be trying to get down on Wednesday night this week if your around?

Aup gra. The poop numbers probably reflect the early sesh ha ha. Been a bit creaky post comp but i will get back next week. Unable to do Weds night mate. The wife is on nights. Will look to have a train with you soon though mate.
» Richards Training (Go to post)09-06-2012 @ 10:30 
09.06.12 Wakefield WL club

Strict Press (1st rep power cleaned)
Bar xplenty
40kg x5
50kg x5
60kg x5
70kg x5
80kg xf Confused Cleaned very easy but failed press

Strict Press out of racks
70kg x5
Want to get back up to repping 80kg again

Bent rows
60kg 3x8
70kg 1x6

Start afresh on tuesday

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