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» Knees - the shittest joint in the body (Go to post)02-08-2015 @ 00:19 
Well funky monkey I had a massive revaluation last night!!!
The tests the physio conducted I think would have been as she said 99.5% accurate and there was no notable pain - the movements she did I can well see would antagonise the meniscus and throw up all the symptoms due to like the geometry of the tests but ...
Last night I took a famous muscle and mind relaxant that I won't bother mentioning on here but I'm sure you can imagine what it is then I felt my glutes went into a totally different state of relaxation IN AN INSTANT that I've never felt before and all the pain and stiffness went as soon as it relaxed. I could also feel that the way the arches in my feet have collapsed and are pronating inwards that's the root cause of the problem as the muscles readjust to compensate for the collapse.
The locking sensation I thought was happening in my knees all along is just infact that the muscle on the side that has the dodgy knee is so tight and irritated that it keeps spasming and pulling the ITB so tight that it won't allow the knee to straighten properly.
... It's really strange because the muscle never felt like it was constantly in spasm - you couldn't notice it was remarkably different to the other side it just felt normal (tight). So I need to look into why it is that the incident where I got out of the car caused it at that moment to remain permanently in spasm and try rehabilitate it but ... I'm happy - no need for another op
» Knees - the shittest joint in the body (Go to post)28-07-2015 @ 21:19 
Funky_monkey said:
Wrightington or Whittington? If it's the latter, let me know as I know a surgeon there who can sort you out.
Mine was during a comp, left knee buckled and didn't feel it go. That explains the tear on the right hand side. Too many squats over the years just wore them both out though.

Could that be john hodkinson?? If so I had him last time! Yes its wrightington at Wigan there buddy. Can you still squat without your meniscii??
» Knees - the shittest joint in the body (Go to post)15-07-2015 @ 13:45 
I am based up in lancaster mate so will get a referral to wrightington if it is gone again. I am going to the doctors on Friday and gonna push push push for a scan then at least I know for definite. IT did get pretty much completely better but I dunno it seems to be better this week after I spent some time stretching my hamstrings out over the weekend ... Still no point in taking chances though as like I said it was a one off incident that caused it to be like that.
It was just so insignificant though like the force that caused the bending was very very small ... What caused yours?
» bike ride through Chernobyl (Go to post)12-07-2015 @ 23:43 
Have they come on a summer exchange ? Yeah the mood is somewhat different out there when I was there!!! I thought about hauling an aid mission out there as they ask for drivers to do it voluntary but they never got back in touch!!!!
» bike ride through Chernobyl (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 23:41 
Yeah well we'll see what happens!! I certainly don't tend to live my life as a couldhavebeen so watch this space!! Huge kudos and respect to you thouhg dude - it's a valiant move that
» bike ride through Chernobyl (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 22:16 
Swell - I'm learning russian at the moment and I do wanna do it. Ultimately how did you end up moving out there?? Work? Money? Travel and didn't return?
I qualified as an industrial radiographer last summertime and doing some more short courses this year hopefully and Ive looked for work out there but the Russians whilst crazy are not stupid. Infact I think it's a fair comment that a lot of the finest minds in the world have come from there so my qualifications I'm sure are already met by the domestic market so I'm guessing the only way out there is to do TEFL and go teaching English?
» bike ride through Chernobyl (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 21:43 
Well enjoy it mate!! I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous.
» bike ride through Chernobyl (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 21:41 
But is it a pleasant reality?? I struggle to weigh the place up but from what I understand, if your unhinged, you will have an amazing time there and find the Russians are infact crazy and awesome
» bike ride through Chernobyl (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 21:32 
Lol I'll know who to contact when a business deal goes sour then Wink you british by birth then? I have a friend who did his TEFL and went out there teaching and he said despite the hype, it is actually really nice and the Russians have been nice and accomodating for him
» bike ride through Chernobyl (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 21:25 
Post Edited: 11.07.2015 @ 21:26 PM by minotaurJoe
In moscow?!!! That's cool!! What you doing out there???
I fancy spending some time working out there now I have come out alive I feel more comfortable

Think I'd prob go further north though maybe Murmansk
» bike ride through Chernobyl (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 21:18 
Post Edited: 11.07.2015 @ 21:21 PM by minotaurJoe
Oh yeah the police and border officials are bent as he'll and I was blatantly obviously a foreigner as I was driving on the wrong side of the car and the only one in the car ... The conditions of the actual road itself change VERY quickly. At one point I drove over a bridge over a ravine some 60ft deep I'm guessing and the only thing on the side was a few bouldery things 5ft apart no lie!!
» bike ride through Chernobyl (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 21:17 
Why what was the other context it was used in?

Basically you must Have seen the dash cam videos of the horrific accidents, I didnt know anyone else who had driven out there except one old truck driver so he was my ONLY reference point on what the driving is like out there and he basically said I should get tooled up cos there's mafia raqueteering out there, car theft is very high, I didnt have any insurance whatsoever that covered me out there, I couldntat the time speak any russian but the straw that broke the camels back for me was I was speaking to a Bulgarian who lived in Moscow and he said I need to check the VIN number for my car VERY carefully to the importation documents for me car and if anything was wrong they would seize it and never give me it back ... I bought it literally 4 months before!!
» bike ride through Chernobyl (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 21:11

Hopefully you guys can open the link ok - and yes - that is the olympic gym's very own hoodies!!!!!
» bike ride through Chernobyl (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 21:03 
leeboy said:found this interesting dont know if anyone else is bothered some great pics in there and the story is quite good

Leeboy theres a story behind you posting this up.
When you posted this, I was bedridden with an injury sustained during a competition for 3 weeks.
I was constantly liaising with people on here about my progress when one day I saw this crop up in the corner of the Page.
As nuclear physics is something I've spent some time studying and indeed my next career move is hopefully using radioactive substances so it was fascinating to read this post at the time and you inspired me to spend literally days studying the disaster as I quickly became obsessed with it.

In 2013 I got invited to a wedding in the Far East of poland near the Belarus and Ukraine borders and initially i thought Id drive as really I should go to auschwitz as I was mature enough to have an appreciation for it but then I remembered this case fondly so set about researching my own trip there.
It would have added an additional 600 miles onto the journey from my most easterly point already so I thought 'What the hell - it's like an extra 80 to do the trip in this country plus the adventure if driving behind the iron curtain' so I set the ball in motion and contacted a Company that organises visits to the site.
And off I went. I got to kiev in a couple of days and parked my car up safely and the tour set off from the train station the day after for a 2 day tour.
The first day we went round then toWn of Pripyat and the second day we went around the power plant and went right up to the sarcophagus.
After this I drove up to moscow in russia where I left with my tail between my legs then back into latvia to head down for the weddings.

I know we don't know each other but I'd like to pass on my sincere gratitude for bringing this to my attention - the trip was in some ways life changing as I don't take anywhere near as much for granted as I used to.
Thank you
» Knees - the shittest joint in the body (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 19:41 
Evening gentleman!! It's been a long time (2 years) and I'm returning to the fold like the prodigal son as I've been Pursuing other ventures but although I've not competed since I last got injured I've been taking training very seriously.

I have a gut feeling my meniscus has become torn again as:
There was no issues prior to a single incident in which my knee encountered a slight twist under body weight only
I'm having some problems straightening it then it clicks and I get full ROM back
I've lost confidence on it

But on the flip side:
No swelling
Arse is very tight on that side
It's fine whilst training legs it's just a couple of days later it hurts
I didn't feel any tearing in the incident which caused it all.

So my question is:
If you've had operations to trim the meniscus before, does it make the joint weaker and more prone to it again??


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