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» There's nothing like a Snatch... (Go to post)01-11-2007 @ 09:03 
Originally posted by Joni...
you should be ok with your conjugated periodization though, just be mindful of the nitrogen balance!

f**k... i hadn't really thought about that.... i may just top myself insteadGrin
» There's nothing like a Snatch... (Go to post)31-10-2007 @ 23:09 
Wednesday 31/10/07

Halloween so i'm on a tight schedule as the Wigan kids want to go trick or treating!!!

Jerk from Racks
First time on these for some time, but they are just what i need
60 x3
70 x3
100 x3
100 x3
120 x3
130 x3
130 x3
130 x3
All not too bad, enjoyed them and they will improve

Clean Pull
100 x3
140 x3
160 x3
170 x3
190 x3
210 x3
210 x3
210 x3

And that's all i have time for tonight!!!

I think i needs to de-load, i'm getting DOMS, my protien intake is up the s**tter, my carbs have gone uncalculated for days, and i haven't read a Russian routine for weeks, i'm going for a lie down...
» There's nothing like a Snatch... (Go to post)31-10-2007 @ 23:05 
Originally posted by little_a...
Dont listen Jeff. Tell them to stick teir gand up their own arses. My mate asked Joe for a bit of equipped squatting advice last night and spent most of last night in casually, getting treatment for his scars

My log has become the site for Cone-porn, where's Ste Turner when you need him!!!
» There's nothing like a Snatch... (Go to post)31-10-2007 @ 23:04 
Pete, you can stick your suity squats up your arse, no offence. I will fight to the death for your right to do them but just as i'd fight for the right for grown men to bend over each other, but i'm unlikely ever to partake in either!!!
» G.F.H. - Vegan Style (Go to post)31-10-2007 @ 23:01 
Pass on my best regards to Gustav please Joni, he is welcome down Adlington way anytime!!!! You could see he was listening to Alan, the improvements were plain to see, good man!!
» DELOAD WTF? (Go to post)31-10-2007 @ 22:58 
For f**k's sake you are a verbose bunch of bas***ds (in the nicest possible way), what you are all basically saying (in 100 words or more) is that most people benefit from backing off for a week now and again, whether it is less weight or less volume.
» SB meet & challenge, 13th of October (Go to post)30-10-2007 @ 20:31 
Post Edited: 30.10.2007 @ 20:35 PM
Long awaited videos of the Adlington boys part of the meet on the 13th:

» There's nothing like a Snatch... (Go to post)29-10-2007 @ 21:01 
Originally posted by HVince...
Strong fronties. You have inspired me to max out on them at the christmas meetHappy

Cheers mate, they do need some work though

Good man for choosing them for the Christmas meet!!!
» Guinness, murder and prostitutes (Go to post)29-10-2007 @ 20:14 
Seems like your training is back on track Mish, good to see. Well done on the PRs in the last comp!!!! Learn to get your fkin arse down and like LittleA says theres another 15k per lift there for the taking!!!
» There's nothing like a Snatch... (Go to post)29-10-2007 @ 20:02 
Monday 29/10/07

Not much structure to my training at the minute, but a few e-mails exchanged with LittleA today and a plan is starting to form. Just a bit of messing about again tonight, then start with a bit more structure!!!

Power Snatch
50 x3 x3
70 x3
80 x3
90 x2 complete ki-bosh made of these
90 x2 +F all over the place, pretty pathetic
Power Snatch from hang
70 x3
80 x3
90 x3 much better than from the floor which shouldn't be the case, mild bollocking received from Alan

Front Squat
70 x3 x3 much pain in the wrist, it really f**king hurts you know
115 x3 wrist still hurting, bare with it and hope it goes away
135 x3 wrist a bit better
145 x3
155 x3 wrist ok
Leave it at that, bit more next time

Press Behind Neck
70 x3 x3
80 x3 x3
85 x3 x3

No time for any gay stuff. Brief bollox talking with LittleA and off homeski...

Note:There appears to be an elitest group of squat-monkeys grouping for a Monday Suited Squat Club, as i was not invited to be part of this club (as i do not wear a silly suit to squat) i shall look upon this group with some disdain and write quite nasty things about them, some of which may be true!!!! I shall update you on their tom-foolery next Monday, the silly people!!!!
» No longer fat but still a gay, Scottish all round cunt (Go to post)29-10-2007 @ 19:50 
He's a big f**ker Tone, but i reckon you could have him in a fight!!!!

Sorry to hear about the shoulder, just train around it as much as you can mate. As long as you're training hard on whatever you can manage you'll not come to any harm

You had any medical advice? Physio's are f**king expensive so might not be an option, but a prescription of strong anti-inflammatories from your GP would be 6-50 well spent. I've been having them on and off to cope with my shoulder problems and they've made a big difference, just an idea
» G.F.H. - Vegan Style (Go to post)29-10-2007 @ 19:43 
Nice lifting today Joni. Your jerks are ok, very strong with a positive lockout, stick at it and you'll end up with a good jerk
» Kylie v's Dannii ??? (Go to post)28-10-2007 @ 17:48 
I've decided..... Kylie!!!
» Kylie v's Dannii ??? (Go to post)27-10-2007 @ 15:20 
Originally posted by little_a...
Originally posted by IainKendrick...
My Girlfriend is 4'11" Tongue

Has she ever made porn, and if so has Ste Turner got a copyWink

Yah, he did do but he swapped it
» Raw is War (Go to post)26-10-2007 @ 22:11 
I reckon that should say Squat new Suit mate not Bench, good squatting tonight, but if they were supposed to be benches they were s**t!!!

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