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» Rise of the Clam (Go to post)14-10-2007 @ 14:07 
f**k all that emotional guff, what we really want to know is was Shal Jodie Foster last night??? And did the lotion go in the f**kin basket?!?!?!?!?!?
» SB meet & challenge, 13th of October (Go to post)14-10-2007 @ 10:11 
Looks like some solid lifting by the Sugden boys, PB's all over the place. Apologies for not being able to hang around and see the lifting, but the 50th anniversary celebrations took over. Excellent day had by all, and something that we should already be thinking about doing again. Well done everyone, days like this is what this game is all about, respect to you all!!!!
» G.F.H. - Vegan Style (Go to post)14-10-2007 @ 09:58 
Nice lifting Joni, PBs a-plenty. Good on you for coming up with the idea for the day in the first place as well mate, it went down a storm!!!
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)14-10-2007 @ 09:50 
Excellent lifting Millsy. Very strong indeed. Impressive powercleans in particular, and if that was the first time snatching then hats off to you mate. Once again impressive stuff!!!!
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)11-10-2007 @ 21:30 
Power cleans weren't bad Millsy lad. Rob was about right in his comment, try to get set tighter before you start. Arse down a bit more, back flat and tight, shoulders over. A decent starting position will pay dividends for sure
» Anybody want an avatar? (Go to post)11-10-2007 @ 08:03 
Originally posted by Boar...

yea jefferson starship, journalise.

Cheers Mr Boar, Nice Snatch indeed LOL.

I shall now give serious consideration to giving my training log a new home
» Anybody want an avatar? (Go to post)10-10-2007 @ 20:38 
Go on Mr Boar create me a sexy avatar if you will, you know my youtube account there must be something you can use on there for sure
» Turner says... (Go to post)10-10-2007 @ 20:20 
To add to the legend of "Turner Says" here is one of the conversations i had with him tonight:

Ste: "Did you see them giants on telly last night? Them was big f**kers, Yah"
Me: "You got any Giant porn Ste?"
Ste: "Giant porn???? Nah... don't think so" (best bit was that he actually thought about it first)
Me: "What about Midget porn, Ste got any of that?"
Ste: "Yah, i used to have some but i swapped it. I'll look out for some giant porn..."

At this point Ste's rambling became undecipherable even to the experienced Turnermator ear, i made my excuses and left...

I am hoping that next time i see Ste, he will furtively pass me a mysterious package which shall contain Giant Porn!!!!
» 10 foot fish tank (Go to post)08-10-2007 @ 21:55 
Where's the piss-take? What's the punchline???
» Rise of the Clam (Go to post)08-10-2007 @ 21:47 
Post Edited: 08.10.2007 @ 21:51 PM
Saturday will be the day. Alan's done his bit, now it's down to you to prove it on the platform!! You will do it. The 170 tonight was probably the best lift i've seen you do, and i've seen you do a lot. Alan's standing ovation mid-lift and the 10 out 10 score says it all. You are ready!!!!

Vid of some of the lifts tonight, sadly the 170 is missing 'cos the f**kin battery went...

» SB meet & challenge, 13th of October (Go to post)07-10-2007 @ 19:14 
Nice demonstration of understatement from LittleA, as usual!!!!! Although as i was repsonsible for the purchase of the luminous lemon yellow muscle type vests, i must publicly hold myself partly responsible.

Joni - The lemon fresh boys always take these things seriously, roll on October 13!!!

Rick - Good man for not caving in to the taunts, if you don't want to, don't do it mate!!!!!

Boar - Boarcam will be aroused like never before, in the most lemony of ways!!!!!!!
» SB meet & challenge, 13th of October (Go to post)07-10-2007 @ 12:15 
Cheers Rob, i'd forgotten about the need for the change. Alan had suggested i snatch so the squat is dropped for the day, or maybe not depending on how things go!!!!
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)07-10-2007 @ 07:51 
Good vids Jonny, you've got some set up there at the dungeon mate.
» G.F.H. - Vegan Style (Go to post)02-10-2007 @ 20:29 
Nice snatching Joni, coming on well. I was impressed with you going back and getting the 80 after the fail, good stuff. The 3's with 60 were looking particularly good, a lot more fluent now, there is definite progress there.

Don't be shy with the camera mate, if you want something filming just whip it out and someone will do the honours. I suspect my camera will be making a return to Adders the next few weeks
» Oly weightlifting: race to 220kg total (Go to post)25-09-2007 @ 20:52 
Post Edited: 25.09.2007 @ 20:52 PM
Good thread and a splendid idea from Joni.

Beware you other fellas i think Joni may be pulling a bit of a hustle, i've seen his lemon fresh moves and they ain't half bad!!!!

95 snatch / 125 jerk would be the obvious make-up of a 220 total. Good luck!!!

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