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» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)23-09-2019 @ 15:34 
Fatpete said:
You're welcome. As the guy doing the work is a personal friend and lives seven doors down from me it makes perfect sense. No point adding extra links into a chain that is already long enough.
What does annoy me though is the way many things are now assumed to be my responsibility, some random walked in off the street and asked what the opening times were, and the long standing member who was asked, instead of telling him what he wanted to know, sent him over to see me !!
On another occasion a member came out of the toilet and told me it was blocked. He also seemed to think that the mere fact that I had been told would A) exonerate him from doing anything else about it and B) would somehow magically unblock it.
Both those assumptions are massively incorrect but they seem to be regarded as truths by more and more people. I don't know how to stop this, indeed I may not be able to, but I do seem to be rather being punished for simply being there quite a lot.
I also am acutely aware that there are others who do an immense amount to keep the club running and in no way want to imply that I do more. I realize it is a team effort but let's just say some are more team players than others. There are tasks I perform that I am more than happy to do, but it is the stuff in the second and third paragraphs, the ad-hoc stuff that crops up that really rankle.
Anyway rant over, I feel better already, thank you for your attention.

Happy Happy Happy Happy

I, for one, appreciate everything you do for the club Pete, and if i am ever guilty of taking you for granted please let me know. If you weren't around then i suspect the club would likely fold, or at least go into a steep decline, in a very short space of time.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people that fail to step up and get involved in looking after the place, and are more than happy to point the finger elsewhere.
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)26-06-2019 @ 10:42 
Post Edited: 26.06.2019 @ 10:44 AM by Wigan
Fatpete said:
Cheers Jeff, I appreciate that, to be honest I always think that my coaching achievements can't hold a light to yours. I have thought about that again and I still agree with it.
Did you know that you are the person who I have probably learnt most off on the coaching front ? I experienced Alan, but you I have watched, studied almost. You are an impressive and talented man Mr. Wigan and I don't care who knows it.

Wow, thanks Pete and Rick, that is an incredibly nice thing to say, I am genuinely touched.
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)25-06-2019 @ 10:37 
Post Edited: 25.06.2019 @ 10:39 AM by Wigan
Fatpete said:Monday, 24th June, start 16:15

Dave C did his last serious squat session before his comp and ju jitsu guy did a very fine 200 kg deadlift pb, and then an equally fine 207.5 a few minutes later. I might just take a little of the credit for that. Happy days at the gym then

You certainly should take some credit Pete! There is solid progress across the board for the Adlington guys at the moment, and I am confident in saying both you and I play an integral part in that!! Well done that man!!
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)20-03-2019 @ 18:30 
little_a said:
Ha! Jeff's had a fruitless endeavor, and I get to laugh at it.
#payback #1987 #waited32yearsforthat Grin Grin Grin

Haha, I only said possibly fruitless, and in fact it proved fruitful, sorry!!

#keeponwaiting #maybenexttime
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)19-03-2019 @ 13:47 
Post Edited: 19.03.2019 @ 13:47 PM by Wigan
Fatpete said:Monday, 18th March, start 16:10

There were just the three of us tonight, Haydn for the weightlifters, myself for the powerlifters and ju-jitsu guy for the rest.

I had a poorly child that kept me away.

Mack was feeling a bit rundown and was also victim of a flat tyre so decided to rest.

I will also be missing on Wednesday as am in Newcastle interviewing prospective promotees (which i suspect will be painful and quite possibly fruitless)

Back in on Friday!!
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)29-11-2018 @ 11:01 
Pete, i wasnt there when the doors open and heaters on incident occurred (which does seem rather an odd thing to do), but in defence of the hen's fart, there are times (and last night was one of them) where it was actually warmer outside than in the club when i was leaving for home..

I would not, however, ever defend the heaters on windows open approach!!!
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)22-11-2018 @ 11:40 
I didn't realise you did quite so many sets of 10 Pete, that is an impressive amount of work!!! Your legs will indeed be aching no doubt. I finished off with just one set of 10 and my legs are feeling tender today, so lord help you!!

Pegging? Mack didn't seemed convinced! Even less so with the old trombone! Happy
» The Assassin (Go to post)13-11-2018 @ 17:35 
Rick said:FitNotes Workout - Monday 12th November 2018

Normally there's plenty of weightlifters around later, but many of them had a comp Saturday, so I guess they either skipped or finished early. Hey ho.

There were weightlifters-a-plenty early on but all done and dusted and out of the door by 18:15, we must have just missed you
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)27-09-2018 @ 12:58 
Rick said:
There's only one Jim Grant, unfortunately, because there's not much I like more than a quiet afternoon and a new Reacher.

I've read a few Reacher books, but found them a little predictable. I prefer the old Tom Clancy novels, Jack Ryan, and John Clarke in the likes of Cardinal of the Kremlin, Clear and Present Danger, Rainbow Six, Sum of all Fears, all great reads!
» The Assassin (Go to post)24-09-2018 @ 12:15 
A Sunday evening solo session is impressive Rick!!!
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)22-09-2018 @ 21:34 
Thanks for the help with the jerk blocks Pete, it was much appreciated.

Breakfast was most enjoyable, due to the food and the company in equal amounts!!!
» The Assassin (Go to post)14-09-2018 @ 12:00 
Good work Rick, it's good to see you enjoying it, and getting down regularly (even on non-standard days/times!)

» Your favourite Netflix series? (Go to post)05-09-2018 @ 12:42 
Santa Clarita Diet is fun

Dark is ok

Narcos is excellent, as is Better Call Saul

El Chapo is good (although not as good as Narcos)

Peaky Blinders is excellent, although not sure how many seasons are available on Netflix

Ghost Wars is a bit naff

Ozark is supposed to be good

Rain is average

Orphan Black is ok
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)30-08-2018 @ 22:27 
Sparrow said:Bit late, but cheers Olly! 😂

Time to get this thing going again and get some focus back with my training.

Wednesday 29th August

First time training at Adlington in a good few years - the place looks great now with some serious lifting going on. Was good to catch up with some old faces.

Front squat
60kg x 5,5,5
80kg x 5,5,5,5,5

Power clean + jerk
60 x 2+2, 2+2
70kg x 2+2
80kg x 2+2

Strict press
60 x 5
70 x 5,5,5

70 x 5,5,5,5,10

Glad to be back!

Was good to see you back at Adlington!!
» Sugden BB 12yo (Go to post)27-08-2018 @ 21:50 
Happy Birthday Sugden!

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