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» Ermm here goes (Go to post)07-09-2021 @ 20:46 
Great interview with Loz
» Europe’s Strongest (Go to post)05-09-2021 @ 21:24 
Pretty impressive that Hixxy still has a job (seems pretty rare at top level these days), competed last week in America, and still managed 3rd place. Also, he strict pressed the 195 log.
» Europe’s Strongest (Go to post)05-09-2021 @ 12:45 
luki said:Congrats to Hicks on third. Pretty impressive placing third after all the successive competitions.

Bish out for Glasgow, Wus and Shaw according to insta and Loz pre show.

Nice to see Pa coming 5th. He'd a pretty good time on the stones and Shield.

Was it the usual Giants log? Odd so many failed. Matt Rhodes sport saying it was off balance.

What happened Bilton on Car Yoke?

Gavin blacked out
» ESM 2020 (Go to post)04-09-2021 @ 21:52 
jt said:
Come on Pete, late with the (update) posts!!!!!


See other post
» Europe’s Strongest (Go to post)04-09-2021 @ 21:51 
I think 7 people failed the 180 log!
» Europe’s Strongest (Go to post)04-09-2021 @ 21:50 
PeterDeLaMare said:The Kaz and Pa sketch is hilarious 😂

Best bit of the comp! lol
» Europe’s Strongest (Go to post)04-09-2021 @ 21:28 
Final results
Hixxy!!!! Ducking awesome
Bish out early on

Gav out later
» ESM 2020 (Go to post)03-09-2021 @ 18:30 
Just seen stoltman vid.
Tom is out
» ESM 2020 (Go to post)03-09-2021 @ 16:43 
luki said:MvM (as ref) and Tom S are rumoured to be out with Rona. Martins also said he has it. Fingers crossed they all get well.

Not seen anything else about this yet.
Where did the rumour come from?
» ESM 2020 (Go to post)02-09-2021 @ 21:31 
luki said:
What's the Arnold events?

Axle deadlift
Frame carry
DB for reps
» ESM 2020 (Go to post)02-09-2021 @ 19:14 
luki said:MvM (as ref) and Tom S are rumoured to be out with Rona. Martins also said he has it. Fingers crossed they all get well.

Oh f**k
» ESM 2020 (Go to post)01-09-2021 @ 16:05 
Post Edited: 01.09.2021 @ 16:06 PM by PeteHodgson
jt said:So who's in?

Is Luke back for a title defence?

I think Luke is injured

Tom S
Luke S
Gav Bilton
Pa odwyer
Lalas. Just been added
» ESM 2020 (Go to post)31-08-2021 @ 20:18 
I said:September 4th
Who’s going?

Jonny Hanson now competing.
Sweden’s strongest man.
Not sure if he’s an addition or a replacement.
» Shaw Classic Thread Anyone? (Go to post)30-08-2021 @ 20:51 
hixxy1985 said:
I will be there buddy x

I’ll be shouting for ya!
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)30-08-2021 @ 10:50 
unit94 said:Will catch up with the rest of the sessions but won Englands yesterday with a decent performance, will do a write up this week

Well done Paul. I caught a bit of the comp on FB. Looked good

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