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» Robocop's uks updates (Go to post)26-08-2010 @ 20:15 
great lift for Ken and awsome to see rob performing how I know he can. great updates Andy :-)
» Robocop's uks updates (Go to post)26-08-2010 @ 19:50 
awsome by Rob and Dave. Keep it up guys
» UK Strongest man (Go to post)25-08-2010 @ 13:59 
Good luck guys. Hope you all perform well.

» WSM prediction thread (Go to post)21-08-2010 @ 21:58 
Tony said:
I'd put my mortgage on you doing it as well, if I had one!

Thanks Tony. Happy need to focus on WSM first though. Maybe I can get an invite to Andy Boltons Deadlift comp next year (hope Andys reading lol) Wink
» WSM prediction thread (Go to post)21-08-2010 @ 21:32 
richards9876 said:
Makes sense. Never thought of the grip issue.

what will people lift with straps? Who knows. I can see 500kg being done one day. Who knows what kind of suits will be around in 50years time.

I Will say this. If you can do 900lbs in a powerlifting Comp without a suit, then even now, you are in a very small club. This is my next Deadlift goal.
» big loz's 410kg deadlift (Go to post)20-08-2010 @ 09:59 
Col_Austin said:
Didn't the commentator keep calling you Laurence Shillelagh, as in one of these?

my name is Laurence Shillelagh and I love to fight ;-) lol
» big loz's 410kg deadlift (Go to post)19-08-2010 @ 22:53 
MrSmall said:Stop stirring!

Do you think it is less beneficial to hitch a lift in training rather than finishing it clean?

GREAT lift.

right now my focus is wsm so im not 2 worried about the hitch. My pb dead in powerlifting is 382.5, no hitch no suit no straps and i wouldnt ever say im a 900lbs deadlifter in powerlifting (just yet, I will be)

I think hitching is bad but somtimes it happens. in wsm if i make the final the deadlift is for max reps. Im sure most of the guys will be hitching to get as many reps as poss. I know alot of people that cant hitch and it costs them reps ond points in a strongman contest.

I just think its important to train for the sport your in. I have done much worse hitching than this ( and im not proud of those lifts) but this wasnt 2 bad for 900lbs without a suit.

saying that its the only hitch i have done training for wsm.

If i was doing a powerlifting contest it would be pointless to hitch as the lift would red light.

thanks for your comment though and i know you wernt having a dig.

» big loz's 410kg deadlift (Go to post)19-08-2010 @ 22:31 
Thank you guys. Happy
» WSM prediction thread (Go to post)19-08-2010 @ 17:37 
nick said:just noticed the icelands strongest man didnt get invited (Haf■ˇr J˙lÝus Bj÷rnsson) is there a reason for this? thought the winner of that comp got an invite

think they had a few Icelands strongest man comps this year. Stefan Solvi won the main one.
» WSM prediction thread (Go to post)18-08-2010 @ 20:27 
James said:terry - have you seen much of sadler this year? how do you rate his chances?

Sadler is in great form and has a chance but he needs a big performance on the truck pull.
» WSM prediction thread (Go to post)18-08-2010 @ 20:26 
my picks would be

Group 1


Group 2

Group 3

tough to pick but lets go for

but would love sadler to make it

Group 4 ( this is my 3rd time at wsm and 3 times i have been group 4 lol)


Group 5

Johannes (JOJO) Arsjo

its another very close group though

» WSM lineup announced! (Go to post)18-08-2010 @ 18:04 
JC said:
Nick Best....pah!
Loz eats yanks for breakfast!


I couldnt ask for better events, I Have some strong guys in my heat but I don t have a weak event. I Can squat well, move well im good at deadlift hold and im stronger and in better condition than i have ever been in. Now i have to live up and perform. people will think Im mad but i belive I have a chance of toping the group with those events. Im not saying i think im better than Z but with these events i have a chance in the group. but as we all know talk means f**k all. Gota get the job done!!!

If terry is in top shape he will be in the final and i also think mark will make the final with those events. Shame darren didnt get the africa stone instead of truck pull. still has a chance though.
» WSM lineup announced! (Go to post)17-08-2010 @ 20:58 
Tony said:
Off topic but my niece once got a blue M+M stuck up her nose.
It was f**king hilarious.

I would like to know my events and group now lol. Fed up of reading and hearing rumours. So though I would just think about funny things from the simpsons lol.
» WSM lineup announced! (Go to post)17-08-2010 @ 20:32 
green m&m, blue m&m. they all end up the same colour.
» Training Styles (Go to post)16-08-2010 @ 18:50 
so many ways to train buddy. I dont touch events in the off season. Its not like im guna forget how to do the farmers walk is it. You still need to get alot stronger to be a good heavyweight so focus on basics. Its great that you are looking for new ways to improve but somtimes it might be that your training is great but you just need more time. I dont care who you are you dont become the strongets man in the world over night.

The biggest thing i see with alot of people that want to do strongman is that they train like a powerlifter or a bodybuilder. having cycles of both is great but in the end strongman is a sport and to get better at it you need to work on many areas.

your young and you have got better each year so in my book as long as the improvements continue you must be doing somthing right.



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