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» Giant's Live Turkey (Go to post)19-10-2010 @ 20:40 
I was head to head with Z and he beat me at the farmers at wsm so i was motervated.

the deadlift was side handles.
» Giant's Live Turkey (Go to post)19-10-2010 @ 12:35 
Smalls, It is a qualifier for WSM 2011. top 3 are all in for next year. Dam my no rep on the log lol.

Yes Ken, same guy.
» Giant's Live Turkey (Go to post)19-10-2010 @ 11:34 
Thanks guys. Was nice to get back into performing how I can and enjoying it again.

events were

Axle for max (Z first with 215kg,)
150 farmers 40 metres plus load a 130 barrel 20 metres (me first in 28secs)
horrible stone carry 200kg (Brian Shaw won with 48 metres)
car dead for reps Z and shaw = 1st with 20reps (felix did 19 for 3rd I was 4th with 16)
150kg log for reps. Realy crap log on a slant, I just couldnt balance and lost power from the axle and dead. Z won with 6reps.
last event was stones 120 -180. Brian won

1st was Z
2nd Brian Shaw
3rd stefan
4th Loz
5th Paul from Romania (it was his equipmentwhich does help but the kid is a freak. 19 years old.)
6th Mark Felix
7th Ilin
8th Katona
9th Stoyan
10th Skog

my goal was always to enjoy this and break the british Axle recored. I only needed 1 rep on the log and would have been top 3 so that was a shame but I know 99times out of 100 i can do a 150 log easy so im not guna worry about that. lots of work on stones for next year.

Thanks guys

» 155kg/ 340lb Axle Press (Go to post)29-09-2010 @ 21:00 
nice lift ken. getting better all the time
» barbell complexes anyone? (Go to post)29-09-2010 @ 20:21 
I use them. Also to mix it up I do dumbbell and kettle bell complex.

» That fit one off x factor goes topless (Go to post)28-09-2010 @ 16:51 
ffs guys!!!! my f**king eyes.
» Haefland - Sport international strongman cup 2010 (Go to post)28-09-2010 @ 09:27 
great job by Tony

» Mikhail Koklyaev Returning to Weightlifting (Go to post)23-09-2010 @ 09:13 
He wont be lifting for Russia. But I hope he makes it. Hes a great guy. Took me aside after I missed out on the final and gave me some very kind words.
» WSM 15th-22nd of September (Go to post)22-09-2010 @ 15:32 
Congratulations to Z. hes awsome. So wish I was in that final but the guys that beat me did well. Awsome performance by Stefan. 4th at wsm (I dont think anyone had him that high). Travis 5th for the 3rd time. Terry 8th when he still shouldnt be training.
» WSM 15th-22nd of September (Go to post)20-09-2010 @ 18:21 
Thanks guys. The final Starts tomorrow. 3 events each day. my pic for top 3 is Shaw, Z, Tel.
» WSM 15th-22nd of September (Go to post)19-09-2010 @ 07:18 
I feel like I let everyone down but i kept trying. I just wasnt good enough on this day and Nick was the better man. Im really pissed off with myself but its over now.

lets all get behind Terry.

He's more than capable of top 3. Do it buddy!!!! you know you can. just give everything now.
» Elite Strongmans Englands Strongest Man Final (Go to post)10-09-2010 @ 12:47 
Good luck JC and the rest of the guys. who ever wins enjoy it for the year cus i want it back next year ;-)

» Andy Cairney, On The Road To Recovery (Go to post)04-09-2010 @ 08:26 
Great to see him on the mend.

keep up the good work

» UK's Strongest Man 2010 Write Up (Go to post)29-08-2010 @ 19:58 
well done mate. looks like you did great. hope the hammy is ok.
» Robocop's uks updates (Go to post)28-08-2010 @ 21:50 
Congrats to glen for winning and well done to rob and garry for 2nd and 3rd.

Looks like its been a tough few days for the boys. Shame the deadlift was a bit light. 30 reps is gay.

Its a shame this comp is so close to WSM. im sure a few more guys would do it if it wasnt so close. I know I would.

Look forward to watching this later in the year.


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