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» Warming up and Hello (Go to post)13-10-2019 @ 12:45 
Iím not resistant to new ideas, far from it. If I thought there would be an advantage to a protracted warm up in terms of improved performance or injury reduction then I could be persuaded. Iíll stick with my existing protocol for now. Mind you the old knees do give me some gip-though thats more likely to be age related.Confused
» Warming up and Hello (Go to post)11-10-2019 @ 12:58 
Iím a long time lurker on here having previously been a member around 12 years ago but forgot my log in details. Iíve drifted in and out of training since those days but as a 53 year old Iíve made a determined effort to stick with a programme this year. Having trained alone at home Im now adapting to training in a gym again.
And so to my question. There are some serious, strong guys and girls amongst the members but Iíve been amazed at just how much warming up some do before even picking up a bar. It seems as though a variety of bands, rollers and sticks need to be employed in various ways before even the empty bar is lifted. Iíve always approached each exercise with a few sets of 5 with the empty bar before adding plates to reach my working sets.
Am I missing out, what do you guys do as preparation?
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