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» Sam Martin (Go to post)12-09-2019 @ 10:56 
Getting strong as hell dude!

On another note, are you still in touch with ‘Traps’? (Went to Exeter Uni with him several years ago). Seem to remember you guys were mates?
» Happy birthday sugden (Go to post)27-08-2019 @ 22:44 
Happy Birthday.

I have no idea what # I am. I am not intelligent enough to figure that out.
» Short. Fat. Has Been. Under 80kg. (Go to post)13-08-2019 @ 22:07 
Garage session.

After a 5hr driving day. Felt FAN. TASTIC.

TBar Row
5x5- 65kg

3x10- BW

Rear Delt Flye SS/ Pulldown


Hammer curl
17.5kg- 3x12

Incline DB Curl
10kg- 2x10
» Short. Fat. Has Been. Under 80kg. (Go to post)12-08-2019 @ 22:31 
Working down in the Cotswolds today and tomorrow. Ventured to a clients incredible private gym- Combined Strength Lab. very cool place. Lots of toys.

Cambered Bar Bench

Up to 105kg x5

Earthquake Bar OH (loading with bands & KBs)

50kg- 5x8 (2s holds at the top each rep)

DB Lateral superset/ DB Flye superset/ DB PJR Pullover


Short, sweet and very fun.

Pull tomorrow back at hone in the evening. Plan= Push/Pull/Legs (6x per week) + one full body recovery session. Also, daily ‘moving with intent’ as I’ve been a lazy f**k recently.
» Short. Fat. Has Been. Under 80kg. (Go to post)07-08-2019 @ 16:10 
JackRevans said:I just read the first post. You talk a lot of s**t about how you're weak and havnt trained for years and then you're strict pressing 95kg and deadlifting 220 x 5!!

The first part of your post was accurate Grin.

To be fair I did used to be decently strong (280kg Deadlift, 105/107.5kg strict... @80kg). Now though, and empty bar might kill me. We will see.
» Short. Fat. Has Been. Under 80kg. (Go to post)06-08-2019 @ 22:49 
Going to start logging again.

Reason: I’m fat. Weak. And.... unmotivated.

Very busy with work currently (for the last 2 years) and haven’t been able to properly stick to anything.

Used to be decently strong (see start of journal).

Now, I just need this to regain some fitness in all honesty.

Plan; Minimum 2x per week. Full
» The Epic of Gilgamesh (Go to post)14-07-2019 @ 00:14 
Non. Stop. Consistency!

I mike it Will!

Hope you’re well mate.
» Texas Power Bar for sale (Go to post)12-07-2019 @ 09:43 
Post Edited: 12.07.2019 @ 09:43 AM by Paul_D

» JohnGym - Powerlifting (Go to post)12-07-2019 @ 09:41 
JohnGym said:How do I regain the desire to lift and improve that I had in 2012 then...

I think we’re the same person....?
» Britains Strongest Man (Go to post)19-01-2019 @ 17:31 
Where are the updates?


» The Epic of Gilgamesh (Go to post)19-01-2019 @ 16:00 
Strong stuff Will.

What’s a Yoke Press like? I’ve never tried it.
» Positive training log. (Go to post)18-01-2019 @ 20:15 
fatter_tomorrow said:
Thanks mate, I'm finding it interesting too. Tom Hibbert is coaching me now, mans a wizard!!

Awesome, thanks.

Just so happens that I watched an interview with Tom on it earlier! He’s certainly a smart chap.
» Positive training log. (Go to post)18-01-2019 @ 19:11 
Very enjoyable reading, interesting program indeed, cool to see.

Who is doing your programming currently mate?
» Short. Fat. Has Been. Under 80kg. (Go to post)18-01-2019 @ 17:13 

s**tsville conditioning session:

DW Fitness First

‘Cube’ Carry (This is basically a frame carry. But. It’s light.... and s**t).

100kg- 30m (Drop & Turn @15m)


Prowler Push

Prowler+ 70kg- 30m (Turn @15m)

I did this 5x.

Attempted to have fairly short rests. Wasn’t very successful and although it felt light I also flirted with death in several occasions. My conditioning knows no bounds.

Weighted Crunch

5x10 (+20kg)


Hanging Leg Raise


Assault Bike

10s Sprint
20s Rest

Followed by sliding off the bike backwards and smashing my balls. Winning.

What a crap session. But.... unfortunately I feel these sessions will be necessary 1x weekly.
» Short. Fat. Has Been. Under 80kg. (Go to post)17-01-2019 @ 21:44 
WILLSAN said:good to see you back posting mate! hopefully see you at the quals. the bnsf is building a good base and their u80s is certainly in better shape than what little exists of the untested scene.

Thank you Will.

Yes, certainly seems that way.

Looking forward to it. Hope you’re good man.

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