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» The Epic of Gilgamesh (Go to post)14-07-2019 @ 00:14 
Non. Stop. Consistency!

I mike it Will!

Hope youíre well mate.
» Texas Power Bar for sale (Go to post)12-07-2019 @ 09:43 
Post Edited: 12.07.2019 @ 09:43 AM by Paul_D

» JohnGym - Powerlifting (Go to post)12-07-2019 @ 09:41 
JohnGym said:How do I regain the desire to lift and improve that I had in 2012 then...

I think weíre the same person....?
» Britains Strongest Man (Go to post)19-01-2019 @ 17:31 
Where are the updates?


» The Epic of Gilgamesh (Go to post)19-01-2019 @ 16:00 
Strong stuff Will.

Whatís a Yoke Press like? Iíve never tried it.
» Positive training log. (Go to post)18-01-2019 @ 20:15 
fatter_tomorrow said:
Thanks mate, I'm finding it interesting too. Tom Hibbert is coaching me now, mans a wizard!!

Awesome, thanks.

Just so happens that I watched an interview with Tom on it earlier! Heís certainly a smart chap.
» Positive training log. (Go to post)18-01-2019 @ 19:11 
Very enjoyable reading, interesting program indeed, cool to see.

Who is doing your programming currently mate?
» Short. Fat. Has Been. Under 80kg. (Go to post)18-01-2019 @ 17:13 

s**tsville conditioning session:

DW Fitness First

ĎCubeí Carry (This is basically a frame carry. But. Itís light.... and s**t).

100kg- 30m (Drop & Turn @15m)


Prowler Push

Prowler+ 70kg- 30m (Turn @15m)

I did this 5x.

Attempted to have fairly short rests. Wasnít very successful and although it felt light I also flirted with death in several occasions. My conditioning knows no bounds.

Weighted Crunch

5x10 (+20kg)


Hanging Leg Raise


Assault Bike

10s Sprint
20s Rest

Followed by sliding off the bike backwards and smashing my balls. Winning.

What a crap session. But.... unfortunately I feel these sessions will be necessary 1x weekly.
» Short. Fat. Has Been. Under 80kg. (Go to post)17-01-2019 @ 21:44 
WILLSAN said:good to see you back posting mate! hopefully see you at the quals. the bnsf is building a good base and their u80s is certainly in better shape than what little exists of the untested scene.

Thank you Will.

Yes, certainly seems that way.

Looking forward to it. Hope youíre good man.
» Short. Fat. Has Been. Under 80kg. (Go to post)17-01-2019 @ 19:58 
Seems a decent journal title.

Iíve flirted with several journals here. Some lasting a fair while, others a week or so.

Reason for a Ďfreshí journal; A new chapter.

In all honesty I havenít seriously trained since I competed in Englandís Strongest Man u80kg 2015 (where I placed 2nd). Iíve had literally no desire to properly train. After the comp in 2015 I felt as though to get Ďbetterí Iíd need to hop on the special supplements. I had no desire to do that as Iíve never been that great, so potentially risking my health for effectively a glorified hobby seemed stupid (if you read this and take PEDs, no offence meant, each to their own).

So whatís changed?

Seemingly Natural strongman seems to be gaining some popularity. That never seemed to be the case in 2015 or prior to that. So, sort of lit the fire again. Intention is to compete in BNSF Southern Qual in April. Not a lot of time to get ready.... but Iím not expecting to qualify, more just enjoy the training again (and I need a goal, or I wonít bother to train.... effectively Iím a fat girl 6 weeks prior to Ibiza).

More importantly; Iím fat, weak and have no motivation to just Ďget in shapeí. When I competed I was in decent shape. Seems a good enough reason right? Also, Iím approaching 30 in a month or so, so realistically s**t will only go south unless I get moving again.

Also, I find it easier to keep track of weights Iíve lifted here. Apps for tracking are all a pain in the arse and carrying a little book around (that Iíll more often than not forget) is also a pain in the arse. Iím capable enough to remember all weights, sets and reps for 5-10mins after a session (enough time to put it here), so this will do.

If anyone wants to comment, thatís good. If not and you just lurk, thatís also cool.

Previous PBs- Seriosuly not important. 3 years ago I used to be decent at a couple of lifts, now Iím basically a chocolate fire guard. This journal is pretty much starting from scratch.

Enough of the backstory, on with the lifting (will put in what Iíve dine this week, lifted directly from Ďnotesí);


Bodyweight: An athletic (read: bag of jelly) 83.3kg

Strict Press

Warm up
70kg- 5
80kg- 1
85kg- 1
90kg- 1
70kg- 3x5
40kg- (banded/bamboo press)- 3x10

Close Grip Slingshot Bench (Paused)

Warm up
100kg- 3x8

T-Bar Row (Fat Gripz)

15kg- 8
30kg- 8
45kg- 8
60kg- 8
45kg- 8
30kg- 8
15kg- 8

Incline DB Press

22.5- 8
32.5- 8
37.5- 8
42.5- 8


40- 4x8

Arms (superset)- will change weekly (or missed off if knackered), no point tracking.



Warm up
170- 1
200- 1
220- 5
170- 5
170- 5
140- 10
100- 10


Random session in a DW gym. No point logging. Will not be common. Trained lower body Ďvolumeí (that would have followed on from Deadlifts the day prior but current conditioning meant I was shattered afterwards).


Push Press

Warm up
80- 1
90- 1
100- 1
110- 1
85- 10
85- 2x5

Strict Press
60- 2x8
40- 8

Chin up
BW- 3x8

Incline DB Press

DB Row

So thatís now Ďup to dateí since Iíve started training again.

Main lifts will not change for next ~8 weeks. Steady progression planned on Overhead and Deadlifts. Assistance work likely to change slightly week to week until Iím back in the groove and can see what needs to be done.

Conditioning session tomorrow. Events (Yoke Press, Frame Carry, Stones) on Sunday.
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)15-12-2018 @ 18:56 
430 Deadlift 3rd Attempt. No lift. Grip.

Ended on 1100 (440/250/410).
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)15-12-2018 @ 18:53 
410kg Deadlift 2nd Lift (3 whites).

Currently 1100kg total.
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)15-12-2018 @ 16:02 
Thor, 3rd Bench.

250kg (Good Lift, 3 Whites).

So, story so far;

440kg Squat
250kg Bench

(690kg Sub Total).

20/30kg left Ďin the tankí on the squat too it seems.
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)15-12-2018 @ 15:47 
Thor- Bench

1st Attempt- 235 (good lift, 3 whites).

2nd Attempt- 245 (good life, 3 whites).

Kirill has just gone 290kg 2nd Attempt. 3 whites.
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)15-12-2018 @ 15:47 
Thor- Bench

1st Attempt- 235 (good lift, 3 whites).

2nd Attempt- 245 (good life, 3 whites).

Kirill has just gone 290kg 2nd Attempt. 3 whites.

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