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» Recipe books (Go to post)05-01-2015 @ 20:32
» What do you buy a Mother for Xmas? (Go to post)21-12-2014 @ 16:10 
Me and my Bro are putting her and my dad a hamper together. My brothers half I've not seen yet and will be Newcastle/Northumberland based, mine is scottish/edinburgh

So far I've got

Fancy scottish cheeses
Oat cakes
Edinburgh gin
My lass has made tablet (like scottish fudge)
Tunocks tea cakes
Iron bru
Some oats

1. It's food
2. They're your mum and like to think of places that you live
3. They like any s**te you get them so don't worry
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)14-12-2014 @ 22:03 
Slow roast lamb, runner beans, lentils with smoky bacon root veg mustard vinegar and a host of other potions
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)07-12-2014 @ 07:48 
Teal to be blunt. Is just like a small duck

Woodcock was quite gamey too like pigeon

It's the sort if place where they were on the menu that night because someone locally had shot them
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)06-12-2014 @ 20:57 
Sounds fantastic rick

La enclume is heavily on my to do list

An old colleagues son works at the french

I went here last night

A great place. Won best pub a few times. Always great food and the only place that lives up to my high expectations on a Sunday lunch

In the order of me, my lass, my Bro, my mum then dad we had

Roast teal
Charcuterie board of ham terrine, pheasant liver parfait, rabbit sausage and celeriac coleslaw
Sea trout in a gravleax style
Veg soup
Dad had the same trout

Rib eye with bernaise
Roast partridge with bread sauce stuffing and roast veg
Casuloet or however it's spelt
Roast brill with buttered greens
Roast woodcock with lentil and bacon

All the guys had steamed lemon pudding
Sarah steamed marmalade pudding
Mum had a selection of ice cream

Teal was a first for me and woodcock a first for me and my dad
» original adipowers (Go to post)03-12-2014 @ 02:24 
so im thinking

or they have a 7 of the old style in amazon, so a whole size rather than a half smaller than normal (my ironwork 3s are 7.5 and a comfy fit, although they are roomer around the top of my foot/behind laces where theyve stretched a little)

has anyone any experiance of either, or ideally both and can tell me their thoughts
» original adipowers (Go to post)02-12-2014 @ 22:44

» original adipowers (Go to post)02-12-2014 @ 22:37 
hello all

yesterday i squatted 180 for the first time, this long time goal has always had the reward of getting some of the red adipowers, but as now adipower 2s are out no one seems to stock them in my size any more

does anyone know of anywhere sensible bar the obvious amazon


drew (size 7.5 age 29)
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)29-11-2014 @ 23:58 
My mum still uses hers. I just wonder if it can turn a 5 hr stew into a 90 min stew or whatever

Meaning rather than cook the day before I can cook it that evening
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)29-11-2014 @ 23:38 
I've been thinking about getting a pressure cooker for stocks and stews, but I'm scared ill destroy my block of flats. What do you think to it?
» Anyone know of a top ortho surgeon in a country with cheap healthcare? (Go to post)27-11-2014 @ 23:47 
herman said:Thanks yeah, thats kind of what I figured. Been playing this "game" a long time and hit dead ends regarding my shoulders, which not only have injuries which I caused but also developmental defects in the first place.

There is a surgery available in the USA called ream and run, which successfully gives even elderly folk (actually specifically elderly folk) more shoulder stability & safe impingement free ROM than I have ever had in my life. I dont even know if such an extreme measure as this (partial shoulder replacement) is necessary for me, but the fact is I have defects & injuries which even "good" docs have failed to diagnose, they goosed up even interepting MRI's, claiming contradictory and vague stuff each time.

I just went through a 3 year "game" to get my hip labrum tear diagnosed, something I knew from day 1 but every doc disagreed with. In the same way with my shoulders, I KNOW there is major stuff wrong, compounded issues. But the docs I see dont seem to even be able to understand basic body movements, let alone finding the cause or restrictions & problems. It is very frustrating.

I would love to just see a doc, tell them I want to be able to pitch a ball, swim, barbell snatch & bench press.. say that I cannot. And have THEM figure out why not, and fix it!

This frustration with my own injuries makes me wish I just went to med school myself!

yeah dr's are such dicks
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)26-11-2014 @ 14:09 
JackRevans said:i really need to get a slow cooker

i much prefer the oven, i think it tastes better
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)25-11-2014 @ 11:22 
JackRevans said:Oh yeah last weekend I did the pulled pork again only this time I had it in the oven for 9.5 hours. It was much more tender this time

and you dont have to put any heating on
» GPA worlds (Go to post)24-11-2014 @ 18:46 
Nimble said:All the big deadlifts:

Guy at 2.20

Sumo in knee wraps.

bar doesn't leave the floor.

Side judge gives a white light!
» Edinburgh People (Go to post)24-11-2014 @ 15:13 
glad you enjoyed it

there was a kitchen in the mosque (the aptly named mosque kitchen). the kitchens got renovated so they borrowed a premises on the corner and kept the place open. then once completed they kept the 2 running and theres a bit of a rivalry now, some kind of split in the mosque

personally i prefer the old one, the food is almost the same but the service is friendlier

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