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» WSM 2016? (Go to post)03-08-2016 @ 13:34 
drex50 said:Edd Hall 155 clean and press for 8 reps, talks his conditioning is not that good acctually

Impossible to be conditioned enough to win WSM at his bodyweight and body fat, with lungs ruined by massive Tren use
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)02-08-2016 @ 23:39 
Mikeneto said:I kind of assumed the Americans were on decent stuff. As in their medical insurance can pay for it and the doctor writes them out a presciption and they get pharma stuff, the doctor gets paid. The top strongman and bodybuilders in America I am sure can get this easily, there will be enough floating around.

Some great British stuff. A simple Roids test kit can tell you whether your stuff is what it's actually meant to be, and also the mg level, a very handy bit of kit.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)02-08-2016 @ 23:37 
BigMacca said:
That's an old video, it's from the middle of March this year

If it was very recent then he'd have to bloody compete in WSM like we all want lol
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)02-08-2016 @ 10:38 
hixxy1985 said:
What makes something pharma grade?
Wsm isn't the biggest comp to some athletes. Outside top 5 the money isn't very good and can do better elsewhere

Some people have this absurd view of pharma grade stuff from back in the day being purer than pure, made in big shiny labs owned by massive pharmaceutical corporations, or state owned, Soviet style steroid institutes. The stuff available today is a real mix, from people making it in their kitchens, to people with well equipped labs making stuff on industrial estates, farms, residential properties. The simple fact of massively increased sizes, strength of athletes over the last 30 years would give people a small hint that the quality of gear is still there for those willing and able to pay for it.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)02-08-2016 @ 08:26 
beza said:Baffles me that the biggest comp of the year for strongmen is so sporadic with dates that some athletes that should be there already have commitments, the date for worlds should be more set in stone than any other comp, f**king barmy

That's what you get when none of the athletes have ever had the sense to create a professional body/union to represent them, bargain for things like set comp dates, safe and unsafe events rules, healthcare, guaranteed pay.
» Age is just a number in the strength/body game.... (Go to post)02-08-2016 @ 08:24 
ChrisMcCarthy said:I believe what you are referring to might well be an optical illusion...

Google 'Palumboism'-it is not an optical illusion. It's a weird alien looking effect of massive drug abuse, combined with really heavy training for a decade plus.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)02-08-2016 @ 07:43 
FAT_SAM said:
Won't happen though cos neither would risk a bicep.

Hall would win a truly raw lift, but of course it's meaningless outside of the people who like powerlifting rules.
» Age is just a number in the strength/body game.... (Go to post)02-08-2016 @ 07:41 
FAT_SAM said:What do you mean by limb shrinkage?

And what causes the dry lips? I get this badly when I get to 150kg (i'm 5'8''). At 140kg I am fine.

I don't know about Hall suffering 'dry lips', but dry mouth and lips is a symptom of diabetes.

Limb shrinkage is a process that seems to effect heavy steroid users over the 300lb range. It's often referred to as 'Palumboism', after the first person to be identified as suffering from a weird growth of the Torso thickness, and a shrinking in the thickness of the arms and legs. Greg Kovacs, Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren recently(although at a smaller BW). Again, complete bro science, as who would be unethical enough to do studies of the effects of 10 grams plus of anabolics and Insulin etc per week on the human body, but a quick google shows it is rife among the massive gear monsters.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)01-08-2016 @ 16:01 
93hopkinsonr said:
At a given comp people I think who are capable or have beaten Shaw are Thor, hall, lalas, and possibly kieliskowski. It remains to be seen. Point being I don't think he'll get any where near 10

btw, I don't think he'll compete much past 2018 anyway, so he won't win ten, but I believe he could if he wished.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)01-08-2016 @ 16:00 
93hopkinsonr said:
At a given comp people I think who are capable or have beaten Shaw are Thor, hall, lalas, and possibly kieliskowski. It remains to be seen. Point being I don't think he'll get any where near 10

He's definitely beatable in a single day event. He is pretty near unbeatable at the WSM, which is the event he cares about, and that really means something outside of the narrow world of strongman fans.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)01-08-2016 @ 15:12 
93hopkinsonr said:
I very much doubt that. If Shaw thought that was possible, he'd definitely go for it. I have heard him say he wants 6 but I think that's a long shot

Who could challenge him? Z, who is injured and getting old quickly. Thor, who has bloated up massively and gotten worse. Hall, who cannot complete a major event at his BW?
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)01-08-2016 @ 15:10 
Miky111 said:
I'm sorry, but this is absolute nonsense...
99% of drugs back then were pharma grade
99% of drugs now are bathtub grade...
I'm talking about things available to general population (and no, strongmen do not fit in the other category, maybe some elite level sprinters, footballers, basketball players... do)
30 mg of dbol back then would give you gains you couldn't get with 100+ these days
same goes for everything (I wasn't born back then, but a lot of guys I trained with, shot putters, oly lifters and so on, say the same exact thing)
the only thing you have today is hgh and peptides, which do almost nothing for strength

Utter nonsense. Complete and utter bunkem. When you end a point by claiming GH and peptides do nothing for strength, then you display a complete lack of understanding of how anabolics and peptides actually function in the body.

The point concerning quality-how do you know people are consuming crap made in peoples bathtubs (even if that was actually the way most gym rats gear is produced, which it isn't). You think Brian Shaw is consuming crap when he has access to a smorgasboard of pharmaceutical grade drugs from Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela?? not to mention GH, IGF-1, Insulin, SARMS et al.

Really blown away that you think that the test, deca and dbol Kaz and co took can compete with the much wider range of much more powerful steroids used now.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)01-08-2016 @ 14:34 
FAT_SAM said:Shaw is beta as they come. 50K was offered for the 500kg and he phagged out! Wink

tbh, I hardly think 50k means much to Shaw anymore. He's been very astute at marketing himself and using social media, not to mention his earnings from sponsors and comp wins.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)01-08-2016 @ 14:33 
AdamT said:I think Terry will have a big Final. If he gets his deadlift back up to 450 and does ok on the pressing event, he has a good chance at the podium again.

It is hard to look past Shaw. People accuse him of pussying out of the deadlift championships, but I don't see it that way.

He came second to Ed at the Arnold's, I hardly find it likely, he was afraid to lose again.

Shaw is only worried about the Arnold's and WSM. He wants the titles. He knows he will most likely never catch Z's Arnold record of 7, but he has a big shot of passing 5 titles of WSM.

100% agree. Terry is a multi day competitor, and has brought his press up.

Shaw could win ten WSMs if he cared to stay competing.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)01-08-2016 @ 11:35 
MJG said:
Yep he needs a major improvement.

Nobody gets technically better or stronger in the last cpl of weeks, during a time when training is being relaxed. He could massively improve his conditioning in two weeks, seriously improve it, and drop some bodyfat.

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