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» Giants live Manchester - who's your money on? (Go to post)29-09-2017 @ 14:01 
400 deads for reps! 20 years ago 400 would be failed by all but 1 or 2 strongmen in the world.
» strength wars (Go to post)29-09-2017 @ 13:53 
Bring back Muscle Power championship sponsored by British Meat.
» Rio Ferdinand Boxing? (Go to post)29-09-2017 @ 08:06 
PaulSavage said:
PM's must be broken as haven't had anything from him..

Why would I fight such an acomplished pugilist and trainer of beasts? ?
» Rio Ferdinand Boxing? (Go to post)28-09-2017 @ 18:25 
danbaseley said:
I feel a little sorry for getting this whole ball rolling.
You are, it seems, incapable of giving a straight answer. You are using semantics to excuse admitted performance enhancing drug use in the form of pro-hormones.
Following this there have been countless incidences of you alluding to steroid use in your log.
You're lying then, or lying now - or perhaps both?
But now we are to trust you?
Your yeah-but-no-but-yeah behaviour is indicative of a serial fantasist.
Any criticism of you is met with a rotating pattern of denial, sidestepping the question, or branding me as a "hater".
You are the Jason Genova of Sugden Barbell (even down to your mum dictating who you can give money to) and that makes me feel uneasy about continuing any further dialogue.
The problem with wrestling with a pig in s**t, is that after a while - you realise that he enjoys it.

He's a bas***dised cross between Genova and Jason Blah.
» The terminator in Leeds (Go to post)26-09-2017 @ 15:04 
Pikefingers said:
I thought it was the cast of Jersey Shore

They do look a bit slimy Guido don't they. Bless them. If you have to walk around like that to show you are somehow jacked then good look to em'
» Rio Ferdinand Boxing? (Go to post)26-09-2017 @ 15:02 
I'd much rather fight Savage than his thing
» Rio Ferdinand Boxing? (Go to post)25-09-2017 @ 00:25 
Jaybuk said:
Cheers it's very entertaining more twists than the da Vinci code! An your obviously very committed to your goals I hope you hit an exceed them all. I know you march to the bit of your own drum with your methods butThink the bringing your missus into it as anything other than judging her strength is a bit out of order really

Agreed. If he wants to punt a geared up lass that's his business.
» Rio Ferdinand Boxing? (Go to post)24-09-2017 @ 23:06 
93hopkinsonr said:Careful Brenwad. Paul is a natural boxer, some may even say gifted

I was gonna becone Brit heavyweight champ cos I like boxing and the big lads are all s**t. Sadly, I managed to f**k my hands with all this keyboard warrior stuff.

I am a lot like Fury in sense I used to live in a caravan and have let myself get sloppy of late, so basically a top fighter already.
» Rio Ferdinand Boxing? (Go to post)24-09-2017 @ 23:03 
PaulSavage said:
List of what? Can you not think she is female/drug free because she's stronger than you?

The hebeast /land beast thing you have caning the winstrol is leagues away from bring as strong as I, although from the s**te you've been chatting it probably has a s**ttier metabolism.
» Rio Ferdinand Boxing? (Go to post)24-09-2017 @ 19:48 
PaulSavage said:
You can't fight me behind a computer princess. How did she beat the drug test after the comp? Since they stood there and watched her piss, how did she manage it?

And did the testers hold his todger to check it wasn't some sort of fake dick situation? ?
» Rio Ferdinand Boxing? (Go to post)24-09-2017 @ 19:47 
PaulSavage said:
You can't fight me behind a computer princess. How did she beat the drug test after the comp? Since they stood there and watched her piss, how did she manage it?

I'm not interested in how, I just want the list damn you!
» Rio Ferdinand Boxing? (Go to post)24-09-2017 @ 19:39 
Jaybuk said:
I believe technically you need his local train station as per sugden etiquette

I'll fight him for the secret to his boyfriends drug cycle.
» Rio Ferdinand Boxing? (Go to post)24-09-2017 @ 17:36 
Why is anybody even indulging this buffoon or ho's juice ridden boyfriend??
» Rio Ferdinand Boxing? (Go to post)23-09-2017 @ 14:20 
PaulSavage said:
You can hate all you want, that girlfriend is world champion in two sports, has the strongest female grip in history, and very possibly the strongest drug free female on the planet (being drug tested world strongwoman champion). Ask her why this is and she will tell you its due to my coaching.
It was the broken foot also, I haven't been physically able to box since, both my feet have been a mess but I didn't like the repetition work, found it really boring and I like lifting. It was just something I tried and was actually gifted at, but if you don't enjoy even the base training then what's the point? Grip an advantage in boxing? You are a terrible troll but yes actually, as large muscular hands weigh more and that makes for a more damaging punch. Of course what really makes a difference is having quick reactions, speed, power, timing and the ability to learn very quickly (when trying at 28 anyway). There's a lot of top boxers that have started late and done well, and unlike yourself obviously, I'm always going to be positive in anything I do.

You are a complete fantasist. As for your gf, drug free?? I'd get her pituitary checked asap.
» The terminator in Leeds (Go to post)22-09-2017 @ 19:26 
slimsim said:
How would you like them to look?

I'd like them to look more urban

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