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» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)17-03-2017 @ 19:57 
Said i was gunna have a rest day, didnt happen hahahah. Was doing a 10 hour shift at the gym with only 2 PT sessions booked in, was sat around bored and some mates were doing deadlifts so I joined in

40kg x 5, x 4
50kg x 3
90kg x 3
120kg x 2
160kg x 2
190kg x 2
220kg x 2 PB
245kg x 1 PB

Was planning on some heavy squats tomorrow but after this Id better give that a miss
» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)16-03-2017 @ 19:54 
Post Edited: 17.03.2017 @ 09:14 AM by Floobler
Arms today

Close grip bench (paused on chest)
Bar x 2 sets
50kg x 8
70kg x 6
90kg x 5
110kg x 5
120kg x 5 PB
105kg x 9 PB I think, might have gotten 10 if my mate didn't make me laugh mid set haha. Did this one touch & go

Overhead single arm extension
10kg x 12
14kg x 8
Used the tricep / hammer bar, so both arms together now
25kg x 12
30kg x 12
35kg x 10
40kg x 9

Rope pushdowns
70lbs 3x12
90lbs x 10

Tried some preacher curls, couldn't do them cos of wrist pain

Arm over arm sled pull (standing)
40kg x 20m
60kg x 20m
80kg x 20m
100kg x 20m
120kg x 20m
140kg x 20m
165kg x 20m PB

Hammer curls
14kg's x 12
18kg's x 10
22kg's x 8
26kg's x 8
28kg's x 10 - form went out the window, just wanted to lift the weight

Seated hammer curls
16kg's x 11
18kg's x 10
20kg's x 8
12kg's x 15

Not had a rest day since my comp haha, think I'll need one tomorrow. Been a good week of training so far.
» Front squats (Go to post)15-03-2017 @ 14:19 
That's ridiculous haha, very impressive mate
» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)15-03-2017 @ 14:10 
Post Edited: 15.03.2017 @ 14:11 PM by Floobler
Axle press (from the rack)
Bar x a couple of sets
30kg x 8
40kg x 7
50kg x 6
60kg x 5
Add belt, sleeves etc
70kg x 4
80kg x 3
90kg x 2
100kg x 2
110kg x 2 - easy
70kg 2x10 strict PB
Legs and core were still beat up from squats yesterday, so really happy to make these all feel easy. PB double is there next week

Strict monster DB press
20kg x 8 each arm
26kg x 6
31kg x 5
36kg x 4 PB
41kg 2x2 PB
45kg x 1 PB - lots more there

Circus DB clean & press
48kg x 10 PB
This was alternate arms, so 5 left 5 right

Bent over rear delt flyes
11kg's 4x15

Lateral raises
16kg's 2x12
Was hurting my wrist so left it there

Rolling thunder deadlift
20kg x 3 each arm
35kg x 3
45kg x 3
55kg 3x3 PB
Add chalk
65kg 3x1
70kg x close fail with left hand, got it up halfway twice
70kg x 1 with the right, more there
» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)14-03-2017 @ 12:53 
Post Edited: 14.03.2017 @ 12:59 PM by Floobler
60kg x a couple of sets
100kg x 4
120kg x 3
140kg x 2
Add belt
160kg x 1
185kg 5x5 PB
First couple of sets weren't too bad but this got really hard towards the end. Happy to make it through

Yoke walk (all runs of 30m, drop turn @ 15m)
45kg x 2 runs
85kg x 1 run
125kg x 1 run
165kg x 3 runs
Wanted to go heavy but ankles / shins have been hurting a bit from this weekend, could feel them starting to give way. Plus legs were already dead from the squats.

Didn't have anything left in me, finished off the exercises I had planned but decided to cut my losses and go super light

Romanian deadlift
60kg 6x10

Standing calf raises
100kg 5x10
100kg x 20
» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)13-03-2017 @ 15:26 
Back & bis today, no deadlifts cos obviously did them heavy at the weekend. Gonna start a build up from next monday, hitting 240 pretty easily has motivated me to try and push for 300 this year.

Pendlay rows
Bar x a couple of sets
50kg x 8
70kg x 6
90kg x 5
110kg x 5
120kg 4x4 PB - easy, speedy

T-bar rows
30kg x 12
60kg x 12
80kg x 10
100kg x 10
115kg x 10 PB

Lat pulldown
90kg x 12
120kg x 10
150kg x 8
170kg x 8

Seated row
60kg x 12
80kg x 10
100kg x 6
110kg x 6

Straight arm pulldown
70lbs x 15
90lbs x 15
110lbs 2x12

Hammer curls
12kg's x 15
16kg's x 12
18kg's x 10
20kg's x 10
22kg's x 8
24kg's x 8
26kg's x 8 drop set to 14kg's x lots
» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)12-03-2017 @ 23:21 
Post Edited: 13.03.2017 @ 22:52 PM by Floobler
Probably not the best idea but got the urge to train tonight after work, ended up being a really nice little session Happy

Bench press
Bar x 2 sets
50kg x 12
70kg x 10
90kg x 8
110kg x 5
120kg x 3
130kg x 2
135kg x 2
140kg x 2 PB

Incline bench
60kg x 12
80kg x 8
100kg x 5
110kg 3x4
112.5kg x 4 PB

Incline DB bench press
41kg's 3x10
46kg's x 8 PB
These were all very, very easy. Started including the collar weight on these, I checked and they're 0.45kg each, so we'll call that 1kg for the pair Grin

Overhead tricep extension (single arm)
11kg 2x12
16kg x 7
16kg 2x6
Unbelievable how much stronger my right tricep is over my left
11kg 2x15 with left arm only
» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)12-03-2017 @ 12:39 
Yesterday competed at Northern England's Strongest Man U105, weighed in at 100.5kg in shoes, joggers, a hoody & a big breakfast. As always, need to gain weight hahaha.

Did a big write up on each event last night then my ipad crashed, can't really be bothered writing it up again Tongue in short, first couple events went well then I let myself down in the next 3 due to mainly technique problems I think. Ended up in 13th place which I was a little bit disappointed with. Still, trainings been going really well and I'm deffo the strongest I've ever been, so I'm on the right track just need to keep at it. Entering EMPM U105, so got a nice 15 week build up for that. Would be fantastic to finish top 6 and qualify for UKs. Training starts again tomorrow
» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)08-03-2017 @ 16:14 
Post Edited: 08.03.2017 @ 17:47 PM by Floobler
Strict axle press (from rack)
Bar 2x12
30kg x 10
40kg x 8
50kg x 7
Add belt, elbow sleeves and wrist wraps
60kg x 5
70kg x 5
77.5kg x 5
85kg x 4 PB

Incline bench (some paused, mostly T&G)
40kg x 12
60kg x 12
80kg x 10
90kg 2x10

Strict DB press
25kg's 2x10
30kg's 2x8 PB

Close grip bench (again mostly T&G, some paused)
60kg x 12
80kg x 12
90kg 2x10 - hamstring cramp on both sets lol

Lateral raises
10kg's 4x15

Hammer curls
10kg's 2x15
15kg's 4x12
20kg's 2x12

Last session done, wrist seems to be alright on pressing if I wrap it up real tight.
» World's Strongest Man 2017 (Go to post)07-03-2017 @ 23:50 
93hopkinsonr said:A worlds strongest man thread and savickas hasn't been mentioned yet. Times are changing

If Z can somehow come back and win another WSM it would make my day, can't see it happening though now
» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)07-03-2017 @ 15:45 
Post Edited: 07.03.2017 @ 15:46 PM by Floobler
Romanian deadlift (paused at the bottom)
Bar x a few
60kg x 8
80kg x 6
add straps
100kg x 5
120kg x 5
130kg x 4 PB
140kg x 3 PB
145kg x 3 PB

Speed squats
60kg x 5
100kg x 4
100kg +46kg chains x 3
120kg +46kg chains x 2
140kg +46kg chains 5x2
140kg x 2 - this literally flew up after taking the chains off
150kg x 2
160kg x 2
170kg x 2
180kg x 2
190kg x 2

Hack squat
95kg x 10
145kg x 8
175kg x 5
205kg x 5
230kg x 3
Felt heavy today, think all the squats did me in

Calf press
100kg x 12
130kg x 10
160kg x 8
180kg x 6
200kg x 5
210kg x 5
100kg x 12

Lying leg curls
125lbs 4x12

Supposed to be a light speed session today, ended up going a bit heavier than I'd planned. I have a bit of trouble holding back in training lol. Everything still moved fast & easily so not too bad
» Are you a Buckle, Lever, Quick Release or Bare Back Type of Guy or Girl ? (Go to post)07-03-2017 @ 12:05 
I've got a lever, single prong & soft belt lol. Use the soft belt for lighter moving events, medleys, stone etc. Use the single prong for heavy moving events & deadlifts, and use the lever when I want a really tight belt aka for squats or overhead press. If I had to pick one I'd go for the lever
» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)06-03-2017 @ 19:11 
I injured my wrist slightly training the axle cleans the other day, didnt think it was that serious but its starting to hurt a bit more now.

Pendlay rows
Bar x some
60kg 2x8
80kg x 6
Add straps (gripping the bar was bothering my wrist)
100kg x 5
110kg x 5
115kg 3x5 PB - easy
130kg x 3 PB - easy again, rows feel strong

Sled arm over arm pulls
35kg x 30m
60kg x 30m
85kg x 30m PB for sat down
Stand up
100kg x 30m
110kg x 30m
120kg x 30m
Lighter today just working on speed. Didnt feel great, wrist letting me down again

Lat pulldown
80kg x 12
100kg x 10
120kg x 8
140kg x 8
160kg x 8

Seated row
50kg x 12
70kg x 10
85kg x 8
100kg x 6
110kg x 5

Was planning on back & biceps today but curls were out because of the wrist. Did some triceps instead

Overhead DB extension (single arm)
8kg x 15
10kg x 12
12kg x 10
14kg 3x8

Rope pushdowns
80lbs x 12
70lbs x 12

V-bar pushdowns (had to grip these funny because of wrist, hence the light weight)
80lbs x 20
100lbs x 15
120lbs 2x12

Really enjoyed today actually, hopefully wrist recovers for saturday
» The 2017 Arnold Sports Festival (Go to post)05-03-2017 @ 02:42 
FAT_SAM said:Thor 205 x 3
Holy f**kin s**t

It was 195 x 3, but still Thors pressing has become very impressive
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)05-03-2017 @ 01:16 
s**t mate hope its not too serious, rest up now for next week

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