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» Strongman is love, strongman is life (Go to post)13-04-2016 @ 00:05 
Post Edited: 13.04.2016 @ 00:15 AM by Floobler
Planned on taking today as a rest day but with the week off work i was feeling extremely bored! Got a solid 8 hours sleep last night & a couple of hours nap this afternoon so felt well rested and headed to the gym

60kg x 4
90kg x 3
110kg x 3
130kg x 2
150kg x 1
165kg 5x5
This felt very comfy, legs are strongest theyve ever been no doubt

Leg press
150kg x 10
220kg x 10
260kg x 8
300kg x 8 - think this was +3 reps on last week

Lying leg curls
100lbs x 12
120lbs x 10
130lbs x 8
140lbs x 8
145lbs x 7

Calf press
150kg 4 sets of 10 reps
100kg x 12

Then a nice mile & a half walk home to finish, all uphill Grin Very confident a big PB is there on the squat but dont really have to desire right now to max out in the gym. Think a better goal would be to triple my current max, will attempt either next week or the week after. So happy with how training is going recently, bodyweight is up to 92.5kg im pretty sure that has something to do with it. The goal is to slowly work up to around 110kg over the next couple of years to fill out the U105kg class.
» Strongman is love, strongman is life (Go to post)11-04-2016 @ 21:35 
Post Edited: 11.04.2016 @ 21:35 PM by Floobler
Couple lads I know were training arms so joined them with a second session today

Close grip bench (paused)
Bar x a couple of sets
60kg x 5
80kg x 5
90kg x 5
100kg x 5
107.5kg x 5 PB
90kg x 11 PB - mostly T&G, first and last couple of reps paused

Incline EZ skullcrushers
15kg per side x 10
15kg per side x 10
17.5kg per side x 8

Hammer curls (cheating)
20kg's x 10
30kg's x 10
36kg's x 8
42kg's x 6

Preacher curls
3 sets of 7-12 reps, can't remember the weights

Good little session, definitely feel like biceps are the limiting factor for stones atm so need to beef them up a lot. Plus the tricep work should carryover into overhead stuff nicely
» Strongman is love, strongman is life (Go to post)11-04-2016 @ 17:16 
Post Edited: 11.04.2016 @ 17:17 PM by Floobler
Last night

Deadlift (light speed work) 60x3, 90x3, 120x3, 140x2, 160 5x2, 170 2x2
BB rows 100x10, 100x10, 110x10, 115x10
T-bar rows 50x12, 70x12, 85x10, 95x10
Some more back work to finish (pulldowns & cable rows)

Strict press Bar x a few, 40x4, 50x3, 60x3, 70x3, 75 3x4, 65x9
Seated press 40x10, 50x5, 60x5, 70x7, 75x5
Front raises, side raises and rear delt flies all for 3 sets of 8 each
» Strongman is love, strongman is life (Go to post)08-04-2016 @ 17:20 
» Strongman is love, strongman is life (Go to post)08-04-2016 @ 17:03 

Pause bench
60 2x5
110 5x5

Pause incline bench

Floor press
My bench seems to have a sticking point right in the middle, hoping these will help

DB flies (slight incline)
15's 2x12

Was gonna call it a day here but felt like getting a bit more practice with the DB

Circus DB press
15 x 3 reps each arm
25 x 3 reps each arm
35 x 3 reps each arm
45 x 3 reps each arm - this was a PB with the left
48 x fail with the left
48 x 3 with the right
55 x 1 with the right - very easy, could rep
60 x fail with the right
Fairly happy, if I can get the DB set right on the shoulder the press is no problem. The 60kg was just too big to get set right, was actually really close though anyway. The collars weigh about 0.9 kg each as well, so technically failed with 61.8kg just can't be bothered calling it that lol
» Strongman is love, strongman is life (Go to post)08-04-2016 @ 16:06 
Some more sessions to catch up on:

Push press - worked up to 3 sets of 5 with 90kg, felt pretty comfy
Seated shoulder press - 40x8, 55x6, 65x5, 75x3
CGBP - 100x5, 107.5x3, 107.5x3, 90x10
Skullcrushers & lateral raises to finish

Wednesday / Thursday (sleeping pattern is messed up lol, was a 3am session)
Deficit deadlift (1-1.5" deficit) 60, 100, 120, 140, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200 each set for a triple
Rack pull (from around 19-20") 180x5, 220x5, 250x5 - there's more there, didn't want to push it
T-bar rows 40, 60, 80, 90, 100, 110, 5 reps for each set
Shrugs 100, 140, 170, 5 reps each set
Pull-ups BW for 3 sets of 8
Preacher curls to finish
» Eddie Hall - LIVE! (Go to post)08-04-2016 @ 00:16 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:What weight did he go up to?

310kg for 8 sets of 2 for speed work
» Strongman is love, strongman is life (Go to post)04-04-2016 @ 17:29 
170x6 PB
160 3 sets of 6

Leg press
300x6 PB

Yoke walk (each set about 25-30m meters)
125 x 2 sets
265 PB - felt heavy but wasn't too slow

BW x 10
Red band x 10
Blue band x 10 PB

Calf raises
» Strongman is love, strongman is life (Go to post)02-04-2016 @ 16:29 
» Strongman is love, strongman is life (Go to post)02-04-2016 @ 16:23 
Didn't go for 5x5 today, was knackered so decided to just work up to one heavy top set on bench

Pause bench 60x8, 80x6, 95x5, 105x5, 115x3, 120x3
Incline pause bench 60x10, 80x10, 90x8, 100x5
Dips BWx12, 20x12, 30x10, 40x8
DB bench 40'sx9,8 (not counting weight of the collars)
DB flies (lowest incline) 15'sx12,12

Felt weak today, been a hard week of training. Resting up now and eating getting ready for next week.
» Strongman is love, strongman is life (Go to post)01-04-2016 @ 20:40 
Not been logging last few weeks but still been training hard. Keeping a record of my training with pen and paper but might start posting in here again. This week done:

Squats up to 175 for 2 sets of 5
Trapbar deadlift to 210 x 5
Did some lunges & calf raises as well

Strict press 60,65,70 for 3 reps each, then 75 for 2 sets of 3 and a final set of 5
Some db shoulder pressing, raises etc

Close grip bench (paused) 100 for 3 sets of 7 (piece of piss) then 105 x 5
Overhead extensions
Preacher curls
Hammer curls

Deadlift to 190 for a 5x5 - happy, improving every week
Rows to 130 x 5
T-bar rows to 90 x 12
3 sets of pulldowns & facepulls to finish off

Good week of training, benching tomorrow hoping to hit 110 for a 5x5
» Paused squat weight vs regular (Go to post)01-04-2016 @ 00:12 
Did 155kg x 5 two weeks ago paused, 175kg x 5 this week regular squats. So about 20kg or just over 10% drop
» Big squat PB & the power of the mind! (Go to post)30-03-2016 @ 00:33 
Post Edited: 30.03.2016 @ 00:36 AM by Floobler
The plan during yesterday's squat session was to hit 165kg for sets of 5. I knew it was going to be a challenge because the best I've ever done is 1 set of 5. Got 5 reps the first set, was pretty tough and I wasn't sure I was going to hit another. Busted out the camera and grinded out another five reps, was my absolute limit. Left it there relatively content to have hit one more set than last time. Was watching the footage back tonight, counted the plates up and I realised it was actually 175kg! I think if I'd have known that before the sets I would never have hit 5 reps. Just goes to show the power of the mind, and the limitations we can put in our own heads

» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)27-03-2016 @ 21:50 
Dunno, yorkshires is september isnt it? I think we can get there by then
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)27-03-2016 @ 03:27 
Good session today mate, you deffo have that 240 deadlift in you. Looks like we'll need to be pulling 260 now for the yorkshires!

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