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» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)28-09-2016 @ 11:00 
Leg Press
300x10 x 3 2 sets slow and paused, 1 set explosive.

Hack squat

leg ext.

ham curl
10*3 into 6*10
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)22-09-2016 @ 22:39 
Squats all light and no supports
Warm up
Bar xlots
Had my knees drained tuesday but still felt a bit unsure so left it there.

Dead lift no supports not a great bar
100x5 doh
140x5 doh
180x5 mixed nice and fast
220x3 with straps. Cant get braced on 1st rep so was harder than it needed to be.
230x1 wanted 3 but form wasnt great so didnt push it.

Leg press
300x6 feeling spent

Cable Row all strict

Narrow pull down

Tired so called it a day
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)19-09-2016 @ 23:43 
Shoulder still.not right but its national chest day.

Inc bench slightly narrower than normal to take strain off shoulder.
60xlots x3 mix of explosive into slow reps to find where my shoulder was at. Better than last week and wasnt too bad once warm.
100x3 bar path wasnt good on this set
110x3 (inc p.b )

Flat bench
120x1 +1spotted.

Seated machine press

Seated incline iso hammer press

Cable flys
6x10 into 4x5

Calf raises

Physio tomorrow hopefully he can fix my niggles
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)16-09-2016 @ 21:09 
First session back tonight. W@nk!!

Body is in bits and no energy at all. Honesty felt like curling up in a heap.

Warmed up
Shoulder press
20s nasty pain in righy shoulder, same with lighter weights.
Sacked that off

Squat (hurt knee at comp its ached a bit since but nothing noticeable)
60 atg x8 x2 quad muscle pain now.
100atg 6x2 all slow still pain.
100atg x10 all fast got pissed off.

Front squat
60x10x3 working on technique.

Raw Deadlift (speed work) leg drive not happening due to bad knee.
140x5 struggling and no motivation
220 fail grip went near top.

Stiff leg deads

Narrow pull down
16x3plus 2

Narrow Row

» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)15-09-2016 @ 09:10 
I'm sure I can remember you saying bye as you left. We helped take down the loading platform at the end, but left soon afterwards, McD's was calling us.

Good work on you incline press mate! I'm back training tonight, going to feel weak!
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)12-09-2016 @ 12:47 
Yorkshire’s Strongest Man U105kg 2016

24hour weigh in, made weight easily at 102kg, with minimum dehydration. Didn’t massively feast on the Saturday, but had more then normal.
Woke up on comp day feeling tight and weak, pretty normal for a comp day though. Unfortunately this feeling didn’t go, my stomach wasn’t feeling great either.

1st Event – 260kg deadlift for reps – 0REPS Joint last
Very stiff bar, not loads of grip the plates seemed slight smaller, and it wasn’t on a flat surface – now my excuses are out of the way lol, I failed. 0 lifts, training had been on target for this so disappointed. I think I just got my set up all wrong and didn’t try hard enough.

Overhead medley – 100kg axle,100kg log, 58kg dumbbell. 0lifts last again
Still felt awful, struggled getting the axle to my should then, when I eventually did, as soon as I dipped it fell forward. Massively disappoint as wanted to get all the way through to the dumbbell at least, and had managed it in training.

220kg Conans Wheel – 1 ¼ revolutions – 5th
1st up, had a massive wobble when I stood up with it which sapped a lot of energy, managed to come 5 th, again disappointed as I would have come 2nd if I did what I did in training.

Car hold with straps – tigra +60kg -1st
Felt light, but due to the uneven ground it di move about a lot in the hands. I wasn’t happy it was a grip with straps, I used figure 8’s but genuinely had the grip in my hands all the time, and don’t think the straps would have helped much as its all about fighting the pain rather than strength.

Atlas stones to sternum height. 100-110-120-135-155kg – 2nd or 3rd
Ive not touched them for a while but had been feeling ready for this. I managed the 1st 4 in 20seconds, and left a lot of faith in popping them of my belly that they’d land on the platform lol. The 155 was just ripping the skin off my forearms, looking back I didn’t scoop my hands under it enough, didn’t mange to lap it, which is a shame as I should have got this to be fair I was feeling plenty strong for it, just couldn’t bear the forearm pain.

I came joint 4th, out of 8/9. Can’t explain what was up with me at the start but happy to make top 5, could have done a lot better in my own performance though. Could be argued it wasn't the strongest Yorkshires field of recent times, as there was some strong local names missing, but you can't control who does and doesn't enter.

Weather was brilliant, and the comp ran very smoothly.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)05-09-2016 @ 23:18 
Overhead push press press.
Bar x lots
60kgx10 all ftoh
80kgx3 1 clean
100 fail (booo) tight and tired after yesterday.

Strict press
70x10 easy amd fast
80x0 wouldnt budge. Got to be a technique issue

180x5 fast and no straps on a terrible bar.
Straps on
220x3 1st rep was a bit of a struggle
240 fail

Stiff leg deadlifts

Incline hammer press
40each sidex12 easy
60x5r 2l

Seated press
40each sidex10
80x6 (had some assistance)

Incline smith press
60x10x4 mixture of narrow and wide.

Fly machine
» World's Strongest Junior 2016 (Go to post)05-09-2016 @ 23:02 
Hadge has won, paul smith second
» World's Strongest Junior 2016 (Go to post)05-09-2016 @ 11:33 
He's doing great Luke!

I train with Ashton Reid who's out there competing with him. Tom is doing an incredible job, he'll definitely be alongside you in the Open worlds soon.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)05-09-2016 @ 11:08 
So I had originally signed up to the novices, but after lucking my way into the UK's U105,I thought it was only fair I tried playing with the big boys. It's better to come last in the premier league than win the conference, well that's the moto I'm going with anyway lol.

Build up. Still only weighing 105kg as I've got Yorkshires the week before, food and sleep have been crap, and to top it of starting to come down with a sore throat/blocked nose etc. Luvly! I did have a try of a few of the events last week, but it was just 1 go, but it was helpful to get a feel for it.

Turned up and there was some B.I.G lads there, the likes of UK finalist Wayne Smith, Simon Knowles, and Big Ben Smith. Gulp! And to top it of the comp was outside on grass.

Event 1
3 flips of 417kg tyre, 20m with 125kg farmers, 20m 125kg anvil.
Tyre flips not a problem (wore football boots so no traction issues)
Rushed the pickup on the farmers literally carried them 15m on my fingertips before they slipped. Picked them back up to cross the line.
Picked the anvil up much easier than I did last week, but legs were turning to jelly at this point, kept taking slow steps refusing to put it down. Ran out of time by the 15m mark.
Position 6th – This was a strong event for me, if I hadn’t of rushed the pickup I might have completed it to gain 1 or 2 more points.

Hercules Car hold.
Only managed 10 seconds when I tried this last week, Wayne Smith gave me some great advice about position before hand, it worked a treat, I managed between 22-25seconds, could have maybe held on for a few more seconds but know there was still a few more events that required good grip I saved myself.
Position 9th – was really close with a few guys ahead of me, I think the winner managed 30 seconds. Could have done better, but would it have cost me for the rest of the events???

Car Deadlift
Opening weight was approx. 300kg at 18”
Failed to lift. Need to go back to basics as I can now do this with a bar at this height. It’s just the first inch or two I struggle with.
Joint last – big points lost.

Car Carry
A fairly well stripped Micra, with a yoke fabricated inside. Weight somewhere between. 300-340kg. Nothing like a yoke, to carry though, the thick bar made it very hard to keep on the back. The frame is a little twisted inside, and its not perfectly balance like a yoke. I think it was only 300 but the awkwardness of it made it a lot more difficult.
I only manged a few meters last week in practice when trying to carry it like a yoke with the weight spread across the shoulders, so I was not looking forward to this. When testing the pickup for height at the start of the day, I tried it higher up on my neck and traps (dangerous I know, but it didn’t slip off my back as much). Anyway managed to carry it the full 20m (with some zig zagging but didn’t’ drop it most importantly), and looking at the video I think I managed it in 16 seconds. Watch out laurance hahah.
Position 5th (maybe even higher but was too busy thanking people screaming at me).

Arm over Arm 4x4 pull
First time I’ve done this in comp, I done it a few times in training last year and wasn’t bad at it.
We had to pull a warrior 20m on wet grass, there was some lovely divets along the course it kept getting sunk in so a few people struggled to managed full distance. The rope was the lovely kind too, burns your hands and was nice and stretchy 
I made all sorts of technical errors (not engaging legs at times, over reaching, then under reaching), but managed to complete it with only a few seconds to spare.
Position (unsure probably some where between 4th and 6th)

At this point I was 8th overall going into the last event.

175kg Huselfel stone.
Its big and wide, and I didn’t get the pick up right at all compared to last week, I managed to make the turn, but unfortunately it just slipped outs of my fingertips after the next 5m. Was an ok run but the guy behind me had pipped me for distance.

Final Position 9th out of 18. If I had been told I’d come top 10 at the start of the day I’d have been over the moon.
Left with mixed feelings, surpassed my expectations, but the points were close from 5th to 10th, knowing I made errors and could have done better, there might have been a potential 5th or more realistic 6th place on the plate.
(But then other guys probably could have done slightly better too). Overall happy though, without playing the bodyweight card, I was the joint 2nd lightest there, some crazy kid weighing 85kg and another weighing the same, then the rest of the field had at least 20kg+ on me.

Time to recover for Yorkshires U105 next week now.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)30-08-2016 @ 13:53 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Good luck for the comp. You're definitely not afraid to get stuck in and have a go! Respect Happy

Cheers Wayne, it's all for a new Facebook profile pic Grin

Haha, nah this ones a charity comp, plus for an open comp I couldn't be more lucky, as there is no overhead in it. The moving events give us skinny lads a chance lol.

Hope your still training, its not looked too optimistic with all the dramas you've had lately.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)30-08-2016 @ 11:38 
Post Edited: 30.08.2016 @ 13:58 PM by mark_f1
Practiced some events for next weeks north lincs strongest man.

Hercules car hold
Managed 10.7 secs, the knurling on the handles is really aggressive so felt like my palms were being peeled off. Let go as saving my hands for the comp. Never done this, harder than I thought it would be.

Car deadlift (approx. weight in hands)
We tried a small car (200), a transporter size van (260), then tried lifting the front of a car (280-300). It's going to be a max dead, so they've not confirmed what the opening lift will be yet. I didn't manage that front end of the car, my lat/rib gave me a sharp pain when trying it.

Car Walk
Its really awkward, thick painted bar, and really narrow inside so couldn't get it sat right on my back. only managed about 5m. It's heavy but nothing extraordinary.

Huselfell stone
170kg, managed 25m putting it down at the turn, its really wide, and it did slip when I did the turn (same happed at U.K's). Not sure how to improve my turn. It was a P.B though

Medley 25m
3 flips of a large tyre (billed as 350kg but organiser told me he since looked it up and they weigh 417 new, so could be 370-380). Into farmers walk, into 125kg anvil.
Not flipped a tyre in nearly a year, but went ok made a few errors/slips. Farmers no problem. Struggled with the anvil, only made it 20m but will push harder on day. did this in 1.15, hoping for sub 1min on day.

It's going to be my first opens comp, so not expecting a lot, was hoping it would be more fun, but the weights are mega heavy lol.


narrow pull down

wide pull down
12x10 x3

wide row

hammer pull down thingy
40each side doing both together.
3 sets of 10.

rear delt flys (don't know what they are called)

curls for the girls.

» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)30-08-2016 @ 11:02 

The lady friend had a free pass for Virgin Gym in Leeds.

10mins running (not done this in years, didn't collapse so happy lol)

60x30 mix of narrow/wide working on explosive pressing
120x3 felt heavy

Incline bench

Dumbell press (strongman style)
28x5 each arm
38x5r 3l
44x3r 0l disappointing

3sets of 10

tricep pull downs
stack- dropping 10 each time I failed. (even 2 plates at the end was torture)

some light shoulder/chest machines

Shows then spent an hour in the spa area.

Nice gym if your into the fitness stuff, and the spa is nice. Nobody knows how to put the plates/weights away away though. I'm lucky at my gym, everyone puts there weights back in the right place (just no shower which is the only downside).
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)30-08-2016 @ 10:52 
Floobler said:Should be good for 250+ easy without the rack pulls before hand though mate

Not sure, hopefully that'll be the case. I think its the straps costing me, going to try strapless at Yorkshire, I'll only be pulling one at best. I've got an injury with my lat or rib that's flared up again since so not looking likely to get it now. I was following Eddies road to 500 programme (for 260 target lol) and had been hitting all the lifts each week, so think that's why I was gutted about struggling with the 250. On a positive the 220 did feel easy.
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)30-08-2016 @ 10:19 
Gutted for you Paul, but as you say think the SCL comps have been taking it out of you.

You, Tom, and Ashton in the world juniors! It's going to be a good one!

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