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» World's Fongest Man (Go to post)21-02-2017 @ 22:48 
Return of the Fong! Glad your back dude
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)21-02-2017 @ 22:45 
Warm up

Squats onto 18" box. No belt or sleeves
50kg 5.5.3
70kg 5.5.3
90kg 3x5
120kg 3x5
140kg 5x3
150kg 5x3
70kg 2x20kg

Leg press.
80kg 2x12
120kg 2x12
180kg 2x10
220kg 2x8
250kg 2x8

Weighted step ups 5x8 (10kg dumbells)
Super set with
Goblet squat 5x10 @20kg

Felt easy but sticking to the plan its too late for northerns but aiming to make some solid progress by summer.
» Ricks Film Review Thread (Go to post)20-02-2017 @ 00:22 
Few films ive wat hed lately.

The accountant really enjoyed this.

Hacksaw ridge i couldn't get into... might have to try again in a few months

Old but watched john wick again, couldnt get into it 1st time round.. this time i loved it.

Watched allied tonight, slow to start but got interesting half way through. If your into a world war shoot em up with a it of romance and a twist its worth a watch.
» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)18-02-2017 @ 20:12 
Awesome strong stuff there!!
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)18-02-2017 @ 17:13 
Post Edited: 18.02.2017 @ 17:14 PM by mark_f1
Warm up with bands focussing on glutes.

Deads of 1"mat. No straps. Every single rep dead stop and "engaged the clutch".
Belt on
240x0 felt sick with belt
Belt off
230x1 felt comfy
240x1 with a little hitch. Back felt strong, again just glute letting me down but that will come.

Axle 1 clean and press
42 x10,10
90x2,2 failed 3rd rep each time. Wore my converse but need to invest in some lifting shoes.

70 x 35m x3runs in converse again so getting used to doing them without a soft sole as ive got 260 frame at end of deadlift medley. Didnt have time to do tyre flip (or stretch &#128549Wink
» Strongman Shoes? (Go to post)17-02-2017 @ 11:36 
What shoes do you guys recommend?

Looking for something a bit all round but mainly with a bit of a heel lift for squats and OH pressing. I've got slightly wide feet too at my toes too.

I've been recommended Nike Metcon 2's as they've come down in price.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)17-02-2017 @ 01:10 
Press session. Warm up with bands

Standing press in rack.
Bar only 2x10
30kg 2x8
50kg 2x8
60kg 2x5
Push press
70kg 2x5
80kg 5x3
90kg 2x3 and then 3x2. Was suppsed to be 5x3 but kept failing last rep.

Floor press
80kg 8x8

30kg 5x3 light & fast

Incline bench press
60kg 4x8

Dragon press dumbells
4x12 15kg

» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)16-02-2017 @ 00:50 
Warm up

Squats. High bar full depth
40kg 5.5.3
60kg 5.5.3
80kg 5.5.3
Soft belt on
120kg 3x3
Hard belt on
140kg 3x3

Leg press.
(Plate weight only)
140kg 3x8 all sets slow and controlled
240kg 3x8
290kg 3x8
190kg 2x12

Hamstring curls 5x15 5weights then dropped to 4 for last 2 sets

Goblet squats 4x12 @24kg
Super set with
Dumbell lunges 4x1015/20kg
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)12-02-2017 @ 13:57 
Cheers mate.

Still pretty beaten from yesterday but had a second session at Strength-tec whilst we were down here.

Warm up with kb swings

170x3,3 d.o.h
210x3,3 switched to mixed and chalked up
230x1,1 failed the second rep each time. Think its mostly due to being fatigued from yesterday.

Tyre flip
440 failed about 6 times was close to getting it on the last go but just burnt out.
» Son of Steven gets Swole (Go to post)11-02-2017 @ 16:52 
Wow strong stuff mate. Only ashton and jordan have ever fliped that big tyre
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)11-02-2017 @ 16:41 
Post Edited: 11.02.2017 @ 16:54 PM by mark_f1
Travelled down to rob Framptons gym today. Just wow some seriously strong lads down there! Will Baggott, ryan england, joe wills all doing some really impressive stuff. The rob and lloyd renals in the background... just a strong as f**k place!

Push press Log after 30mins of gasping at everyone elses big lifts.
92x3 pb
92x4 into 72x5 (strict) P.B

Yoke (wobbly) just jumped in with the others
280x30 speed was ok for such a wobbly yoke

High pick up skinny handles Farmers
drop and turn at 15
1m wide frame
260x30 good speed pb
260x30 slowed yo on this run as legs were fatigued. No drops or chalk used on any so was happy.

Shield carry of keg
150x45 fast and felt really good
150 fail of floor (bicep had a slight twinge)
150x15 of keg didnt want to hurt my bicep

30kg slam ball 1min
20 reps. Could have done more but was blowing out my arse.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)10-02-2017 @ 00:22 
Warm up

Leg press + weight
60kg 2x15
100kg 2x12
140kg 2x10
200kg 2x8
240kg 2x8
300kg 3x5

Squat machine (waiting for the squat rack).

Back squats. High bar, narrow feet, good depth, slow descent and 1sec pause at the bottom.
40kg 2x5
60kg 2x5
80kg 2x5
100kg 3x3
Belt on
130kg 3x3
150kg 3x3 very happy with this.

Weighted steps 4x6 with 25kg plate each hand Super set with Hamstring machine curls 4x12 no.5 on machine (medium)

» What is the correct way of wrapping knees? (Go to post)09-02-2017 @ 10:49 
Thanks guys. I'll give these a whirl and see how they feel.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)08-02-2017 @ 21:50 
Warmed up with bands

Seated press in rack off pins (eye height)
Bar 2x10
30kg 2x6
40kg 2x6
50kg 2x6
60kg 2x6
70kg 3x3

Standing bar press strict
5x3 40kg felt like i was engaging my glutes felt great.

Floor press
100x6 paused at the bottom
110x3 (failed 4th rep)

Incline dumbell press (hands semi pronated)
5x12 20kg soft lockouts

Then i did a a couple of light tricep pull downs.

3x1mins battle rope rounds

» What is the correct way of wrapping knees? (Go to post)08-02-2017 @ 14:12 
I've always been told to wrap above to below the knee, whilst overlapping, and cross in front of the knee if there is enough length. One of the older bodybuilder guys told me last night I should only wrap above and below, but leave a gap for the kneecap itself?

What is correct? If there is a youtube tutorial you recommend please share.

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