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» St.Ives Strongest Man Under 90kg 2014 (Go to post)06-09-2014 @ 13:39 
Think i'll come watch this. I always enjoy Will's comps, fun to watch.

Plus someone's gotta support that little dwarf Flash!
» Bish's Blockhead Training Log (Go to post)06-09-2014 @ 13:35 
Events @Locker27

First events session back so took it pretty easy. Training partner is prepping for a comp so time to support him and work though his events.

Gonna push the log press volume up over these weeks to change things up a bit.

Strict Log Press

Log Press (PP)

Anvil Carry
x2 runs

MAS Wrestling
3 bouts then some iso holds
» Bish's Blockhead Training Log (Go to post)05-09-2014 @ 16:45 
Back Session From Yesterday

Bent Over Row

Underhand Grip BB Row



» Bish's Blockhead Training Log (Go to post)02-09-2014 @ 18:22 
Pressing Session

Seated DB Press

Seated DB Press w/ no back support


DB Front/lateral/rear raise

Cable Pressdowns

Then I finished with 100 press ups and 50 BB curls in as few a sets as possible. Pumped. Cool
» Bish's Blockhead Training Log (Go to post)01-09-2014 @ 20:21 
kylegold said:SSB Squat
DB Split Squats ?

Can anyone tell me what these are please ?

Safety Squat Bar Squats

Youtube search them Happy
» Bish's Blockhead Training Log (Go to post)01-09-2014 @ 19:24 
Thanks for the comments guys!

I just hope to take whatever chances I'm given if I'm given them Happy

First day of off season training today. I've decided to take 4 weeks off all conventional barbell lifts and add a bit more volume to my programme before I begin a 16 week prep programme in a months time.

Squat Session

SSB Squat

DB Split Squats

45deg Hypers

Leg Ext

Seated Leg Curl

SL Calf Raise
» UK's Strongest Man (Go to post)31-08-2014 @ 12:34 
Finally got round to putting a UKs write up in my journal
» Bish's Blockhead Training Log (Go to post)31-08-2014 @ 12:33 
UKs Strongest Man 2014

Felt in the shape of my life going into the comp this year. I had a tough group but was confident on making the final day.

Day 1

420 Yoke Carry
The setup for this was 2 tractor tyres and was a bit unstable. - 1st Place

Rock Pressing
Turned out to be a very close event. I pressed the 90 and the 100 but i couldn't get the 110 to sit right. Came 8th on this but there were 4 of us who pressed the 2 stones and it was very close on times - 8th

400kg Block Deadlift
Pretty standard plates and 18" blocks setup for this. Unfortunately I was up first on this so had to put a high marker down. I did 9 reps which gave me a comfortable event win. - 1st

MAS Wresting
I had already qualified for the 2nd day so took it easy on this to avoid any injury. Not sure where I placed.

Day 2

Bar Bending
Bar started at 16" and 4ft long. This was a speed bending event so slowest 2 got eliminated then the bar got shorter. Did a poor first bend with the 4ft bar as i was off centre but avoided the elimination. I was quickest on the 3.5ft bar so that left myself and Ash in the final with the 3ft bar. Ash just pipped me on this one as I messed around with the final bend. - 2nd

Front Hold
This was a HUGE sword weighing 56lbs. This was never going to be a good event for me and once again it was really close on times - 6th

300kg Squat
On the fish tank setup from a couple of years ago. Once again I was out first on this so had to put a marker down. Did 11 reps which was good for the win - 1st

Car Deadlift Hold
Just had to pick it up and that would be enough to go through to the final day. Had a bit of fun while going head to head with eddy but didn't risk doing any longer than needed.

Day 3

Body felt absolutely fooked when i woke up on Sunday morning. The squat had taken it out of my back and hamstrings but there's nothing like a 385 frame carry to brush the cobwebs away Grin

385kg Railway Frame Walk
I was in the 2nd group for this and only Eddy and Luke S finished the 20m course in group 1. The pick up took some time then it was ok. Managed to get over the line before my grip gave out. I was sure I had won this but the stopwatches showed my time as 11.71sec and Eddy's ad 11.70sec so I came 2nd by the closest of margins.

167kg Apollons Axle
This was a bit of a shock event really. Everyone failed to lift it which was a major surprise. In spite of this I was really confident on this as 145kg absolutely flew up in the warm up (so much so i had to recheck the weight). I missed the clean on the first attempt but got it on the 2nd and split jerked it over head. There was some controversy as to if i dropped the bar from the top of the lift instead of controlling it down but I was given the lift. I could have done 1 or 2 more reps if i needed to but with just eddy left to go, I knew he would beat any number i did so left it at one. - 2nd

Husafell Stone for distance
185kg Stone that i failed to pick up last year. Nailed the pick up this year and managed 3rd place behind Eddy and Luke S. Probably the event i was most happy with after last years problems on it. - 3rd

Truck Push
12tonne truck for 15m. 19sec. Pretty standard really, got a good start and once again came 3rd behind Eddy and Luke S.

Barrel Loading
Barrels from 100kg to 165kg. at this point I was guaranteed a podium finish and was 5points behind eddy and 5points infront of Luke S. Eddy went off like a rocket chucking up the barrels like they were nothing so I knew i couldn't catch him. I only had to do 4 barrels to secure 2nd so i did that took my time. Not sure where i finished.


Eddy was untouchable all day. He really is the complete package now, (although if bar bending was in the final instead of the barrels i could have beat him Wink)

My goal going into this comp was to get on the podium so I am over the moon with 2nd. 12 months of focused training and trying to get bit better on everything makes a huge difference.

Gonna have a break from the big barbell lifts for 4 weeks then i'll start back with a 16 week training phase ready to peak for the new year.
» UK's Strongest Man (Go to post)24-08-2014 @ 20:00 
UKs was awesome.

I need food.

Off tomorrow to Spain for a week of doing nothing.
» UK's Strongest Man (Go to post)23-08-2014 @ 18:28 
Flash said:
In the final then Sweden?

Yep final tomorrow

Horrible frame carry
Truck push
Appollons axle for reps
Hussafel stone
Barrel loading

Luke fullbrook
Mark jeanes
Luke soltman
» UK's Strongest Man (Go to post)23-08-2014 @ 17:20 
jt said:looking at the squat and deadlift numbers I guess Bish must of either been out first or been possessed by an imbecileWink

Yep out first on Deadlift yesterday and squat today.

2nd on bar bending (just)

6th on front hold (just)

1st on squat

Car hold dunno where I cam just did what I needed to.
» UK's Strongest Man (Go to post)22-08-2014 @ 18:16 
About 4 guys all on 2 stones. Came down to split times and I was slowest (just). Never liked stone press hahaha
» Eleiko bars (Go to post)16-08-2014 @ 17:30 
Yep another vote for the training bar. No real difference between it and the competition bar apart from slightly different knurling.

Think of it as an investment. Eleiko bars hold their value better than any other brand.
» Bish's Blockhead Training Log (Go to post)13-08-2014 @ 19:39 
Tuesday's Press Session

Strict Press
60x1 80x1 100x1 112.5x1 122.5x1 132.5x1 PB

Paused Strict Press

DB Front Hold
Went up to 32kg for a slow 10 count then dropped back to 20kg for max time

3x15 w/ 5sec hold every 5th rep

DB Lateral Raise
3x15 w/ 5sec hold every 5th rep

Cable OH Ext
3x15 w/ 5sec hold every 5th rep

Band Pressdowns
50 reps total
» Bish's Blockhead Training Log (Go to post)11-08-2014 @ 17:57 
hixxy1985 said:hey mate

just a quickie if theres something i learnt quickly for the fwd hold at esm was training it quite heavy helped alot when it was lighter on the day.

When is uks ?

Sweet thanks for the tip mate. Will be doing some more work on it tomorrow.

Uks is a week on Thursday so not long!!

Great work on the 3rd at ESM mate!!!

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