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» coronavirus (Go to post)04-04-2020 @ 16:35 
708 deaths recorded today.
it takes on average 7-10 days from
hospitalisation to death (WHO stats)
so this is going to grow significantly
over the next 2 weeks.
» coronavirus (Go to post)01-04-2020 @ 13:06 
some good reading. thanks.
my critique of the first would be that comparing overall death rates is rendered useless by the added variable of the lockdown. the respiratory part is more instructive though.
maybe bojo and trump were right after all!
back to work after easter?

Scientific dissent is growing:
economies being trashed
livelihoods ruined
increasing social unrest in Italy and China

The Great Depression helped the rise
of fascism no end and resulted in WW2.
another economic catastrophe will have huge ramifications.
» coronavirus (Go to post)31-03-2020 @ 09:25 
If there is a test for antibody presence available, why isn’t this being rolled out ASAP.. we need to find out how many have actually had it and policy can be based on that.
at the moment, it seems everything is a panic stricken response to death rates based on hospitalisation cases.. I looked at some stats: 9% of people hospitalised with flu end up dying.

I am getting increasingly convinced the government don’t want to find out “facts” because all those who’ve lost their jobs, lost their homes, lost businesses, over something with an actual fatality rate little more than flu, will at minimum never vote for them again and worse cause huge civil unrest.
» coronavirus (Go to post)29-03-2020 @ 12:11 
WILLSAN said:blog making a well sourced argument for 'its only/not even the flu'.

has the world just committed economic harakiri because it was scared of the common cold?


the longer the lockdown the more severe the immediate unrest (see southern Italy)
and the deeper the economic depression . We need to stop this idea the economy is going spring instantly back like a factory after a 2 week summer hols shutdown.

The tinfoil hat wearing cynic in me is starting to think the government are delaying antibody testing because of the ramifications if it aligns with that oxford uni epidemiology paper - namely: this has infected a significant proportion already and the death rate is nowhere near 3-4%.

I can imagine there’ll be a huge risk of social unrest if it turns out we’ve all been locked down for weeks, lost jobs, businesses, and likely signed ourselves up for the mother of all austerity for the next decade over something little worse than the flu.

Disclaimer: this is public perception of ‘just the flu’- as I posted earlier, the normal boring seasonal flu at peak causes 1000+ deaths a week and strains the NHS like nothing else, so another similarly destructive epidemic hitting it on top is going to overwhelm it - there is good argument to be extremely defensive against covid
» coronavirus (Go to post)28-03-2020 @ 18:34 
the craziest thing is: would anyone at the start of 2020, believe a new thread started on general bulls**t would have grown to 22 pages within 2 months
» coronavirus (Go to post)28-03-2020 @ 10:44 
luki said:Ireland just announced another 300 cases. We have 50icu beds per million, the lowest in the EU. Italy is 125. Hospitals going into meltdown.
Lockdown has been extended until 12 April. Police/Garda just got power to intervene to stop people breaking curfew.
Mainlanders banned from travelling to islands.

Health care has no slack and is totally unprepared for this.

every year the much vaunted ‘just the flu’ has the NHS under immense strain as it is..

even if corona turns out as people love to say ‘just the flu’ - It’s easy to see how normal influenza season plus a new Coronavirus epidemic hitting at the same time will quickly overwhelm healthcare.
» coronavirus (Go to post)27-03-2020 @ 16:52 
Post Edited: 27.03.2020 @ 16:52 PM by matthewvc
Until nations start antibody testing, no one has a clue how far this has to run.

if you’re only testing people who are sick enough to present at hospital
1. death rate is going to be skewed enormously up.
2. no chance of containment.

countries that nipped this in the bud were aggressive as hell in chasing down every possible exposure, testing and isolating.

most of the west let this fester until it’s way beyond any semblance of control.
» coronavirus (Go to post)26-03-2020 @ 18:15 
dannyboy73 said:wtf are Russia up to? they've deployed ships a bit to close for comfort.

Not much in it just a bit of vague Putin sabre-rattling in the North Sea.
» Training at home - Advantages and Disadvantages (Go to post)26-03-2020 @ 11:46 
slow_lift_joe said:With the outbreak of COVID 19 more and more fitness people, bodybuilders and strength trainers will need to train at home.

Gyms and health clubs will really need to up their game when this returns back to normal, as most are dirty and the hygiene is of a poor standard.

Whilst I appreciate training at home does not offer the best facilities in terms of equipment, there are many other advantages.

Your own bar and dumbbells.
Your own bench.
Your own rack/cage/yoke/training station.
No travelling, and no waiting for a station to be free.
You can keep it clean and it is your environment.
No fees, just the initial financial outlay.

The home gym, garage gym, bedroom gym market will be a growth market.

Had a half decent setup a while back. It’s pretty good, but the advent of some decent 24 hour gym chains means the train when you want advantage is not as big now.. and of course you’ll never recreate an atmosphere like Ralls or Genesis on your own unless you open your gym up as an invite only place (like early westside)
» coronavirus (Go to post)25-03-2020 @ 10:10 
drex50 said:Panic is the biggest enemy right now.
Virus death rate is highly slower than seasoned virus, based on the oficially reported numbers. Considering there are much more infected this rate will be slower.

Definitelly something more behind the scenes.

Yep Reptilian shapeshifter extra dimensional elite are using a lab made virus to install a totalitarian world government.

The Queen and Prince Philip are very conspicuous by their absence. holing out in 5th dimension with the Rothchilds and Rockefellers?
» coronavirus (Go to post)25-03-2020 @ 08:37 
Post Edited: 25.03.2020 @ 08:40 AM by matthewvc
I am hoping far more people have actually had this than first feared.. widespread antibody testing needed ASAP. One academic reckons up to 50% may have contracted this already and it’s far less dangerous than first thought.

the entire scientific community are in agreement that asymptomatic carriers, long contagious incubation period means at least one order of magnitude have had it and not been tested (e.g. 10000 ‘cases’ at least 100,000 actual infections)

But until we sample a significant amount of population randomly we won’t know.
» coronavirus (Go to post)24-03-2020 @ 20:33 
DeanW92 said:
Im in this boat, messaged last night to say site would be closed today for 3 weeks.
Can get £93 a week which not much use at all, especially when my other half is on maternity and only getting 550ish a month

It’s a crap situation and highly divisive policy. hope everyone actually stays inside and this gets under some control so we can all return to work. Be 2 weeks before we see impact. the cretinous results of letting Cheltenham, pop concerts etc go ahead are still working it’s way through the daily case statistics atm.
» coronavirus (Go to post)24-03-2020 @ 11:17 
Something certainly needs addressing is some form of income support for the 5 million sole traders / self employed . Permies are getting up to £2000/month and self employed barely £400 via dole.
No wonder the tube is still rammed.
» 45% off supplement (Go to post)23-03-2020 @ 17:49 
A strict London lockdown will come first
tube and trains looked rammed on news
Coronavirus will catch itself they’re so close.

how many actually need to be on site?
why is presenteeism so prevalent in UK?

Mandate WFH. Hardly any services industry needs staff on site.
» coronavirus (Go to post)23-03-2020 @ 14:30 
drex50 said:Its a good time to rest from gym and restore joints. I take 2-3 months full break every year.

We will get through this, but i am more concerned about the fear generated in people and the economic recession.

breaks are good. all this panic buying Argos weight sets and rubber bands is pointless if you’ve been used to shifting big weights on proper PL/SM kit. relax, stop your obsessive training diets, eat some junk and have a few beers.

I’ve had 3 long periods off and speed it comes back (CNS/muscle memory) is something else. I more than doubled my powerlifting total in 6 months from July to January this year after 9 months off in Thailand.

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