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» would you rather.... (Go to post)12-08-2019 @ 17:48 
billynomates said:
Not a massive pro though is it. I think it could actually be a hindrance/inconvenience.

depends on the flaccid length.

3 inches... disappointment from start to finish
6 inches... excitement that turns to mild disappointment
12 inches... terror that turns to relief.
» Larry Wheels is going to train with Thor (Go to post)26-07-2019 @ 10:09 
Post Edited: 26.07.2019 @ 10:11 AM by matthewvc
ah the old acrimonious breakup, accusations, recriminations.. all done on social media.
» Do you shop at Budgens? (Go to post)01-03-2019 @ 00:45 
JackRevans said:If so do you do your big shop there or just get your sundries?

If not, where do you do your big shop and where do you get your sundries?

I do me big shop at Sainsburys and have various smaller shops in which I get me sundries. For example the coop.

tops market and 7-eleven for pastry junk/weird flavour ‘lays’ crisps in Thailand. In England just Asda or Tesco. I rarely spend more than £20 in one go unless there happens to be a bottle of amarone or two lol
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)25-12-2018 @ 21:54 
Fatpete said:Thai food this afternoon with some of the chaps and ladies from the club. Excellent food, excellent company, excellent time. There was eight of us all together and off the eight, seven paid with cards and one with cash. No prizes for guessing the odd one out. Times change and I don't. It was still a very excellent and enjoyable time.

Good choice. Thai food is immense. street stalls in Saraburi (my missus’s town about 100km north of Bangkok) have so many varied and delicious choices, it’s impossible to get bored. could happily retire in foodie heaven out here.
» Sugden Awards 2018 (Go to post)23-12-2018 @ 15:14 
Rick said:Web forums definitely weren't the first - Usenet was old before the web was invented, let alone got interactive - but it does seem that their time has similarly passed.

Do any of you masters age geeks remember Prestel (typically accessed from a BBC micro model B) it had something akin to forum in the early 80s and in glorious teletext ‘mode 7’ graphics. Beat that, reddit
» Bullshitty thread about chemical energy (Go to post)18-12-2018 @ 17:33 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:I find it amazing that within a plate of food there is enough energy to move a human body around for hours.

The same applies to fuel for vehicles. Within some liquid is enough energy to move a heavy vehicle hundreds of miles.

Anyone else find this amazing?

Am I talking s**te?

Am I ruining Sugden?

yes there's a lot of energy bound up as potential energy in chemical bonds (ionic, covalent, van der waals etc)
that is released in an exothermic reaction.

the actual energy stored as mass is much bigger.
for instance when two light elements undergo fusion, like say 2 hydrogen protons in a star like the sun,
or a Lithium Deuteride + neutron reaction inside a thermonuclear weapon's fusion stage, a tiny of amount of mass is 'lost' as energy. I'm talking maybe 0.5-1%.. but the energy is enormous, as shown by Einstein's well known mass-energy equivalence equation e=mc^2.
The 'c^2' part is of the order of 10^16 so 1kg of mass is equivalent to 10^16 joules of energy.
this is around the same energy released from 10,000,000 Tons (10 Megatons) of TNT exploding...

A hypothetical anitmatter-matter annihilation of 1kg would release that much energy, although about 2/3 of that energy would be in the form of Neutrinos that don't interact especially with normal matter...
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)17-12-2018 @ 13:13 
loads more with that squat - i think in a mono and more lenient judging on depth there's close to 500kg to be had.
bench and deadlift look more maxed out but i think we could see him over 1150.
» Heaviest and lightest lifters on Sugden? (Go to post)08-12-2018 @ 17:35 
slimsim said:There can’t have been many heavier than Terry Holland’s and he used to post regularly.

Lightest, no idea....

Eddie hall? (but not active for many years and certainly not near his 195kg peak when he did use the forum)

For active members: Sam and the Savage have both been around 170kg recently.
» random disclosure thread (Go to post)30-11-2018 @ 19:37 
Post Edited: 30.11.2018 @ 19:38 PM by matthewvc
While in Thailand I have found out there are no recorded sightings here of any hominid cryptids like Yeti or Sasquatch.

I’ve located a fancy dress shop in Bangkok where I can hire a chimp suit and get my missus to film me wandering around the forests of Khao Yai National Park.
» Weights and Cardio (Go to post)13-11-2018 @ 08:51 
daveburton said:I'm sure this has been discussed before, but whats the general consensus of opinion on this : if you are going to do cardio and weights in one session, should you do cardio first or weights ?
Thanks folks.

I would split sessions by at least a few hours.. but if you have to do them all in one block do weights first - if you’re fatigued from cardio beforehand not only is strength going to be affected but technique off.
» What's been the happiest moment of your life so far? (Go to post)12-11-2018 @ 06:23 
JackRevans said:Or the most profound realization?

Don't say "my wedding day" or we'll know you're lying.

meeting my thai missus in suvarnabhumi airport Grin

one profound realization was that weight training/powerlifting was just a hole filling exercise after my divorce.
i've spent last 3 years feeling more and more miserable from 'supps', training, force feeding myself to get into 110s (naturally a very skinny person) and ensuing sleep apnea i was developing as i got over 100kg. all for what? a few plastic trophys and a british bench press record that no f**ker gives a s**t about.

since moving out to thailand and taking a break, losing 10kg and not training i feel free of aches, sleep properly and don't feel sick, nauseous trying to shovel 5000 cals in every day.
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)30-10-2018 @ 06:26 
LessThanLuke said:
One day people will stop making assumptions. Today was not that day.

‘Steroids’: that branch of mathematics where 2+2 always adds up to 5
» Getting old.... (Go to post)25-10-2018 @ 08:53 
dazzachap said:
Spoken like a gentleman.
Of course we keep going but it does get more difficult. It amuses me when people in their twenties tell me that "age is just a number" and saddens me when I realize that I'll be dead when they find out just how wrong they were.

Very true. I recently had a 19 yr old university power lifter tell me my squats would improve if I upped it to 3 times a week, I could only sigh if only, smile and thank her for her advice. I wondered if I would still be around by the time she got to my age of 51

She’s right... if you can recover from or at least overreach and back off periodically. Problem is recovery at 51 is a world away from 19 both from age and lifestyle pressure. Few 19 year olds are in a stressful career, married with kids and can devote all their mental energy and recovery be it natty or not to training.
» 900kg and 1000kg Raw totals in Britain (Go to post)07-10-2018 @ 22:28 
Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy in the sport.
Well done sam
» 900kg and 1000kg Raw totals in Britain (Go to post)07-10-2018 @ 22:28 
Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy in the sport.
Well done sam

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