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» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)16-07-2015 @ 10:57 
i quess u have pretty long arms as well
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)16-07-2015 @ 10:33 
how much do u bench, Paul?
» 185kg seated press attempt (Go to post)16-07-2015 @ 10:31 
serious triceps power
pretty narrow

what is the angle of the bench?
» Europes strongest man (Go to post)13-07-2015 @ 18:26 
Mikeneto said:I just saw Edd's deadlift again and it flew might actually have a point.

exactly mate
i was sceptical about him, not fan at all

but cant argue how casual and easy he lifts, so smooth
there is 480kg in him not doubt
» Europes strongest man (Go to post)13-07-2015 @ 18:08 
cant argue edd hall is far ahead in deadlifting
unbeliavable strength
» Europes strongest man (Go to post)13-07-2015 @ 16:20 
a big difference i see between young guys and older one in strongman is the face bloat
and not the same grainy muscularity
yes thor has a six pack but his face doesnt look lean as radzikowski who actually has no shredded abbs

its obvious no water retention
its visceral fat

for me its about insulin abuse in some top guys
its more dramatic the change of phisique
shaw 2009-2011(30 kg plus), thor 2009(from skinny fat dianabol teenager to monster 2011 WSM competitor 40 kg plus)
edd hall do i have to comment

its simple guys
u dont see this in Radz for example, who is one of the most genetically gifted men there
» Europes strongest man (Go to post)12-07-2015 @ 23:29 
Ham said:Anybody else interested to know what Eddi is doing to make such progress....he mentioned a while back that he started a new deadlift programme a friend gave him which works well for him?

I'd love to see the food these guys eat on a daily basis too!

its more about nutrition and respond to drugs
most guys follow typical building strength programs

i dont thinkk there is a magic secret training that will give u an advantage
» Europes strongest man (Go to post)12-07-2015 @ 16:13 
edd looks more bloated every new competition
» Europes strongest man (Go to post)12-07-2015 @ 14:27 
Motorbiker said:Great pull by Thor.

he'd have won log easily he could have been very close with Thor for the win.

Radz is stronger presser now, he did 9 easy reps one motions with 150 log in Bulgaria 2 weeks ago
he just had no competition in log at Europes
» Europes strongest man (Go to post)11-07-2015 @ 23:48 
if Edd keeps on beating his own records in deadlift like Z in loglift
this will give him absolutely legendary status even if he keep on NOT winning anything big

hes probably the one of the strongest all rounders today, but still not a top contender in big strongman competitions
» GBPF banning (Go to post)03-07-2015 @ 14:04 
AdamT said:
Donnie have you been reading any more GH15??

gh15 has too many flaws man

lost interest at some point
but was pretty entertaining for sure
» GBPF banning (Go to post)03-07-2015 @ 13:54 
its all about erection
its all what really matters
» George Leeman 410x4 Deadlift (Go to post)03-07-2015 @ 13:44 
KevC86 said:
Eddie claims he isn't in the same form he was at Arnolds, but still believes he can match his 462, but 'it wont come up that easy this time'.
Europes isn't the priority for him, he has never made a secret that Worlds is the contest he wants to win, so that's what his year is based around.
I still expect him to win the DL champs, but I think Europes will go to big Thor again.

europe is not a prirority?
is this serious
i cant take it if Savickas says it
but 27 yo who hasnt won anything big yet
at his age every competition he should be better and better
Thor for example is done for me on a strength level
he hasnt improved last 2 years
in this sport improvement every year is vital

the lack of constant shape in young strongmen and inabilty to improve every year only prooves the fact they take too much drugs too young
» George Leeman 410x4 Deadlift (Go to post)02-07-2015 @ 13:50 
how is Benny doing these days
isnt he injured
if so his preparation must have been not very good

Bolton has real chance for 2nd with 440+ kg which will be impressive for his age
» GBPF banning (Go to post)02-07-2015 @ 13:43 
FAT_SAM said:

These days I am on TRT stemming from past use. Basically I don't function normally without it.

cant u restore natural test production, u must be young
what are the health risk u were faced to

by the way my friend met thor in scl bulgaria and told me his shoulders and arms have a lot of needles spots all over
how do u think top guys handle with the health risks
they use more than Sam's abuse, don't they?

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