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» WORLD LOG LIFT CHALLANGE..(LIVE STREAM)..14/02/15 (Go to post)29-01-2015 @ 10:53 
Post Edited: 29.01.2015 @ 10:53 AM by donnie
besides Z other best result will be max 220kg Oberst or Savatinov

alex curleto ???
Grin Grin Grin Confused
» hixxy 210 log (Go to post)28-01-2015 @ 20:39 
brian shaw better train for next year
too much loglift is coming 2015
» 340x6 beltless squat. You know who it is (Go to post)27-01-2015 @ 19:25 
MaxCooper said:
never said hes not using or that hes not pushing the doses
we dont know if he IS pushing the doses its only conjecture, and if he is im not to sure its the doses that distends stomachs: bodybuilders in the 70s onwards used GH and early 90s onwards used slin where were their guts? (using bodybuilding as an example there due to notoriously higher doses and no strongmen around then as a specific discipline)
and what is that second line about

u have to agree that back in the day they used it not abused it
» 340x6 beltless squat. You know who it is (Go to post)27-01-2015 @ 18:59 
MaxCooper said:
jesus your not texting your boyfriend type so we can understand...
what evidence do you have that its slin/gh/igf1 many top BB coaches think the problem of blown waistlines DOES lie with food quantities: slin isnt this magical substance that blows out waists and neither is GH (igf1 being there by default as GH and Slin combined produce igf1)
If these chemicals WERE to blame then Anth Bailes (an IFBB pro BB) who is diabetic so has to use vast amounts of slin would have an otherworldly waistline and he doesnt, my waist shrunk just over an inch while using slin (though obviously not comparable with a top athlete in any way but its there the hormones effect me the same) - if you want more examples ill try to come up with some
How much f**king food do you think thiese guys eat that it isnt a problem: 400lbs isnt a small bodywigh to maintain do you think they eat 2500 cals a day and their hormones push them that high?
yes he gained 20kg in 2 years: clearly he gained it while dropping bodyfat: sarcasm cos obviously not and it dont matter as hes a strength athlete
If he continues to gain strength at this rate or not doesnt matter the squat numbers are huge

food and core training ?
20 kilos on 150kg frame and bellybutton is still out
are u saying hes not on this stuff
» 340x6 beltless squat. You know who it is (Go to post)27-01-2015 @ 15:51 
rian1987 said:Incredible strength. Ten reps there. I don't understand why he wouldn't use a belt though? He's just more likely going to get injured. His progress is insane but I do think he is reaching his peak now. Some people peak earlier than others in sports and don't get much better. He won't continue to progress at this rate for much longer I'd Say.

this is my point
many examples
» 340x6 beltless squat. You know who it is (Go to post)27-01-2015 @ 15:49 
of course not saying other dont do it
u can see savickas got super huge gut through the years
misha belly button also blown
but these are in the game for long and things happened not that rapidly fast
» 340x6 beltless squat. You know who it is (Go to post)27-01-2015 @ 15:27 
Post Edited: 27.01.2015 @ 15:38 PM by donnie
MaxCooper said:just seem quite inflamatory and dismissive mate, forums are natural centers for debate due to the fact noone can hit anyone over the internet and dismissive statements in a thread where people are merely showing a snapshot of time (the lift) are gonna spark debate

cliffnotes: dont make leading remarks if you dont want a debate

i talked about this before here

if u want a debate u have it
its obvious strongman is on another level the recent years
not because guys are born with superhuman gentics for sure
some are pushing it harder
other are smarter
some use less than other for sure

see what happened to shahlaei when he got into the gh world
but hes not an abuser

edd gained 20 kilos in 2 years
midsecion still lean but blown
especially the lower one
this is not what food intake do
this is slin, gh,igf-1
» 340x6 beltless squat. You know who it is (Go to post)27-01-2015 @ 13:44 
Post Edited: 27.01.2015 @ 13:52 PM by donnie
f**k this s**t
tired of this type of discussions
» 340x6 beltless squat. You know who it is (Go to post)27-01-2015 @ 13:24 
JohnGym said:
Why can't you give Ed Hall any credit mate?

i said it before
he will burn fast in this game
some massive gh and test abuse in 2 years, look at his belly button, hes 26 FFS
never seen this in such a young guy
i dont think this is the right way
hope im wrong
» 340x6 beltless squat. You know who it is (Go to post)27-01-2015 @ 12:28 
z s**ts in his pants
planning to pretend hes injured before loglift championship
because edd will make him look like a plush toy
» arnolds 2015 (Go to post)27-01-2015 @ 12:23 
MarkClegg said:Ha .. Funny f**ker

Do you like any other strength athletes TUTU or is it just Z Z Z you love x

It's tiresome !

u started insulting first bro
z has massive fans here
especially not british guys
» arnolds 2015 (Go to post)26-01-2015 @ 11:29 
oberst not competing Grin Grin
» arnolds 2015 (Go to post)26-01-2015 @ 11:27 
Post Edited: 26.01.2015 @ 11:28 AM by donnie
shaw will loose points with benny and edd in the game
benny beats him on the deadlift
edd will beat him on the log probably
also expext oberst to beat shaw on the log
i think z will winn after 4th event
» arnolds 2015 (Go to post)25-01-2015 @ 19:06 
Mikeneto said:
He is compared to Shaw on stuff like a 550lbs stone.
As I stated before..
Dumbbell gone from thick handle to think handle...benefit to Z. But I actually like the thin handle.
Straps added to frame carry is a huge advantage to Z...should be 900lbs no straps.
Got rid of stones for a 3 step yoke....500lb stone for reps would be good.

obviosly the old man is a Z fanboy
cant blame him
» hixxy 210 log (Go to post)25-01-2015 @ 18:58 
Simeon said:
you got a link to this vid?

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