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» Derek Kendall front squat (Go to post)04-11-2014 @ 09:01 
Thats incredible... But only a 320kg deadlift?
» New to powerlifting. Advice? (Go to post)04-11-2014 @ 08:45 
Thanks for all the advice on this guys, really appreciate it.

Its amazing because just looking round this forum you quickly realise how little you actually lift in comparison to others. Granted you shouldnt be focused on other peoples lifts but i think its natural.

Just got to keep pushing hard and battling myself each workout to achieve better lifts all round.
» bodybuilding benefit cheat (Go to post)04-11-2014 @ 08:41 
This stuff annoys me hugely...

My dad had a injury at work which no classes him as disbled due to the fact he can no longer work, this relates to nerve and muscle pains.

He takes an ungodly amount of prescription drugs just to get through the day, he has often gone into a pharmacy and they have had to contact his doctor to check the prescription is right as he takes around 3-4x times a normal dose.

He actually doesnt claim benefits but he had to fight for 5 years! just to get his pay out from his ex-workplace as they didnt think he was 'entitled'.

So to have someone who is given disability benefits probably through a very quick and easy processjust to abuse it and lie about it angers me so much.
» New to powerlifting. Advice? (Go to post)31-10-2014 @ 20:10 
Post Edited: 31.10.2014 @ 20:11 PM by grinnell27
unit94 said:
Decent lol there is a guy in your class that can pull 360 Wink

360kg!!! Holy sh!t balls... In my class? What would be my weight class?

Where are you based ?

» New to powerlifting. Advice? (Go to post)31-10-2014 @ 16:30 
unit94 said:
Your numbers will qualify for the british (GBPF) but you wont get a medal.

Interesting, its funny because in my gym im easily the strongest person pound for pound at my weight. No-one comes close so its a nice perspecrive to hear that id have some decent competition.
» New to powerlifting. Advice? (Go to post)31-10-2014 @ 16:10 
Thanks for your input guys, time to get some flat soled shoes and a belt then Happy

Oh and watch a meet at least until I get bored.

Also as far as my numbers, is it any good for my weight class (not sure what this would be haha)
» New to powerlifting. Advice? (Go to post)31-10-2014 @ 15:44 
Hey everyone,

As you can see by the title im new to powerlifting, not new to lifting though... been lifting as bodybuilder for over 4 years, Ive always like going heavy and finally decided why not just train for powelifting and compete?

Anyway hers my current maxes at 86kg.

B- 135kg
S- 200-210kg
D- 230-235kg

Now a couple of questions.
1. Should i be using a belt? I dont even own one and never have.

2. I want to compete but am alittle anxious as what to expect on the day? Do i bring food? Is it true its like 10hours?

3. Where do i start about getting into a meet/registering?

4. Should i buy oly shoes? Currently do everything in socks apart from bench.

5. Is there music at the meets? I always train with headphones which helps me get psyched.

Think thats mainly it at the moment. Hoping these arent stupid questions and people can help.

Appreciate your time.

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