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» Eleiko bars (Go to post)17-08-2014 @ 19:05 
JackRevans said:
they sent a bar that bent within a very short amount of time and then replaced it with a more expensive bar which i think is nice of them

Are Okie bars known to bend or are they meant to be a decent brand...?
» Eleiko bars (Go to post)17-08-2014 @ 18:41 
JackRevans said:Here's a nice story

Pullum are sending me a Texas power bar because my okie bar was bent.

Pullums sent you are bent bar?
» Phil's training Log (Go to post)17-08-2014 @ 18:40 
Packing my clothes for the week ahead while making some oat pancakes following VannillaGorrilla's recipes... Also thinking how many sets on the bench I will get through tomorrow

I've been using 17.5kg on the bench press for bodypump
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)17-08-2014 @ 18:33 
Fatpete said:
Indeed it does. In just about every way. Joe was wonderfully over-confident, right up until the penultimate set when he did the slowest reps I have ever seen him do. If the writing wasn't all the wall with that set, it never was.

This sounds like it was fun actually...

Excellent description/warning in your previous point!
» Squats and deadlifts in the same session (Go to post)17-08-2014 @ 17:42 
This is a fantastic way of training IMHO

Far too often in the past I haven't warmed up properly for deadlifts and therefore not performed at my best... Do that a few too many times and it can either lead to injury or at the very least less than great progression

Squats before deadlifts completely take this issue out for lots if reasons

The only thing left is relative poundages for either on any given day which your coach decides

Keep up the good work!
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)17-08-2014 @ 17:13 
Why would you do death by bench press by would can do death by deadlift?

Oh wait... You could actually go both in a session!!! That's is an idea

Is thirteen sets on 75kg any good...?

Will Aaron improve on that...? (Assuming it isn't fantastic which I don't know)
» Phil's training Log (Go to post)17-08-2014 @ 12:19 
Saturday 16th August

Lots of walking... All day in fact. Also managed to find a great big old extinct vocano so had a quick change of clothes and climbed that... It didn't take long as I thought to be honest.

A lovely day alround and lots of photos taken

Sunday 17th August

Nothing related to exercise today just more touristy stuff

I like this city and the city absolutely loves bicycles. That is an excellent omen
» Phil's training Log (Go to post)16-08-2014 @ 12:54 
Took an unplanned detour into the Pleasance Sports Centre and went into the gym

Me and Mrs Halter are amazed!!!

This is a f**king gym
» BWL infighting - Put up your dukes??? (Go to post)16-08-2014 @ 10:22 
Steve is very well written I look forward to going through that in detail

Was it a good CWG for GB Little_A...?

I enjoyed the huge selection of disciplines but not the shooting

That was s**t
» Adlington Barbell Club (Go to post)16-08-2014 @ 09:45 
I think there was another set there FatPete!
» Khetag Khugaev - 200kg C&J age 16 - 85kg (Go to post)15-08-2014 @ 17:03 
Short pull and kicks it out at the beginning... He know Ilya but depending on his ability to train he could be

Strong lifting though let's be honest absolutely perfect jerk
» Strength Shop Bastard Bar review (Go to post)15-08-2014 @ 15:20 
adillon10 said:
Not too sure what I know what you mean mate, the bar has both weight lifting and powerlifting rings for gainz all round.

So there are rings the same as an Elieko or Uesaka

That's cool
» Phil's training Log (Go to post)15-08-2014 @ 09:57 
AndyCoupe said:
Lol, I mean your new lifting Grin

Yeah okay I can link you towards some videos if I upload them to YouTube either private on using the public function

I'm sure that would be easy to sort

I actually look forward to helping others with their lifting on here if I'm honest. Just arrived in Edinburgh for the festival after a short flight. Lovely weather
» Phil's training Log (Go to post)15-08-2014 @ 08:42 
AndyCoupe said:
Which area, Phil?
Get some videos of your lifting up!

All over mate

Lol we didn't have lifting videos in my day
» Phil's training Log (Go to post)15-08-2014 @ 08:40 
Sparrow said:I know what you mean about the training for a comp, Phil. Pushes on your training like nothing else.

150 front squat is good!

The Russian Masters is a decent, watered-down version of the RSR.

Joni used to love the Wattbike - he won the peak power output every year at the Uni he used to work at.

Lol the squat was better than I thought it was going to be in reality and will get better when I lose some weight off my shoulders and arms in the next few months

I have considered the russian masters version as I am almost a master now lol but alas I would definitely rather do the rsr with less poundage

I'm an old dog and I have a system that works so I will bear that in mind when I want to spend six weeks squatting which is quite some time away anyway as I would like to try to move well and consolidate and develop a productive pattern of exercise

In that sense so far this journal I feel will definately work

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