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» The Weirdo's training journal (Go to post)25-07-2014 @ 20:07 
long time didn't post.
so far hit 180kg squat with no wraps for 3 reps
and 192kg squat with wraps for 3 reps(wasn't filmed)
bench press is 105kg for 3 reps with the 1st rep paused
deadlift is 180kg for 4 reps.

here's a vid of 180kg with no wraps.

So I just wanted to wrap up my progress in this round of TM (took 13 weeks)
Squat 165X1 to 180X3(with no wraps)
Bench 90X3 to 105X3
Deadlift 170X1 to 180X4
BW from 90 to 94

Next time I'll update the journal is after the GPA powerlifting meet
If I won't manage to go to the meet then I'll do a tiny mock meet with myself Unhappy
» The Weirdo's training journal (Go to post)24-06-2014 @ 15:32 
Post Edited: 24.06.2014 @ 15:33 PM by StasZ
Intensity DAy

Squat with wraps 190X3
Bench 107.5 X1 (went really slow so decided no to go for the 2nd rep)
Deadlift 165X4

And some assistance work

Asked one of the more experienced powerlifters in the gym
He told me that the reason I fail on the deadlift is because of the knee wraps.
Because I overload my CNS when I squat and when I come to deadlift I'm already burned out.
So he adviced me to do a rotation with the wraps.
on a week without wraps I do heavy deadlift
and on a week with wraps I do a lighter deadlift
» Powerlifting belt (Go to post)23-06-2014 @ 13:13 
Post Edited: 23.06.2014 @ 13:16 PM by StasZ
I ordered a 13mm belt from best belts, read good reviews about them.
from my experience their customer is the best so far I ever got from a company
But I'm still waiting for the belt to arrive...the mail is acting like s**t at the moment...
» The Weirdo's training journal (Go to post)22-06-2014 @ 16:08 
Recovery Day
Squat 120X2X5
Overhead press 55X3X5
Chinups 40 total reps

Rubber band pull aparts
» May I join the 4 plates club ? 16 Y.o (Go to post)21-06-2014 @ 17:47 
danbaseley said:Great lifting.

Dan Baseley, Aged 34 and a half.

Another friend with a half in his age!
» Mark Rippetoes starting strength (Go to post)21-06-2014 @ 17:28 
unit94 said:
THIS f**kING GUY!If every beginner did this instead of f**king about trying to find the perfect programme there would a hell of alot of strong lifters. Well done, great progress.

» Mark Rippetoes starting strength (Go to post)21-06-2014 @ 16:26 
Post Edited: 21.06.2014 @ 16:30 PM by StasZ
I ran the program for a good 6 months
The 1st time I put a foot in the gym I started doing rip's starting strength program

My technique in all lifts was somehow okay and I polished it over time with the help of another forum, and after few months in the program I moved to a powerlifting friendly gym that helped with polishing my technique

Started with these weights
squat 50kg
bench 30kg
deadlift 60kg
BW 78

Finished with
Squat 152.5 3X5
Bench 85 3X5
Deadlift 155 1X5
BW 89kg
» The Weirdo's training journal (Go to post)20-06-2014 @ 17:02 
Firday Volume

Squat 150X5X5
Bench 85X4X5
Rows 60X3X8

facepulls 2Xmany
ruber band pull aparts 2Xmany
plank BW+15 2X1minute
» May I join the 4 plates club ? 16 Y.o (Go to post)20-06-2014 @ 15:33 
AdamT said:
The half is important at your age. Though you will not be saying 30 and a half, when the time comes Wink

Who knows?
Maybe I will and Maybe not Tongue
» May I join the 4 plates club ? 16 Y.o (Go to post)20-06-2014 @ 14:41 
Nice, Very strong!

Stas Age 16 and a half
» The Weirdo's training journal (Go to post)17-06-2014 @ 18:57 
Post Edited: 17.06.2014 @ 19:00 PM by StasZ
Intensity- Tuesday
Squat 185X3
Bench 105X3
Deadlfit 172.5X5F

Facepulls 2Xmany
Rubber band pull aparts 2Xmany
Triceps 2X8
Biceps 2X8
plank 2Xas much as I can hold

Would be glad to get some tips on what to change or do to improve my deadlift...
It is the only lift that I don't like only because It's so hard and annoying to do...
» Dentists ! (Go to post)17-06-2014 @ 12:53 
Had a root canal procedure few weeks ago.
That's it, wasn't really painful or anything.

I might need to do another root canal procedure for another tooth Unhappy

But it really sucks to keep your mouth open for like hour and a half... :S
» 585 total at 101Kg (Go to post)15-06-2014 @ 16:28 
Awesome lifts!
» The Weirdo's training journal (Go to post)15-06-2014 @ 15:39 
Recovery -Sunday
Squat 110X2X5
Overhead Press 62.5 3 2 1
Pull ups 3X5

Facepulls 2Xmany
Band pull aparts 2Xmany
» The Weirdo's training journal (Go to post)13-06-2014 @ 15:00 
Volume - Friday

Squat 147.5X5X5
Bench 95 2X5 4 3 3 (total reps 20) time to deload...
Rows 87.5X5X5 form starting to break = small deload

Plank BW+10kg 2 sets of 1minute
Facepulls 2Xalot
Rubber band pull apart 2Xalot


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