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» Carrers/jobs that aren't terrible (Go to post)08-05-2014 @ 16:26 
kirkynick said:
I'm self-employed and wouldn't have it any other way. I work when I want too and have different sources of passive income that work for me without doing much of anything.

What do you do? I was doing plumbing/ electrical and just got greedy. I took every job going cause you never know when it might not be there. I always said i can work when i want but i never did. Plus the fone going off all evening gets old quick. I guess i chose the wrong trade.
» Carrers/jobs that aren't terrible (Go to post)08-05-2014 @ 15:23 
Wiegieboard said:I'm trying to find aa job that isn't s**t too. I have come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to start my own business.

Ive just gone the other way. Self employment ruined my life. The problem with being self employed is your always working. I never took holidays, i worked weekends and evenings if i had to. Then theres no work so your scratting about for work to pay the bills. All this is pointless if you love it i guess but theres more to life than work.

Now i work for someone else, they cover the van, the tools. I take paid holidays and when i get home the fones off and i dont think about work. As long as you find something ok and the manager isnt a dick your laughing really IME
» Carrers/jobs that aren't terrible (Go to post)08-05-2014 @ 14:12 
JohnGym said:It's a very individual thing. The only advice I can offer is this.

Chase your passion, don't chase money.
If you chase your passion you will have a much more fulfilling life and the money will come anyway.

Very true, i have only just stopped chasing money.
I train more, i spend more time with my little girl and me n the missus dont argue as much.

Win, win, win. Who need money anyway?
» loal at gym carpetbaggers (Go to post)08-05-2014 @ 11:11 
I had a young lad come up to me in the gym who'd seen me using chalk and asked very nicely "alreet fella, could i borra some of your flour!" I laughed but then realised he was being serious. Im sure theres a self rising joke in there somewhere but im not witty enough Happy
» Glue for squat shoes? (Go to post)15-04-2014 @ 15:59 
If your intent on repairing them then id say mitre glue. It comes in two parts, a glue and an activating spray. Just be really careful where you get it, it sets hard within seconds, ie. not on your fingers. Plus less is more just a surface coating and a qick spray followed with pressure should see you right
» 645% increase in steroid users, says charity (Go to post)09-04-2014 @ 14:04 
Savolainen87 said:
Better look back where and when everything has started . Some people made millions and Arnie became the face of the muscle fashion . Good marketing .

At least when Arnie's image promoted PED's he was a clean living hard trainer. Today you have a load of pumped up pricks on Jersey/Geordie shore etc half repping the s**t out of their 10kg dumbells on the preacher pad then going out sniffing whatever gets put in front of them and fighting.
» 645% increase in steroid users, says charity (Go to post)09-04-2014 @ 13:20 
Its the way things are nowadays. Everybody wants the look and they want it now. The more people that use them, the more normal they seem to the up and coming generations. It will only get worse IMO
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