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» What is 'strong' (Go to post)02-04-2014 @ 17:44 
IainKendrick said:
Yes he is stronger.... as tested by powerlifting competition Happy

really man? I mean powerlifitng competition total is hardly the be all and end all of someone's strength - I can mistime my warmups or choose a poor attempt and my total can vary by +/- 10% in the same day - its not like my strength vary that much
» What is 'strong' (Go to post)02-04-2014 @ 17:38 
Fazc said:Baby don't hurt me.

lol cool story
» What is 'strong' (Go to post)02-04-2014 @ 17:38 
EllD90 said:Yes. He can lift more weight...

But surely he's just able to manipulate laws of physics and leverage better to move a weight... its not that his muscles are contracting harder. So why is he stronger?

I mean I can spread my legs wider than the town slut in squat and I can squat more that way... but i didn't magically get stronger
» What is 'strong' (Go to post)02-04-2014 @ 17:22 
Random questions - Hypothetically lets say someone gains 20kg of pure fat, which helps him cut down range of motion on his benches and bounce off the hole in squats but has gained no muscle, said person puts 30kg on his powerlifting total, is he now a stronger person?


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