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» Yorkshire northeast under 120kg Snr bench record (Go to post)06-04-2014 @ 09:02 
Awesome vid. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' strong, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.
» Openly gay strongmen/strength athletes? (Go to post)05-04-2014 @ 18:36 
VanillaGorilla said:
Just stayed rock hard huh?

Nope, despite the fact that my estrogen was sky high as I just came off creatine.

Although I'm guessing this is another vulgar joke. Lets not get side tracked here!
» Openly gay strongmen/strength athletes? (Go to post)05-04-2014 @ 18:20 
Fazc said:
Like, a fat push pressing powerlifters big load!

Lets stay on the topic and refrain from crude insults and pot shots please.


» Openly gay strongmen/strength athletes? (Go to post)05-04-2014 @ 18:13 
chaos said:Kyle is there something you need to get off your chest?

Not sure if this is a dig... but no. I'm very secure with my sexuality. I have accidentally clicked on non-straight porn when surfing the internet and my johnson did not in anyway change in shape or form.
» Openly gay strongmen/strength athletes? (Go to post)05-04-2014 @ 18:03

This was an interesting read!

Are LGBT people under-represented in strength sports? Or are people less likely to "come out"?

There are 5,090 sugden members. Based on national statistics there should be around 5% of them are LGBT. That would make 255 members!
» Openly gay strongmen/strength athletes? (Go to post)05-04-2014 @ 17:43 
Ramsay777 said:DO you compete with yourself to see who can come up with the most stupid thread?

Don't want to get into another pissing match again but why is this a stupid question? I'm sure if I asked about Asian strongman or left-handed grip specialists it would not be an issue? So why would this be dumb question?
» Openly gay strongmen/strength athletes? (Go to post)05-04-2014 @ 17:37 
Well terrible wording from me - I respect their lifestyle but would not choose it personally... apologies.
» Openly gay strongmen/strength athletes? (Go to post)05-04-2014 @ 17:30 
When i was about 16 I worked for a collections agency (clerical job. The big boss was this Irish guy who pumped iron...stood 6'2 and probably weighed a solid 120kg. I remember he somehow locked the keys in his car one day and I was standing around with a bunch of the other collectors wondering what he was going to do... He smashed his fist through the driver side window and got his keys.

We all freaked out.

It turns out he was as gay as George Michael.

It really made me change my preconseption of what gay is...

I don't agree with the lifestyle...but I will never assume that being gay means being a f**king ballerina either.

Are there any openly homosexual strongman or strength athletes?

Please don't resort to childish insults/homophobic posts. Thanks!
» Your size and other people (Go to post)05-04-2014 @ 17:17 
Post Edited: 05.04.2014 @ 17:19 PM by kyle
Tom_Martin said:
I have been jelqing since the day I was born and have added almost 2 inches since that day. It DOES work.

Lol wut, i went from 4.8 to 7.5' jelqing 3 times a day for 6 months. youre doing it wrong, im looking thick, tight, solid. bishes mirin
» Your size and other people (Go to post)05-04-2014 @ 17:04 
None of you even jelq
» Me and Benni Deadlifting Wednesday night (Go to post)04-04-2014 @ 17:57 
Benfrancis1993 said:I think that's also a decider in who is the 'greatest' deadlifter of all time.

Benni watches andy, then looks for his approval.

No question in my mind now

» Me and Benni Deadlifting Wednesday night (Go to post)04-04-2014 @ 17:51 
Me thinks it has to be 25kg?

On the other hand, one could presume that they are just doing a speed workout?

Not sure, maybe Andy can shed some light.

From what I see, the bar moved really really fast

Assuming Andy will compete in BodyPower Expo?

Can't really see him going to light only 6 weeks out?

Eitherway nice vid!
» Me and Benni Deadlifting Wednesday night (Go to post)04-04-2014 @ 17:19 
GATES said:your brave putting it on here haha

??? lets keep it positive lads

Fantastic pulling Andy! Great to see 2 of the greatest together!
» Paul Savage training 2014 (Go to post)04-04-2014 @ 16:26 
PaulSavage said:
I'm not sure what your meaning? Titles/records in what?

what have you accomplished in strength sports? not a dig just curious...

just wondering if you walk the walk as well?
» Why Push Press (Go to post)04-04-2014 @ 16:02 
Can an admin please close this threads?

I do not know or care what has inspired you all to attack me in this way; however, know that your misguided attacks serve only your diluted masters.

Perhaps our paths will cross in the future. This goes for anyone else who has so cowardly backstabbed me from behind your keyboard from behind your fictitious screen names.

My every interaction with other individuals via electronic media is inspired by my interests in raising training awareness as well as my own.On no other site or any of my other countless interactions with thousands of people in the community have I witness such absurd exchanges.

Thus, deductive reasoning implies that there is an anomoly unique to this board and you members who many have so accurately described as having inferiority complexes.

As a man who carried honor long before he served in the military I would appreciate apologies from those of you who so eagerly slandered my name in the eyes of all who have viewed this thread.

In the world of the self aware, such behavior is inexcusable.

Stand up men would apologize for such unwarranted insults. Are there any here?

Pm me for my phone number if anyone would care to discuss this privately.


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