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» Panic/anxiety (Go to post)27-09-2016 @ 09:00 
Post Edited: 27.09.2016 @ 09:18 AM by justaboutpastit
» Wireless headphones (Go to post)06-02-2016 @ 10:45 
Thanks chaps will look at both
» Wireless headphones (Go to post)05-02-2016 @ 18:05 
I'm looking for a pair of wireless headphones for use during training.

I have no idea when it comes to tech, dont want to spend much (under 100)

anyone use them and could recommend brands what to look for etc.

they would be for use with an I pod music thingy thing I got for xmas Happy
» Powerlifting Gyms/clubs Amesbury (Go to post)18-01-2016 @ 10:18 
Post Edited: 18.01.2016 @ 10:21 AM by justaboutpastit
Hi all,

I am moving to Amesbury Wiltshire in Feb. Does anyone know of good gyms and/or clubs in the area.

I'm not on FB or any other social media so my searches are being restricted as no account to view these pages.

» Article on diet trends, calories etc etc. (Go to post)18-01-2016 @ 10:15 
Article with some different views on diets, how calories are used in the individual.

hope some find it interesting.
» Thank a Sugdener for 2015 (Go to post)04-01-2016 @ 17:27 
Willsan, Oxman, General_ill and Killelay.

I don't know why it is but their training logs help keep me motivated during bad days, for that I thank them.

Oh and ofc the Savage is always entertaining.
» cost of cast iron plates per Kilo (Go to post)22-11-2015 @ 08:18 
unit94 said:about 1-1.20 for olympic plates, for one inch plates you'll barely get anything for them tbh.

thats about what I thought, cheers
» cost of cast iron plates per Kilo (Go to post)21-11-2015 @ 19:14 
what is the going rate for 2nd hand plates per kilo?

is there a difference in price for Olympic and 1" plates per kilo?

cheers Happy
» When toddlers bite (Go to post)04-11-2015 @ 10:40 
Post Edited: 04.11.2015 @ 10:43 AM by justaboutpastit
totally agree, bite them back, helps them teach right from wrong and that there are consequences to their actions. I am so sick of seeing parents trying to have a adult conversation with their kids who have just kicked,hit or bit them. They need to be given back as good as they get then maybe they won't turn into the social scum that this country is becoming full off who think they are owed everything and have no respect for anybody else.
I was hit as a child both by my parents and teachers I have since served my country in the forces and Police force. Being hit/disciplined has not done me any harm and I have a very strong sense of right and wrong, plus a very clear sense of respect for others.
This country as turned in to a mamby pamby pink and fluffy nanny state and it needs to end.
IMO we need to bring back corporal and capital punishment as well as National service. (not necessary military they can go work in hospitals or cleaning streets if they are pacifists)
» WHO: Red&Processed Meat are Carcinogens (Go to post)27-10-2015 @ 15:20 
little_a said:
where does it go?

If your actually really interested in this topic buy the book and it will give you all the answers.
» WHO: Red&Processed Meat are Carcinogens (Go to post)27-10-2015 @ 15:13 
Steve said:
All the water where I live is desalinated water. Obviously we can't drink sea water, but purifying and using it is fairly straightforward.

It may be a straight forward process but its the amount you need to use in order to get the desalinated water....
» WHO: Red&Processed Meat are Carcinogens (Go to post)27-10-2015 @ 15:11 

Yes the water we have is recycled... but where does it say that it is replenished....
the earth does not create water once it is gone it is gone.
» WHO: Red&Processed Meat are Carcinogens (Go to post)27-10-2015 @ 09:52 
Steve said:
Strange how water can be a scarce resource given most of the world is covered by it.

lol... yes but try and use that water for human consumption before it is purified. Also think about how much water is actually used to make things for our use/consumption or even to purify brackish/sea water for our consumption...
Making something like a cup of coffee doesn't just require the water you put in the kettle. Every item you use to make the coffee and the mug you drink it from has used water in the process of making/growing it. none of these processes would use sea water either.

If however you still think any water can be used then feel free to drink sea water for a week and see what happens to your body

there is only so much water in this world and it is not replenish-able.
» WHO: Red&Processed Meat are Carcinogens (Go to post)26-10-2015 @ 14:32 
Post Edited: 26.10.2015 @ 14:39 PM by justaboutpastit
luki said: Will this effect your eating?

Not one bit tbh. I accept I am going to die and want to enjoy my life doing and eating what I can. I have no wish to be 80-100yrs old slowly watching myself die whilst doctors try everything under the sun to keep me alive whilst claiming I'm too old to have the mental capacity to decide what's best for my health and when enough is enough.

I think most of the news/information recently about meat,eggs,five a day etc is all because there are far too many people living on the planet now (almost 7.5 billion) and the W.H.O and all governments know this and are getting worried about managing to feed and ever growing population.

Added to the reason for promoting not eating red meat is because most livestock is now fed on corn and soya beans which are genetically modified because they cant grow enough in the world to feed both humans and livestock. Also they use up a lot of our water to grow which we are slowly running out of as well.

Good book about water as a resource and how population is growing etc is

(other book stores and lenders are available)

OFC I could be totally wrong and none of the report is true and its just a distraction technique used by the government run news agencies to cover up their latest crime,blunder,illegal war,etc etc etc .....
» Equipment for sale (Go to post)13-10-2015 @ 12:54 
Tyres now gone.

Cage now 75 for Sugden members.

Collection only.


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