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» door supervisor (Go to post)14-05-2019 @ 15:04 
slimsim said:What type of insurance are you taking about?

Its complicated as another doorman has decided he wants to employ ppl,he hasnt asked me if i want to work for him just kinda pushing me into it,he is saying that i need public liability and im gussing if i agreed he would deduct from my wages,well i can go eleswhere and get paid all the money im owed without deduction.
» door supervisor (Go to post)14-05-2019 @ 14:59 
Billytheold said:I been in legal trouble at the door. When pushvcame to shove they paid 50/50

Carefully catch that monkey lol
» door supervisor (Go to post)14-05-2019 @ 11:52 
Any doormen/women here?

When i go to work for a club or pub what ever im usally coverd by their insurance im guessing, unless i work for a company supplying the door staff in which case they pay it?
Do i have the right end of the stick here?
» i want to cast a biggef stronger shadow. (Go to post)14-05-2019 @ 11:48 
Really hope your well fellas Happy
» i want to cast a biggef stronger shadow. (Go to post)04-02-2019 @ 00:22 
Cheers Billy, still here mate just life is like whack a mole at the moment lol
» i want to cast a biggef stronger shadow. (Go to post)14-01-2019 @ 21:23 
Thanks Billy, I'm still here my friend, I have Been training just minamal stuff start to log again net week now that we are in the swing of things.
» i want to cast a biggef stronger shadow. (Go to post)07-01-2019 @ 20:31 
Bench press 162.5kg 5x5
Cgbp _1x15 1x0 1x5
Tricep ext heavy3x15
» i want to cast a biggef stronger shadow. (Go to post)30-12-2018 @ 19:28 
Yes guys indeed

Squats, 170x5x5
Leg ext 3x20
Lg curl 3x15
» Put myslelf back together-AGAIN (Go to post)09-12-2018 @ 18:44 
Nice work Danny, I'm a big fan of cgbp,
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)09-12-2018 @ 18:40 
Great work being done here Billy, I picture you like Rocky training in Russia, with logs n stuff.
» i want to cast a biggef stronger shadow. (Go to post)09-12-2018 @ 18:37 
Cheers Billy, he is 14, the school have been really good so far he has had two lows but they where on top of it, he worries me he has already lost his insulin pen and left his machine in a restaurant ,he and his mum have had words a few times as its stress counting everything but we are getting used to it, thanks guys Happy
» i want to cast a biggef stronger shadow. (Go to post)06-12-2018 @ 09:29 
Cheers Danny, yeah tbh the hospital say that type 1s are rare but we know a few,and they have been fantastic Ethan's team are just on the end of the phone,local pharmacy are a bit of a joke though they said they had no insulin and said to the wife "he would be alright for a few days without it" my son consultant was not a happy chappie, good thing is though he is still boxing and doing weights he hasn't let it beat him.
» i want to cast a biggef stronger shadow. (Go to post)04-12-2018 @ 17:08 
I'm sorry to hear that Billy,also In a way though I'm glad I have your advice to listen to, I've been quite upset over the whole thing watching him trying to deal with it cuts deep, wish I could take it from him I'd gladly take his place, I imagine you feel the same as its one of those things you can do nothing about, he is very active and popular in school but he is embarrassed about his diabetes because people get the impression it's like the type 2,
» Pain when pressing ??? (Go to post)04-12-2018 @ 17:02 
Thanks guys I will pass it on, much appreciated Happy
» Pain when pressing ??? (Go to post)04-12-2018 @ 10:17 
A friend of mine gets pain between the bicep and tricep down the outside of his arm but only when benching,he thought it was tendinitis but we are not so sure also he thought it might be from squatting but it doesn't hurt while squatting or after, anyone able to shed some light much appreciated thanks.

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