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» Balance strength training with health (Go to post)14-03-2014 @ 01:49 
HUGE_GUY said:
Hey prick are you still here? You tried to have a dig at my squat video for no reason other than to be a waste of space troll. You say everyone is fat, but why don't you post a picture of yourself so we can compare?
I'm cutting some fat now for a long holiday, i bet i look much better than you, i can also deadlift 100kg more than you. And you say my squats are high...i can paused atg FRONT squat 5kg more than your back squat max. I'll throw above my head my than you all day long too.
Come at me bro!
Also, if you do show a picture, i'll post one up too. Show your wife/gf (if you have one), i bet she could do with a toyboy while you're out being so 'successful'.

Gee Joey. As you suggested i took a look at your "pictures".

Now I see where your anger is coming from also.
You have an inferiority complex because you are really quite a small
person. Yes i will admit that you were lean (thats all you talked about).
"Whats my bf? Am I lean enough?" bla bla bla.

What you should be doing is eating some food and putting on some beef.

Oh well. I'm getting used to this s**t on this forum.

And now my advice to you.

Stop looking in the mirror every day and weighing yourself every time you walk into the bathroom. Concentrate on lifting heavier and eating more. You are at the right forum son. You need to get bigger.

This place is for overweight people who want to get bigger...see the problem? You need to get a lot bigger. At least to be able to critisize someone like myself.
Oh and chill on the insults mate.

Eat and lift... Todd
» Balance strength training with health (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 15:47 
milsy said:
You got any daughters above te age of 18?
If so got any pics? I wouldn't mind Inhiriting a horse aha

So your point is?

Hang on now
You are the sneaky one Milsy...Yeah I get it...
this is a social club where there is never any fear of rejection...
You comfort each other in your obesity.
Stop blabbing and start dieting. If you would practice one tenth
of the advice that you get on this forum you would all be fitness
models and world record holders. The trouble is most of you are just too lazy to change your lives.
Oh and if you believe that you will be succesful in other aspects
of life when you can't even control your waistline then you are
sadly mistaken.

Social club indeed. What happened to intercourse?
And I mean it in the biblical sense. Being social on the
internet will not get you laid.
» Balance strength training with health (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 15:35 
Why have I bothered with this pathetic forum and your bunch of clowns???

Good question. The answer?

Because I can and got a kick out of baiting a bunch of losers and their Grand Poobahs.

Again why? Because I don't like the way you behave you pompous ass and your group of trolls pissing me off. Trolls that are losers in life and get a kick out of feeling superior for that split second while crapping on someone.

I have never discussed my life on the net before but have this one special occasion...just for you. So you want proof... I will attaching a couple of shots.
If you want more then you will have to fly to Belgium or Kiev. PM me and tell me when your flight arrives.

So go lick your wounds and continue to live your useless lives in your world of internet fantasy.

Doesn't feel good does it? Knowing that you really will never be anything at all? Your life is just a keyboard and a small screen.

A word of advice for the rest of you who are decent people...
Success is directly related to time spent. So...
The less time you spend on the net and the more you spend actually trying to achieve your goals the sooner you will reach them.
» Balance strength training with health (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 14:56 
Gingy said:
I wasn't sure what I thought of you up to this point.... thanks for making it easier!
With respect to your goals I'd suggest you either change them or change your attitude to how focused your training is. You will not total 800 drug free, at 105, while maintaining sick ABZ without a real dedication to your training and nutrition. Or without sacrificing something else from you quite clearly excellent life.

Thanks for complementing on my great life.

That having been said I will also say the following...

You see the difference between us is that I have a life lived to the fullest.
I have lived in the UK, Russia, China, Northern Spain, Eastern Europe, and speak 3 languages fluently.

I am happily married, have three children.

I box, powerlift, golf, ski, snowboard, own a restaurant, am a partner in a quarry, have three plants and am currently setting up a major factory.

I have almost 30 people who work for me.

I own 6 horses. I just sold one of them, a thoroughbred for 55000 Euro. a medium price for a subpar jumper...more than a years salary for you.

I spend more money on my horses in one week than you make in 2 months.

Pretty funny isn't it. You are implying that my life is pathetic? If my life is pathetic then what does that make yours? Hell on earth?
» Box squats (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 14:20 
If you was a Chinaman you would be named Wee Too Hai.

Loose the high squats and the ego BRO.
» Balance strength training with health (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 14:15 
JC said:
I presume you're intelligent enough to realise that just 'cause you look doesn't actually mean you are healthy! And vice versa

Thanks BRO, incidentally I also understand the LAW OF AVERAGES.

On average, fatties are less healthy than lean people.

Yes there are the occasion fat-but-in-shape fatso or lean competitive sted head but a lot of the time you can tell how healthy people are by just looking at them.
» Ed's looking strong..... Again! (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 14:04 

There's probably no current British weightlifters that can clean and JERK this weight let alone strict press it.
» Balance strength training with health (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 11:00 
milsy said:
I can only speak from a powerlifting background this is my opinion and I don't expect anyone to agree
Last time I checked a powerlifting score card didn't have sections for bodyfat percentage or being self assured and a master of your own world
Those are the only 6 things I care about the only reason I would want a Lower bodybwieght is to increase the wilks the only reason I would want a lower bodyfat would be to get to a lower bodywieght or make room for more muscle and stay in a weight class if the total went down there for affecting the wilks then In my eyes I am weaker
For example you have 2 lifters both weigh 100kg one at 30% bf and the other at 12%bodyfat the guy at 30% totals 50kg more and wins a gold medal when he's stood on the number 1 spot do you think anyone would give f**k if the guy in 2nd place was leaner
I am all for eating health and looking after health and I myself am trying to lean out but the moment my lifts start to go Down that's the moment I go back to the drawing board

That's cool bro. I can understand the dedication to build up to your lifts.

I guess I just care a bit more about health and looks. Personal choice really.

Yea isn't it silly of me that working out isn't the center of my universe but only a single aspect of my life in general.

I do the same with most things like work and other chores. I get them out of the way so I can enjoy my life....

I don't live to work and I don't live to lift either.

I work because I want to live well and I lift so that I am strong and good looking while living...
» Balance strength training with health (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 10:42 
walker said:

RAW... I'm straight lads.
» 140kg benchpress on a swiss ball @80kg bw (Go to post)12-03-2014 @ 14:41 
Pretty impressive considering you only weight 176lb and only prob have as much LBM as my grandma. Nice lift!
» Road to Greatness (Go to post)12-03-2014 @ 14:34 
JC said:
Very rich coming from the guy with a 200 sq & dl!!!!!!!

Are you Ben's boyfriend?

Let me're both flying to Paris where you and ben will be competing for best hairdoo at the Paris hair Show...

Oooops... I better watch out. You and your boyfriend might scratch
my eyes me.
» Training zercher hold with Misha... (Go to post)12-03-2014 @ 14:09 
nice vid but they both look purple as hell - maybe instead of guess their strength lets guess there blood pressure?
» Lactic acid question (Go to post)12-03-2014 @ 13:54 
MrSmall said:
I lol'd - what the f**k Grin
It isn't a everyday thing, literally yesterday I got the feeling after 2 reps with 50, and with 2 reps with double that (and everything up to that) this past Friday I was absolutely fine. Some days my muscles feel good and other days its like I am wading through treacle from the very start. I am drinking less water recently, I don't know if that has much to do with it.

I stopped all the anal counting and overthinking years ago when I saw that I was spending 10 times more time "preparing and planning" my food and workouts than actually doing them.

It works for me.

I work out whenever I feel like it. I eat basically and never count my macros.
Never ever.

I chuckle when I read people's lists where at 11.48 am they eat "a spoon of peanutbutter" or they plan there workouts to a T.

Gotta lose your f**king mind overthinking like that....or be a competition
weightlifter/coach who does nothing else all day long. The average joe guy or gal will end up getting lost and confused in the bulls**t and tediousness of it all.

Workouts are funny to read as well. I wonder if most actually believe what they are writing.
» Balance strength training with health (Go to post)12-03-2014 @ 13:44 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Sounds like your primary concern is aesthetics!

All this talk of being just strong as opposed to looking good is basically the same copout that fatties use.

Looking good means feeling good about yourself and that is the fastest way to becoming self assured and master of your own world.

How could anyone who isn't happy with themselves be able to be
supportive of the people around them? They are too busy whining and moaning. Even though they attempt to hide their feelings behind a wall of good cheer and optimism the insecurity and personal demons often peek thru in either words or deeds.

On the other hand...

We must seek to achieve the perfect balance between looking and feeling healthy and the point where they become a destructive obsession to the detriment of a full and normal life. Too much of anything is bad as well.

Over all I believe there is way too much speculation and discussion and too little
dieting and excersizing going on. Just look at the different fitness forums
and check out the members with 10000 posts who still look like s**t.....
They know a hell of a lot of theory but refuse to put it to practical use
cause it just takes too much effort.
» Road to Greatness (Go to post)12-03-2014 @ 13:27 
Hi Ben I took a look at your log- I'm now confused...

I thought fat people are supposed to be happy

I also thought strongmen are supposed to be strong

What we have here is a fat man who, based on your log and posts, is neither strong nor happy.

So either get strong or lose some weight, you are confusing us big time.



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