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» Flexibility help (Go to post)13-01-2018 @ 15:06 
Some advice fellers, I'm sure the topic has been done to death, but would really appreciate maybe some personalised advice. I won't bore with the details, but after an ~18 month layoff, I have found upon returning to the gym that my flexibility is hindering any progress. If someone could advise maybe some daily stretches that I could go through to help, would be of great help.

Issues include;

I can no longer get my hands into a position I can squat conventionally at all. I assume a shoulder issue?
Tight hips
Tight hamstrings
Ankle mobility

I would also love to start working towards being able to rack the bar properly, I was unable to do this before injury also. It's worth noting that at no point in my training have I ever done anything regarding flexibility, and now it's caught upto me.

All advice is welcome gents, thanks in advance
» True Detective 2 (Go to post)24-06-2015 @ 21:49 
Really enjoyed the first season, one of my favourite series from recent years. Not watched the first of the second season yet
» Ricks Film Review Thread (Go to post)14-06-2015 @ 22:09 
b15ape1 said:
Yep with you on that one got this in Friday night but still Scarlett would get drilled all day long!!

Agree regarding Scarlett. All time favourite. Still didn't enjoy Lucy
» Ricks Film Review Thread (Go to post)14-06-2015 @ 20:21 
LessThanLuke said:I thought winter solider was brilliant. Best marvel film so far for me.

Agreed. Wasn't completely sold on the first one, plus didn't think he had a great role in either avenger film.
» Arm wrestling fans (Go to post)12-06-2015 @ 17:26 
Is it right that both larratt and brzenk beat Todd in 2014?

Has Denis taken on Todd yet at any time?
» Arm wrestling fans (Go to post)12-06-2015 @ 16:10 
vausie said:Alexey voevoda has announced his return to professional arm wrestling , this could be interesting as I'd think Todd would like another go at him since being whitewashed last time and also larrett has wanted voevoda for awhile as a lot of ppl think he's the best ever I'd imagine afew matches with lower profile wrestlers would come first but it's very exciting

Also for anyone who hasn't seen it watch pulling john awesome

Only recently started following armwrestling, there was some talk a little while about him potentially making a comback I think. Larret looks pretty unbeatable from what I've seen, as does denis cyplenkov
» Stiff legged deadlift help (Go to post)22-05-2015 @ 15:29 
unit94 said:I do them dead stop and my back is very rounded as that is the point of me doing them which is not the safest way to do them!

This is how I perform them also. I pull with a rounded back anyway so feel this is probably the best way for me. Also like them done from a deficit
» Strongman equipment for sale (Go to post)20-05-2015 @ 21:12 
I'm in Kent pal, would have liked the dumbell and the gripper, but a little too far to be worth it. Equipment looks good though, sure you'll have no problem getting rid
» Strongman equipment for sale (Go to post)20-05-2015 @ 19:15 
What area are you in mate?
» box carry over.... (Go to post)06-05-2015 @ 11:06 
AMH_Power said:My box seems to be higher...may be because it is just under depth where as my comp squats are rock bottom.

I will experiment more and video with and without to see how much my lift differs mechanically.

Thanks again all for the replies...
Did box squatting see anyone pb on a normal squat?

Although it seems most people don't find much carryover, I personally like them. But then my squat form isn't the greatest and generally appear half squat half good morning at max effort.

Would say for me personally that paused box squats definitely helped my deadlift, but each to there own. Most I've read alludes to box squats generally being more useful for equipped lifters, but I rated them
» box carry over.... (Go to post)05-05-2015 @ 22:45 
AMH_Power said:thanks again. I've just ordered the strength shop box which has 3 different lengths between the WxHxL so I can have a play. I'm hoping 14inch is low enough for me, if not I may have to stand on blocks and squat down to it.

I just need a way to completely unload without using pause squats, as these don't improve start strength as much.

I use a 14" box, I'm about 6 feet 4 and that's me barely breaking parallel. Also for me my paused box squat is around 40kg less than my normal squat
» My log cleans are generally bullshit (Go to post)27-04-2015 @ 20:19 
Have a similar problem pal. I can easily press more than I can clean. It's been suggested that I need to be more explosive with my hips, but that's easier said than done I find. Not sure of any assistance exercises to help with it other than more log cleans.

Interested to see what people say on this
» Xplosive ape (Go to post)28-03-2015 @ 14:23 
Would love to have a go at this, but my PayPal is totally f**ked and has been since day one. Shame, awesome value
» new tattoo and training (Go to post)23-03-2015 @ 05:18 
Yeah as above. No sleeves, wraps, the obvious stuff. For some of my work I just covered it with bepanthen, wrapped in cling film and trained around it for weed or two mate. I guess forearms one of the most exposed areas to lifters, so go careful with it
» Dumbbell set for sale (Go to post)19-03-2015 @ 20:01 
Would love to have the for these right now, nice and local too. Know a couple people who might be interested though so I'll see what's what


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