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» any barbell/powerlifting clubs anywhere near aberlour? (Go to post)27-01-2014 @ 11:30 
Been lurking a while and decided to register to post here.

I was visiting my parents in Lhanbryde near Elgin for a couple of months last year. RAF base at Lossiemouth is supposed to have the best PL setup but I couldn't get access. You need someone to sign you in and accompany you every time. I settled for sports centre at Nairn. You can squat, bench and deadlift there and they have more than enough plates. It is pretty small but was never so busy that I had to wait. Rarely seen anyone else using the power cage. I used to go around late morning/early afternoon. Cheap at 4 a visit. Think it's even cheaper at 20 a month but wasn't using it long enough to become a member. Couldn't find anything in Elgin which was surprising.
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