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» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)26-06-2014 @ 13:35 
unit94 said:I hate watching Bolton train, I always want him to slam 400 on and start repping lol

From all the interviews with Andy, and all the training footage I've seen of him, my understanding is that he rarely if ever maxes out in training. So he saves is biggest lifts for the platform.

However, in this instance he must have a figure in mind for the day and a number he believe he can hit?

Straps should help him pull a huge number on the day if he is fit, especially as everyone says it's always his grip that holds him back. I just wonder what numbers are being spoken of in the Bolton camp?
» paddys 2014 training log (Go to post)26-06-2014 @ 12:03 
Inspirational pressing!
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)26-06-2014 @ 11:57 
hixxy1985 said:
$7000 to the winner

Now that is a good incentive!!!

I can't wait for this one! I really hope we see a new world record!
» updated video of Megatron? (Go to post)26-06-2014 @ 10:31 
It seems Andy Bolton has now seen one of Megatrons videos.

Andy has posted it on his FB and twitter pages and clearly finds it quite amusing.

Once Megatron sees this, he could explode!
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)26-06-2014 @ 09:17 
Post Edited: 26.06.2014 @ 09:17 AM by The_Lone_Wolf

Holy Mother of Eleiko... That would be outrageous!
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)25-06-2014 @ 21:23 
Savolainen87 said:
So Z will compete ?
From what I see on facebook he seems to be in competition shape .

But Shaw beat Z in the dead lift at WSM last year.
» updated video of Megatron? (Go to post)25-06-2014 @ 21:16 
He is either a super troll of a world class level, or just a very unhinged and dangerous individual. Nobody call him potato head again as I fear he may go full metal jacket potato and lose the plot.
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)25-06-2014 @ 14:28 
Rodger said:Im presuming the deadlift will be suited?

Straps, suits, hitching... All allowed is what I understand.
» Painkillers will save your Life ! (Go to post)25-06-2014 @ 13:32 
MarkClegg said:Just incase anyone was wondering !

I seen the article and found it amusing after I got my ass kicked for taking ibuprofen the other week .

Truth is I haven't even read the article it was meant as light hearted banter . You know like we used to have in the old days ..

Banter is banned mate, probably something to do with Health and Safety, that seems to ruin most thing these days.
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)25-06-2014 @ 13:31 
tommyyg said:
I train with loz you shouldent write him off he had a bad year a few injuries and people thinko you are done thats sport you are only as good as your last comp trust me he is looking good again not takeing anything from eddy he beat loz last time loz is the frist one to say he got beat by a better person on the day will he beat him at europes f**k knows but he give him a good go remember he has deadlifted more than anyone in this country in strongman just because he had a bad year dont mean he is done far from it he is training harder and looks the best I have seen him

I'm not writing him off, and I've already said that I hope he does come back better.

Didn't he tear his quad AGAIN though recently? As in the last few weeks?
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)25-06-2014 @ 12:33 
Mikeneto said:Thor could pull a big number as well, looks to be in great form with comp wins recently. He Pulled 430-435kg in Australia so we could be looking at 440-450kg from him.

Does anyone know if that Glen Ross comp that was happening in Wales is still going ahead? It had like 3 OH events.

I had kind of written Thor off from the deadlift event... I know he can pull 400 plus, but I wasn't aware he was pulling 430kg at the moment. Any links to the video?
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)25-06-2014 @ 12:18 
Benfrancis1993 said:
you e pretty much summarised my thoughts

Glad to see someone else thinking along the same lines as me.

In all honesty, I'm a huge fan of all the UK strongmen, and of course wish them all well as always. Especially when they go through periods of injuries.

I honestly hope Loz comes back stronger than ever.

It's just that for me, Ed and Hixxy are the future of strongmen in this part of the world.
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)25-06-2014 @ 11:38 
Benfrancis1993 said:Loz will never beat Ed again.

I don't want to write Loz off, but... I do agree with this.

Loz has had a lot of injuries, and although still a very very good strongman, the chances of him coming back to his best and then improving are quite slim in my eyes.

Ed on the other hand is a true beast and just keeps on getting better.
» Aaron Page- 280kg Back Squat (Go to post)25-06-2014 @ 11:08 
Page89 said:
Haha keep working hard man your be hitting big numbers before you know it!!

I just need to visit Holland and Barrett to get some Man The f**k Up Pills first!!!!
» Aaron Page- 300kg x 2 Deadlift (Go to post)25-06-2014 @ 11:07 
The setup at WHS is amazing too! I strongly advise all people in the area to check it out.

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