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» Aaron Page- 140kg x 7 Log (Go to post)21-07-2014 @ 09:44 
185kg 1 repper coming soon...
» UKs Strongest Man Under 105kg Final (Go to post)21-07-2014 @ 09:44 
Congrats Sean.
» Eddie Hall 410kg deadlift (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 19:47 
rian1987 said:
Doubt it

Well he's got 420kg on the bar in this vid and it looked pretty comfy for him... 455kg is not impossible.
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 18:36 
John said:
Sounds that way anyone have the link of Eddie,s lift.
PS I used to think belts were gay till I realised you can up your lifts using I use it ontricep kick backs and everything lol (just kidding) but do like the belt for squats :-) :-)

Here is Ed's lift... Looking strong!!!

» si joint pain and deadlifts (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 18:31 
I thought I was getting better, but then I ran out of the meds I had sourced (Naproxen) and the pain is back. I haven't trained since the original diagnosis which is about 30 days or so.

Stretching hasn't done a great deal for me yet I feel. Pretty pissed off to be honest haha.
» The realization of SB DEATH ! (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 12:26 
little_a said:
There are far more tits on Sugden than on Home and Away. Just less bikini's Unhappy

For sure... Sugden is more of an adult soap, where as MT is more of pre watershed soap.

For the record, I don't watch TV and hate soap operas with a passion... Just seemed a good analogy.
» Benni 410kg - 3 weeks out (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 12:23 
MrSmall said:Better or worse than Eddie?

Different angles, but both looked easy and quick.

Perhaps, IMO Ed's looked easier? But both seemed untroubled by such a huge weight.
» DrD in pursuit of strength (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 12:21 
Still flying along mate, good stuff!

How's the CBL treating you?
» The realization of SB DEATH ! (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 12:20 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:The General Bulls**t section is active, as is Mr Savage's journal Happy

How is Muscle Talk doing these days? I hated the new design, so ceased my occasional visits.

It's picking up again, although still pretty busy.

I think a lot of people had issues after the update, but that's just how forums go really.

I view forums as soap operas. The cast constantly changes, regulars come and go, new people appear, yet the story lines are always the same.

I post on MT and here. Enjoy both.
» Benni 410kg - 3 weeks out (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 11:41 
Such a savage!
» Hot weather! (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 11:40 
Bag of frozen peas on the forehead is always a winner!
» The realization of SB DEATH ! (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 11:40 
FB is a horrible place, but sadly it will take over most forums in time, or at least decrease the forum traffic.
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 10:11 
John said:
Have to agree with all that thought that wrist might have hundred him but he is looking to be the favourite now.I do wonder though were is Eddie with his deads.would you say Eddie is a natural pusher than puller?what are his number at present? :-) :-)

Well he is just strong at all static lifts to be fair, and he just keeps getting stronger.

I saw a vid where he said he was good for 450 I think, but now that he's put a suit back on to experiment for this event (Despite him saying suits are gay haha) he seems to be pulling bigger already.

I think Ed is a real dark horse.
» Eddie Hall 410kg deadlift (Go to post)18-07-2014 @ 10:06 
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)17-07-2014 @ 08:27 
Every time I've seen Andy talk about training, he always says he never maxes in training and for what he lifts on meet day, he trains quite light for him in his build up.

That 300 was grease lightning and Benni looks to be recovering from his hand injury quite well... It's going to be a good event!

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