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» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)01-07-2014 @ 12:06 
hixxy1985 said:400 is the opening lift yes

im not sure the deadlift guys have to do all the lifts. They can choose.

This is what makes it interesting...

I mean, we all know that the guys who are just there to deadlift can all pull 400, so in theory, will they be opening beyond that?

Plus, do to the insane amounts of weight in question, I assume they can nominate any increase in weight per lift? So we can see things like a 3kg jump or even 0.5 kgs etc.
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)01-07-2014 @ 11:45 
hixxy1985 said:be mental if they all did 461kg.

They are all aiming for that i believe. Going more after such a big pull may not be possible.

What do you think they will open with then? I mean when weights get that high, how much do you pull when warming up without taking too much energy out the tank?
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)01-07-2014 @ 11:24 
I don't think Shaw is a bad shout to be honest, but there are so many good lifters here that it will just come down to who can peak on the day and of course, have a bit of luck with niggles and injuries etc.

I can't wait to see it unfold.
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)01-07-2014 @ 10:32 
GATES said:
420 he pulled at the Arnold, with been very good mates with Andy and also training and talking to him about it I have every confidence in him doing well.
Nobody knows who will win, which for me makes the show even better as there is no clear person who is expected to win.
You would be stupid to rule Andy out as you would be if you ruled out benni because of his hand.
I my self am looking forward to the show


There is no clear outright winner here, it will all come together on the day.
» Only a matter of time before someone is killed.. (Go to post)01-07-2014 @ 08:39 
I'm just waiting for someone to try and prank Megatron and call him a potato head to his face... All kinds of hell will break loose!
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)01-07-2014 @ 08:38 
Andy is such a tease!
» si joint pain and deadlifts (Go to post)01-07-2014 @ 08:33 
I had to pull out of my first ever comp last weekend due to an injury with my left SI joint. The pain is horrible and my mobility has been extremely poor since.

I was struggling with pain in my left side from my lower back down to my calf for a few weeks but it was manageable with some rolling and pain killers. However the closer I got to the comp, the worse it got. Despite taking a week off before the comp the pain was getting worse and I thought it was sciatica. I finally went to see my chiropractor 2 days before the comp and she told me I have an acute strain of the left SI joint. She strongly advised me not to compete...

I tried to compete anyway but I just couldn't put any weight through my left leg. Opening event as log lift and I just couldn't push off my left side. Despite taking 1g of ibuprofen pre the pain was just too much and I pulled out.

It's now just over a week since the comp and I'm still struggling. Sitting down for lengthy periods of time causes me to seize up. Walking normally is a challenge and trying to lift things is a no go.

At present, I'm in too much pain to even foam roll.

Light stretching is all I can do and that is a challenge.

My advice to anyone who thinks that they have SI joint issues, would be to get it looked at asap and treat it before it gets too bad.
» 272.5kg Comp Deadlift (Go to post)30-06-2014 @ 14:08 

The Ox Express is gaining momentum!
» Strongman Deadlift & Log Records (Go to post)30-06-2014 @ 09:19 
I think Dale is now a sponsored WHS athlete now too, so he will be training with Tom Hibbert... I expect big things.
» England's most powerful Man 2014 (Go to post)30-06-2014 @ 09:12 
Well done to all, sounds like a cracking comp.
» Southern England qualifier for uk's 28th June (Go to post)30-06-2014 @ 09:10 
Is there a write up anywhere please?
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)30-06-2014 @ 09:09 
Come on John, what's the inside scoop from camp Bolton? Did he say what numbers he has in mind?
» New British log press record 122kg (u80kg) (Go to post)30-06-2014 @ 09:08 
Good lift!
» Aaron Page- 150kg, 160kg, 170kg (Log Clean & Press) 180kg, 200kg (Cleans) (Go to post)27-06-2014 @ 12:59 
Aaron is on the rampage... You see what I did there?

Amazing stuff though, as I just said on the FB page video, simply inspirational. Aaron is destined for big things!
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)26-06-2014 @ 15:05 
According to wiki Andy is 44.

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