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» DrD in pursuit of strength (Go to post)10-07-2014 @ 11:19 
Nice little shopping spree mate, I do love me some nose tork!
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)10-07-2014 @ 11:05 
With the recent video of Shaw's deadlifts looking easy, and the recent vids from Benni and Bolton, I expect a big number on the day!

Fair play to all the guys, and Mr Sadler and Mr Bryce for all the build up hype so far. Great stuff!
» Bixbys Training Journal (Go to post)10-07-2014 @ 11:03 
Amazing stuff mate, you just keep getting better!!!
» Benni and Andy muscle and fitness footage (Go to post)09-07-2014 @ 11:05 
That sure is a good video! Love the rage levels that Benni gets before lifting.
» UK's Strongest Man 2014 (Go to post)08-07-2014 @ 10:15 
hixxy1985 said:really like the look of the events. Kinda gutted not to be there now.

Some interesting events for sure.

Would loved to have seen you in this though Hixxy. It looks like a very good line up too though.
» Rehband power line elbow sleeves (Go to post)07-07-2014 @ 08:58 
James26 said:Anyone have these?

Are they worth the additional 40 for a pair over the standard originals?

I've seen Hixxy using them in recent videos, and I believe he rates them. I also see them crop up a fair deal during most strongman events, a lot of the top guys use them.

The powerline ones are 7mm and have additional straps, where as the normal ones are 5mm.
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)06-07-2014 @ 08:28 
Terry what was the max you ever pulled, and do you think you could have got more?
» training vids (Go to post)04-07-2014 @ 14:15 
I never knew about that youtube one, good stuff!
» had to laugh at the doctor (Go to post)04-07-2014 @ 14:13 
JackRevans said:one time a male doctor checked me for testicular cancer which involved touching both dong and balls

Was the dong fully inspected, or just accidently brushed a few times?

In terms of the sack, did they cup and rub it? Or just prod in disgust?

Asking for a friend...
» had to laugh at the doctor (Go to post)04-07-2014 @ 14:06 
unit94 said:
She possibly wanted the mushroom tip, she did rub my knee alot!
I told her I was addicted to glucosamine sulphate and that I had tribulus rage.

Those are the kind of lines that are guaranteed to get a female doctor leaving a snail trail of love!
» had to laugh at the doctor (Go to post)04-07-2014 @ 14:02 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:
It does amuse me when medical practitioners look things up on Google in front of you!

At least my doc didn't go old school and use a search engine like "Ask Jeeves"

Then I would have filed am official complaint!
» si joint pain and deadlifts (Go to post)04-07-2014 @ 13:59 
JackRevans said:
however which specialist do you see? I saw a physio and he said one thing. Then I saw a chiro and he said something completely different and called the physio an idiot. They are both "specialists". Which specialist does one believe?

Having experienced this myself only just recently, I took both their "advices" and combined them.

In my case, both agreed that I had issues with my left SI joint and my hip flexors were both mega tight. They both offered similar advice in rehab approach and routine.

The timeline was like this -

I was in training for my first strong man comp, and with about 6 weeks till the comp I felt great. The strongest I'd ever been and was very confident going in. Training was immense and I was hitting bigger numbers every session.

I went to see my friend who is a physio, and I thought that a deep tissue sports massage would be a good idea to help me going forward and get out all the knots and junk. I was feeling very stiff and beaten up from all the training, so thought it was a good idea.

The physio during the massage said my left leg was a lot worse than my right and she worked extensively on my left side. Along with the fact that my hip flexors were tight, and various other things.

Initially I felt great, but in the next few weeks the pain in my left side and SI joint region was increasing. Training started going backwards and I just couldn't train around it. The pain was too much to train through and my lifts were going backwards.

This is why I went to see the chiro... The chiro claimed that my injury was most likely bought on by having a sports massage from said physio 4 or 5 weeks prior... The reason why I was so tight on the left side was because it was compensating for a weak SI joint. When the left side was worked upon, I lost my protection and exposed the main issue.

Who is right? I'm not sure, but I can see some logic in those claims. The bottom line is that I'm f**ked anyway haha.
» Strengthshop ODIN elbow sleeves for sale XXXL (Go to post)04-07-2014 @ 10:52 
The SS site says that XXXL Odin Elbow sleeves fit a 29cm-32cm and my elbow measure is from memory between 33cm and 34cm... So I'm not exactly TOO big for it, but knowing that the odins are really tight, these would probably be too much for me.
» Strengthshop ODIN elbow sleeves for sale XXXL (Go to post)04-07-2014 @ 09:49 
hifilover said:XXXL aren't that big! That's the issue with them really...

Re rating them; from what I remember they were good but used them at the time I was suffering for fairly bad bursitis in my elbows so they were bought mainly for compression and heat but alas I've outgrown them so cant squeeze into the buggers now Wink


I've just looked up the sizing and these are too small for me sadly. Shame as it's a bargain at this price.
» had to laugh at the doctor (Go to post)04-07-2014 @ 09:48 
hifilover said:When injured; stay away from GP's! Nuff said...

They don';t generally have a clue what to do re your injury bar tell you to back off/stay away from the gym and take painkillers/anti-spasmodic's etc..

Osteopaths and decent sports physios should be your first port of call IMO


The last time I went, I asked the doc if my self diagnosis was correct and could they confirm it, and they looked it up on google and said most likely I was right.


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