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» TRT THREAD (Go to post)24-01-2024 @ 14:02 
Wigan said:Sounds like a resounding success so far!!

I suspect, that my test levels are on the low side, but probably not low enough to satisfy the NHS requirements. At 55 muscle mass is significantly reduced and ever harder to maintain, strength is down, and over all drive to do anything meaningful in the gym is pretty non-existent.

However, I don't suffer any of the other issues, low libido, low mood etc so doubt I would be able to argue a good case.

All a bit s**t, when it appears there is a ready remedy out there that would improve my quality, and enjoyment, of life significantly!

In short, I'd love a go with the gel just to see what difference it could make

I think you can cvertainly argue the case to get a blood test done by your Dr to get levels checked. They can't really refuse you a blood test to check hormones, especially if you have symptoms.

Thats step 1 done at least, and the result will give you the evidence to hopefully help fight your cause.

You may need to suggest you are having more side effects, and the negative impact they're having on you to get heard mind, but I would certinaly wish you good luck on getting treatment.
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)24-01-2024 @ 10:16 
matthewvc said:I think the Gel is just pure testosterone without any delaying esters so it should start working immediately.

A good few days in now, and feel so much 'better'...

Certainly noticed better focus and drive, an increase in energy and work capacity, libido has increased and brain fog has reduced.

Low mood and dark clouds have floated away and the sun has started to shine again. I certainly feel like a diferent man. I honestly used to have moments where I thought about topping myself! Now, that is a very serious thing to say, and I will say that I have always had a VERY good grip on my mental health and could always rationalise and control dark intrusive thoughts, so I am very fortunate that I never really suffered like many men do... And this brings me onto the thing of, if within a few days of TRT I feel like good, why are more men not put onto this?

I do of course appreciate that mental health and depression are very complex and serious topics that can't be treated as easy as that, but if it helps some surely it is worth investigating by the powers that be?
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)22-01-2024 @ 15:13 
matthewvc said:
Good news. I bet an upswing in energy, mood and libido will be the first things you notice.

100% good sir... Strange really how I've gone from feeling like a lifeless slug, to feeling positive, happy and somewhat normal. Maybe it is placebo? I don't know but I will take it that is for sure!!!
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)19-01-2024 @ 14:48 
Happy New Year one and all!!!

Update 897...

During my previous appointment with the Endo, she ordered me to take another bloodtest.

I booked in and had a bloodtest just before Christmas. It was my 3rd blood test of the year.

The results eventually came back with my test at 9, which is still just above the NHS treatment range. I called and emailed to try and speed up a follow up phone call with the Endo to see what her thoughts are of the results.

When she muttered the line that my test still was not classed as low, my heart sank. BUT, she said due to my long list of issues, she was going to start me on a 3 month trial of TRT gel. I was over the moon!

Yesterday I finally picked up the gel and I started today. Let's see what happens now!
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)08-12-2023 @ 15:48 
AdamT said:Don't take this the wrong way mate, but trim off 10-20kg and then have your bloods taken
I was 120Kg at 6 foot pre covid and I thought I felt decent

However, losing over 20kg has made a huge difference. I feel like I am 25 again rather than approaching 40. Although to be fair my energy levels, libido where not bad per say, they have increased a lot

So again, I don't mean to be rude, but help yourself first, then if they don't increase? Push harder or just go private mate

In fact many go private because of the length of time etc it takes through the NHS.

Cleaning up the diet, getting some good cardio in and shifting excess fat can do wonders for your wellbeing.

Of course if your levels are still low, then that is a proper medical issue. However, the NHS are a joke and I would still help myself.

Pete Rubish abused the f**k out of Drugs for over a decade and he has numerous videos up on how he improved his health and fitness, while slowly rebuilding his Test levels without TRT. He is only 30, but he has some good stuff on the subject.

Good luck either way


Just read the part about not affording private
Then you have to push

No offence taken pal, I am a fat f**k anyway so I know I need to lose weight.

The reality of course is that it is now my only option to lose weight... Which is not a bad thing anyway for my overall health.

Private is well out of my current cashflow, and black market is also out of reach too. NHS is going to be a long slog for treatment too, but it is the only route I have so I need to ride it out.

I will undertake a change of ways and shed some weight, but the hardest part is my current lack of drive, desire and general feeling of feeling like a sack of s**t. Brain fog is often crippling at times, and eveything is just a slog, but I have no choice but to 'man up' and try my best.

I think the best approach for me will be very aggressive fasting, keto diet and exercising more than my daily walk to and from work of 5k.
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)06-12-2023 @ 11:49 
Quick update...

Had my appointment at the hospital with the endo and it was a waste of time. She wants more bloods and will then see me hopefully in 3 months.

The only solution she could offer me was to lose weight.

I'm 110kg at 5'10 - Im not the leanest of course, but I'm not a huge weak skinny fat mess.

I told them all of my issues, my struggles and so on.

I am getting to the point where I just want to fudge my results and force them into treatment. The current cost of living crisis means I can't afford to go private, or even black market. I left the meeting feeling very deflated and just fed up.

» TRT THREAD (Go to post)15-11-2023 @ 11:34 
Update from weak and feeble ballbag city...

Endo appointment booked in for 4th December!

I have not been told what the meeting entails, or what I need to do for prepping... but I shall go in tiny sack swinging and ready for battle.

As a side note, the last few days I have been really low on all fronts. It certainly does seem to come and go, and brain fog at times very bad.
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)29-09-2023 @ 11:26 
Sparksy said:Energy, mood, focus and libido all much improved. Game changer for me!

Jackpot! Delighted for you pal.
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)27-09-2023 @ 09:47 
Sparksy said:I recently had blood tests after my first 3 months of trt; Testovan Gel. Testosterone is up from 7 to 18. PSA levels unchanged and cholesterol levels lower. Feel loads better too. Thumbs up from me.

This is superb news mate, great stuff!

Have all the previous negative feelings and things you had going on all improved too?

Noticed any other positives etc?
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)21-09-2023 @ 12:32 
matthewvc said:
Got NHS bloods next week. I've no idea of timescales via NHS.
Be interested to see what the second reading is.
Low test correlates with my mood, sex drive and energy levels
but doesn't so much with gym performance.

Interesting RE the gym side of things.

I am not training so have no scale to measure against here, but I feel so weak, tired, lethargic and low that training seems like the last thing I can do currently and that genuinly upsets me.
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)20-09-2023 @ 13:47 
As some form of twisted luck would have it, I got a notifiation on my NHS app today asking me to fill out a questionnaire... I had 4 choices to make on 1 question!

1. I still want an appointment and I am happy to wait.

2. I no longer need an appointment as the issue has gone away.

3. I no longer need an appointment as I have gone private.

4. I no longer need an appointment as my GP has resolved the issue.

Sometimes the NHS really pisses me off.

I obviously selected option 1 with angry clicking.
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)19-09-2023 @ 15:25 
matthewvc said:
I did their cheap test with this company 3 weeks ago having noticed
a decline in my general energy, sex drive and mood since coming back from Thailand.
came back low 6.7nmol/L (ref: 12-30)
talked to NHS GP and she's arranged a more thorough blood test next week
for stuff like prostate-specific antigen, FSH/LSH and other markers.
what is odd is I've been making pretty good progress at the gym
this indicates that:
1. the result is maybe a spurious low and my mood/apathy is just
a result of being back in a increasingly crap country
(I do notice going back to Thailand is an instant improvement in my general mood)
2. normal physiological levels of test isn't as important it's made out,
especially if you've already got the muscle/nervous system memory, satellite cell
proliferation from previous younger age gains.
Interested to see the results of this full screen.

Keep us posted mate please.

I've just been to lunch with a buddy who is about to start his own journey down this path... Booked in for bloods via the NHS to get the ball rolling.

I am still waiting to hear back... So far, no updates at all.
» Alien life (Go to post)18-09-2023 @ 11:26 
samue1son said:
They were in fact, never "Sombrero". They were actually the tiny flying saucers that them there ale-yins crashed in. A drunken Mexican had to carry the two dead bodies and had nowhere to out the space-craft, so, he flicked it upside down and put it on his head. Thus, the tradition was born when other local drunks started to copy him with home-made hats in the same shape.
Intergalactic cultural appropriation.

10 out of 10 good sir haha.
» Purple Aki has died (Go to post)14-09-2023 @ 14:49 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:
It would be hard evidence.

Concrete evidence should the footage include a rod.
» Purple Aki has died (Go to post)14-09-2023 @ 09:26 
Is this confirmed? I saw something on social media suggesting the purple predator was alive and well with his tape measure.

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