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» Paul Savage has died (Go to post)05-12-2022 @ 12:43 
Post Edited: 05.12.2022 @ 12:44 PM by Pikefingers
Rest in peace Paul.
He was certainly a character and it seems pretty clear that he had a hugely positive impact on Rebecca. Sending my condolences to Rebecca and Paulís family.
» Paul Savage has died (Go to post)05-12-2022 @ 12:43 
Rest in peace Paul.
He was certainly a character and it seems pretty clear that he has a hugely positive impact on Rebecca. Sending my condolences to Rebecca and Paulís family.
» Purple Aki (Go to post)29-06-2022 @ 08:46 
One of the vids on YouTube suggests he had the protection of the criminal underworld, as he was useful to them when they needed to intimidate someone
» Purple Aki (Go to post)23-06-2022 @ 17:13 
Post Edited: 23.06.2022 @ 17:14 PM by Pikefingers
I remember seeing threads about this guy years ago on this forum and others and heard a little from those sources about what he was notorious, but having grown up down south (a safe distance from his stomping grounds), I never really knew much more. I was reminded of him recently as there are loads of vids featuring him on TikTok (I know itís s**t, but itís sort of work-related).

Ive watched some of the videos about him on YouTube and I can understand why people are so terrified and disturbed by him.

I also thought Iíd share this rap that someoneís made about him 😂.
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)01-02-2022 @ 21:10 
589.6lb clean and jerk
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)26-01-2022 @ 09:01 
I follow both her and Paul on Instagram. Hers is a really lovely story. Sheís obviously an immense talent. Congratulations Rebecca!
» coronavirus (Go to post)16-05-2021 @ 22:16 
billynomates said:
Whats this got to do with coronavirus?

Iím assuming Samuelson has had the vaccine and is experiencing some symptoms and is asking whether people think itís safe to do anything potentially dangerous whilst still experiencing the after effects of the vaccine.

I had the Astra Zeneca one for my first dose a few weeks ago and had mild flu like symptoms and an aching arm for about a week. Maybe safer to give the overhead stuff a miss until later in the week?
» Thank covid for that. (Go to post)23-12-2020 @ 20:21 
Funky_monkey said:I built up an impressive collection of videos on a certain website. 12 pages of favourites. New rules however mean that unverified profiles had their videos removed Unhappy

I built a nice partition wall in the garden for stuff, but ended up filling that with breezeblocks. Side of the house is much clearer. Got 5 chickens and a rooster. More gardening (only edible stuff, of course)

Yaman, whatís your PB fish (either by weight or just best catch) since youíve been out there? Iím more than a little jealous of your access to fishing opportunities. Do you sell any btw?
» What tier are you in? (Go to post)22-12-2020 @ 23:22 
EDCLARKE said:this thread needs a warm bath and a big bifter!Grin

That sounds f**king amazing right now. Delivery of both to Surrey please 😆
» WSM 2020 TV Coverage (No Spoilers Please) (Go to post)20-12-2020 @ 21:56 
Samthepigman said:Monday 17th 7-8pm BSM

Monday 21st 7-8pm Europe's part 1

Wednesday 23rd 7-8pm Europe's part 2

Boxing day 26th 645-745pm heat 1

Sunday 27th 640-740pm heat 2

Monday 28th 7-8pm heat 3

Tuesday 29th 7-8pm heat 4

New year's Eve 7-8pm heat 5

New year's Day 730-9pm final

» WSM 2020 TV Coverage (No Spoilers Please) (Go to post)20-12-2020 @ 20:14 
PeteHodgson said:
Europeís is tomorrow and Wednesday on channel 5
Actual WSM starts on Boxing Day on 5. Think itís around 6pm

» WSM 2020 TV Coverage (No Spoilers Please) (Go to post)20-12-2020 @ 19:31 
Does anyone know which channel/ dates WSM 2020 will be on this Christmas?

Also, I've somehow managed to avoid finding out who won, so please avoid mentioning in this thread if possible.
» Strength decline with age? (Go to post)16-12-2020 @ 21:44 
Yaman I must point out that my use of Ďdeadísí to refer to deadlifts was a mistake on my phoneís part.

I realise that grammar is a very serious matter. I did of course mean Ďdeadsí.
» Strength decline with age? (Go to post)16-12-2020 @ 21:38 
Yaman, Iíd be surprised if youíre experiencing age-related decline yet, although I suppose itís possible. Having said that, I canít remember what back/ knee(?) injuries youíve had in the past, but I guess that could influence deadís as well as squat.

I gave myself a minor back scuppering (1 slightly bulged disc - ďconsistent with ageĒ I was told) which has made squatting difficult, although box squatting is OK. Am sure I could still get stronger than I was before on deads, but wouldnít feel comfortable due to back as poundages past a certain level.

How about your body weight? Are you as heavy as you were when you did those numbers before?

Iím currently getting more satisfaction from almost having visible abs at 40, than I did from being slightly stronger than a regular gym goer in my early 30s.
» Slimmer Magnus (Go to post)10-12-2020 @ 22:57 
Iíve recently been rewatching all the old WSMs including heats - starting at 94 anyway. A couple of things have struck me:

-Some of the early events/ equipment were soooo dangerous (eg. Horrible-looking anchor for distance carry/ medley)

-When Z popped up he was already so good, mixing it with the best in multiple events

-Pudz (and Dyymek even more so) so athletic. Thereís one year where theyíre all standing wait deep in a pool at the start of their intro scene and have to climb out. Dymek did a two footed jump out of nearly waist deep water

-Pudz was so light when he first appeared (about 123 I think) and was so much bigger (just over 140) by 2007. He looked huge at that weight with his frame.

-As mentioned above Magnus Samuelson also transformed himself. Lean 120ish to a huge 150Kg guy.

-Mark Westerby.... maybe one of the most naturally gifted in terms of size and strength genetics. Apparently hadnít lifted a weight until age 38!! Also won squat in one of the qualifiers.

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