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» New Year New goals (Go to post)18-05-2014 @ 13:01 
Post Edited: 19.05.2014 @ 13:42 PM by DL1987
Log strict
45kg 3x5reps
65kg 1x2reps
75kg 1x2reps
85kg 1x2reps
95kg 3x2reps
Leg drive
105kg 1x2reps 1x1rep

130kg 2x30meters
170kg 1x15meters
210kg 5x15meters

350kg tyre

Arm over arm
100kg 1x15mwters
160kg 1x15meters
» Great Harwood novice strongman classic (Go to post)16-05-2014 @ 12:08 
Can you put my name down Dean Little and il pay next week if that's ok?
» New Year New goals (Go to post)15-05-2014 @ 16:40 
60kg 1x10reps
110kg 1x2reps
130kg 1x2reps
150kg 1x2reps
175kg 1x17reps

DOH Axel
90kg 1x10second hold
130kg 1x10second hold
150kg 2x10second hold
160kg 1x10second hold
170kg failed above the knee

Dumbell curls
12kg 1x20reps
30kg 3x5reps
» New Year New goals (Go to post)15-05-2014 @ 12:39 
Trained on Tuesday forgot to post
20kg 2x20reps
60kg 1x5reps
90kg 1x5reps
110kg 1x5reps
130kg 1x5reps
100kg 1x10reps

Seated OH
65kg 4x10reps

Lateral raises
12kg 4x10reps

Pull ups/sit-ups
4x5reps / 4x10reps

Cable pulls/rear flys
4x10reps / 4x10reps

Sit-ups 4x15reps
» Great Harwood novice strongman classic (Go to post)14-05-2014 @ 20:21 
Ok I'm 100% wanting to this just have limited funds as I'm a support worker and the pays crap and am saving all my spare money for a nice holiday. If a get the chance il pay asap. Cheers
» Great Harwood novice strongman classic (Go to post)14-05-2014 @ 18:13 
I'm in for this whats the latest I can pay? Got a holiday coming up in July and won't be able to pay until after I get back
» New Year New goals (Go to post)12-05-2014 @ 19:59 
20kg 1x10reps
50kg 1x5reps
90kg 1x2reps
120kg 1x2reps
150kg 1x2reps
170kg 1x2reps
190kg 1x2reps
130kg 1x10reps

Leg curls
40kg 4x12reps

Leg press
210kg 1x10reps
290kg 1x5reps
350kg 1x5reps
250kg 1x15reps

Leg curls
40kg 3x10reps
» New Year New goals (Go to post)11-05-2014 @ 16:12 
Strict Log
45kg 1x10reps
65kg 1x5reps
85kg 5x5reps

Log cleans
125kg 5x1rep

130kg x30meters 1drop
170kg x30meters 1drop
210kg x30meters 1drop
290kg 15meters
250kg 15meters

Stones no tacky
» New Year New goals (Go to post)09-05-2014 @ 20:16 
60kg 2x10reps
100kg 1x1rep
130kg 1x1rep
160kg 1x1rep
190kg 8x3reps

Leg press
130kg 1x20reps
170kg 1x20reps
210kg 1x20reps
» New Year New goals (Go to post)07-05-2014 @ 17:54 
20kg 3x15reps
40kg 1x3reps
60kg 1x3reps
80kg 1x1rep
90kg 1x1rep
100kg 1x1rep

Incline dumbbell
42kg 1x10reps shoulder tight dropped weight
32kg 3x10reps

CGB paused
60kg 1x10reps
80kg 3x10reps

Rear flys3x10/ cable pulls 3x10

sit ups 3x15reps
» New Year New goals (Go to post)04-05-2014 @ 12:54 
45kg 2x10reps
65kg 2x1rep
75kg 1x1rep
75kg 5x3reps

Log clean
95kg 1x1rep
115kg 3x1rep

55kg 3x15neters
75kg 3x15meters
100kg 2x15meters
120kg 1x10meters

Stone load 50 inch
90/100kg 5x1rep
» New Year New goals (Go to post)01-05-2014 @ 19:21 
Leg press
Few warm ups
120kg 1x5reps
160kg 1x5reps
200kg 1x5reps
240kg 1 x5 reps
280kg 1x5reps
310kg 1x5reps

Leg curls
40kg 1x12reps
50kg 2x12reps

Front squat
60kg 1x10reps
80kg 2x10kg
100kg 1x8reps

Sit-ups and lots of stretching
» New Year New goals (Go to post)30-04-2014 @ 19:09 
CGB paused
25kg 2x15reps
55kg 1x5reps
85kg 1x5reps
115kg 1x5reps
135kg 1x5reps
105kg 1x10reps

40kg 1x10reps
50kg 1x10reps
60kg 1x10reps

Arnold press
22kg 1x10reps
26kg 1x10reps
28kg 1x10reps

Rear flys 4x10reps
Cable pulls 4x10reps
Axel curls 3x10reps
» New Year New goals (Go to post)29-04-2014 @ 22:46 
Skip one minute 10kettle bell swings x3

Axel dead DOH 15inch
30/40kg x10reps
70/80kg 1x5reps
110/120kg 1x5reps
150/160kg 3x1rep

Axel deadlift 12inch mixed grip no straps
180/190kg 3x5reps

Pull ups wide grip 3x5 /sit ups 3x12

Hyper extension
20kg plate 3x12reps
» Log wanted (Go to post)28-04-2014 @ 16:42 
Cheers lads

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