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» Best weight Gain powder???? (Go to post)03-06-2014 @ 01:08 
I already have about 2lt of milk per day. I wanted to try a protein and carb drink but will ice cream milk and whey really work??
» Best weight Gain powder???? (Go to post)02-06-2014 @ 22:34 
I'm trying to bulk up and finding it hard to eat any more calories to what I am at the minute. I've went from under 16stone to just under 18 since January. Anyone recommend good all in one powders or anything to with good calories in them???
» Girl Pressing (Go to post)01-06-2014 @ 20:25 
Light weight women for reps would be good viewing. But if any max women lifts would surely be a horrendous sight for spectators plus a scary experience for the lifters. Imagine a 160kg women above head...... Thing of nightmares lol
» New Year New goals (Go to post)01-06-2014 @ 15:15 
Warm up with barbell and abit stretching

45kg 2x8reps from the floor
55kg 1x5reps from chest
65kg 1x5reps from chest
80kg 2x5reps from the floor
90kg 1x7reps in 60 seconds

55kg 1x30meters
95kg 1x30 meters
115kg 2x15meters

Sled drag
230kg 1x15meters left it there quads were goosed

Stone over yolk around 52"
105kg 1x7reps
150kg 1xfailed first time I tried this weight missed by a few inches just tried for a mess around

Overall happy with the session got around 3 month to train for my first novice comp so know where I'm at with a few of the events
» New Year New goals (Go to post)29-05-2014 @ 23:09 
Leg curls/ leg press ss
3x20reps/ 3x20reps

20kg 1x20reps
90kg 5x5reps

Prowler drag into push
200kg 13meters into 13meters x3sets
260kg 1x13meters
300kg 1x13meters
340kg 1x13meters
370kg 1x13reps
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)29-05-2014 @ 13:48 
little_a said:Just looked it up - "the only boxing champion to ever retire undefeated."

I actually didn't realise that he retired. Thought he had the plane crash whilst still champion. Think I'm getting him mixed up with Buddy Holly Eek

Joe calzaghe and a few others retired undefeated. Sure he's the only heavyweight champion though
» New Year New goals (Go to post)28-05-2014 @ 17:08 
Post Edited: 28.05.2014 @ 20:34 PM by DL1987
Strict press
25kg 2x15reps
45kg 1x3reps
55kg 1x1rep
75kg 1x1rep
90kg 1x1rep
110kg failed at lock out!!
Push press
110kg 1x2reps
120kg 1x2reps

105kg 1x10reps
125kg 1x1rep
135kg 1x1rep
145kg 1x1rep
155kg 1x1rep

Incline dumbbells
30kg 5x10reps

Flat bench tng drop set
95kg 1x17reps
75kg 1x15reps
55kg 1x15reps
» New Year New goals (Go to post)26-05-2014 @ 18:14 
18" deadlift
90kg 2x5reps
150kg 1x1rep
190kg 1x1rep
230kg 1x1rep
270kg 1xfail

Dead lift
150kg 1x5reps
190kg 1x2reps
Was going to work up to 210kg for 8sets of 5 but felt weak and drained so dropped the weight and just went through the motions.
110kg 4x10reps
130kg 1x10reps
150kg 1x10reps

20kg 1x10reps
35kg 2x10reps

Sit ups
16kg 3x15reps
» Hixxy 205kg log (Go to post)25-05-2014 @ 16:42
Just saw this on FB. BEAST!!!
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)23-05-2014 @ 21:43 
Ripping off old women why has that even come into this?? I've had carpet fitted in the past and cost me 18ph from a registers company. Some carpet dealers also offered me free fitting but the carpets were over priced. Not 100ph or anywhere in the region of 4000. I'm not meaning to come across as a dick and I'm not disrespecting ur job or training methods but some of ur thought process is messed up mate
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)23-05-2014 @ 21:35 
PaulSavage said:
I clearly did not say i was talking about the company i work for. Cold hard fact of life, companies who make a lot of money usually do it by f**king over other people and couldnt give a s**t about anything but making more money. If saying that (the truth) loses me my job it would be unfair dismisal for a start and there's no need to get into the rest.

Slandering your company publicly is gross misconduct and a sackable offence. My mate got sacked from Nissan for saying he worked with a bunch of idiots and the whole of Nissan is full of cranks. Went to a tribunal and got told to do one.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)23-05-2014 @ 20:08 
PaulSavage said:
50% is a high profit margin, not many will be managing that. That's actually pretty normal depending on the room/s. A big through lounge no prep could be close to 200 an take no time at all, you pretty much roll the carpet out and stick it down to the gripper. The harder jobs are where you have uplifts (uplifting the old carpet), full prep as in underlay, gripper, plates etc (you get the same with or without) and jobs involving stairs, especially with certain carpets/underlays that don't lay well.
You say they are stupid and deserve to be ripped off but if you don't know how to do it yourself and that's the charge, what do you do? Not have it done?

Get quotes elsewhere. There are plenty carpet fitters about wouldn't charge half of that
» New Year New goals (Go to post)22-05-2014 @ 17:52 
Dumbell press
10kg 2x20reps
16kg 1x5reps
22kg 1x5reps
28kg 1x5reps
32kg 3x5reps
40kg 3x5reps

90kg 1x10reps
100kg 4x10reps

Pull ups/ sit ups
3x5reps/ 3x10reps

Cable pulls/ rear flys
4x10reps/ 4x10reps
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)22-05-2014 @ 08:07 
Who ever is stupid enough to pay 100 an hour for carpet fitting deserves to be ripped off. Never heard of a carpet fitter earning more than a GP lol. Also every time u buy an item of clothing or footwear it's most likely well over 50% profit so people can charge what they want if it's needed
» New Year New goals (Go to post)21-05-2014 @ 08:27 
Leg extensions loads light for warm up

60kg 2x5reps
90kg 1x5reps
120kg 1x5reps
150kg 5x8reps

Leg curls

Prowler drags
140kg 1x15meters
180kg 1x15meters
220kg 1x15meters
260kg 1x15meters
300kg 1x15meters
340kg 2x15meters

Prowler push
340kg 1x15meters

Done nothing left in today's 6am session ha

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